Ackerman – Red Sky Over Hawaii
Bolden – A Life without Flowers
Boyd – The Indigo Girl
Browne – Hillbilly Hustle
Burns – Shiner
Carr – Return to Virgin River
Child – The Sentinel
Cleeton – The Last Train to Key West
Coble – Two Reasons to Run
Fader – The Bitter and Sweet of Cherry Season
Feist – Queen of Storms
French – The Searcher
Gaynor – When We Were Brave & Young
Graham – Dreaming Death
Grisham – A Time for Mercy
Hackwith – The Archive of the Forgotten
Hall – And Now She’s Gone
Hart – Ghosts Up Her Game
Hilderbrand – Troubles in Paradise
Hooper – Fast Girls
Jackson – You Betrayed Me
Johnstone – Luke Jensen, Bounty Hunter : Hired Guns
Kinsella – Love Your Life
Kline – The Exiles
Lynch – One Good and Deadly deed
Macomber – Jingle All the Way
Maguire – A Wild Winter Swan
Murray – Obliteration
Novak – A California Christmas
Parker – Then She Vanished
Picoult – The Book of Two Ways
Pobi – Under Pressure
Rosenfelt – Silent Bite
Scott – Nothing Short of Wondrous
Taylor – An Irish Country Welcome
Thayne – Christmas at Holiday House
Woods – Shakeup


Andrews – Down from the Mountain : The Life and Death of a Grizzly Bear
Brands – The Zealot and the Emancipator
Cannell – A Brotherhood Betrayed : The Man Behind the Rise & Fall of Murder, Inc.
Cohen – Disloyal : A Memoir
Glancy – Cary Grant, the Making of a Hollywood Legend
Hafdahl – The Science of Stephen King
Hannity – Live Free or Die : America (and the world) on the Brink
Hollis – Didn’t See That Coming
Kravitz – Let Love Rule
Payne – The Dead are Arising : The Life of Malcolm X
Seinfeld – Is This Anything
Strzok – Compromised : Counterintelligence and the Threat of Donald J. Trump
Whye – The Dakotas : Off the Beaten Path