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New Books for Children & Teens

Bagley – Vincent Comes Home
Bernstein – I am a Cat
Brooks – Later, Gator
Cheng – Bees in the City
Davis – The World is Awake
Doerrfeld – The Rabbit Listened
Fox – Ducks Away
Hobbie – Elmore
Jones – Izzy Gizmo
Leathers – The Tiptoeing Tiger
Meyer – Gregory the Spider Romping through the Year
Miller – Be Kind
Pliscou – Brave Jane Austen : Reader, Writer, Author, Rebel

Anderson – Granted
August – Arlo Finch in the Valley of the Fire
Fleming – Strongheart : Wonder Dog of the Silver Screen
Kadohata – Checked

Bjorklund – Afghanistan
Burgan – Peru
Rogers Seavey – Czech Republic
Sidman – The Girl Who Drew Butterflies
Sonneborn – Wales
Yomtov – Iraq

Caine – Honor Among Thieves
Chao – American Panda
Day – Fade to Us
Dennard – Sightwitch
Elliot – Hamilton and Peggy
Lawson – All We Can Do is Wait
Perkins – You Bring the Distant Near
Shusterman – Thunderhead
Skye – The Crown’s Fate
Stamper – What the Night Sings

New Adult Books

Alexander – What Hope Remembers
Andre – Love Me Like This
Black – The Cruel Prince
Brandvold – Days of Thunder
Brendan – Trusting Grace
Brown – Iron Gold
Burke – The Wife
Cabot – A Stolen Heart
Carlson – Under a Summer Sky
Cleveland – Need to Know
Coble – The View from Rainshadow Bay
Cogman – The Lost Plot
Delamare – The Captain’s Daughter
Denzil – Saving April
Elliot – A Merciful Secret
Finn – The Woman in the Window
Foreman – Journey
French – Sunday Silence
Hannah – The Great Alone
Hendricks – The Wife Between Us
Johnson – Fatal Trust
Kellerman – Night Moves
Kirkpatrick – All She Left Behind
Kloos – Points of Impact
Mack – The Midnight Front
McElwain – A Twist in Time
Patterson – Fifty Fifty
Peterson – Out of the Ashes
Preston – City of Endless Night
Richards – Deadly is the Night
Robb – Dark in Death
Salvatore – Child of a Mad God
Scotch – Between You and Me
Scott – State of Deception
Steel – Fall from Grace
Taylor – Operator Down
Wendleboe – The Marshal and the Moonshiner

Bradshaw – The Animals Among Us
Carlson – Be Fierce! : Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back
Case – The Third Wave
Corporon – Something Beautiful Happened : A Story of Survival and Courage
in the Face of Evil
Day – Cowboy Up! : Life Lessons from a Lazy B
Galloway – The Four : The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, & Google
Gessen – The Future is History
Gregory – Taking My Life Back
Jameson – Border Bandits, Border Raids
Kahane – Collaborating with the Enemy : How to Work with People You Don’t
Agree with or Like or Trust
Kim – Blue Ocean Shoft
Lindnord – Arthur : The Dog Who Crossed the Jungle to find a Home
Mundy – Code Girls : The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers
of World War II
O’ Brien – Heart of the Trail : Stories of Covered Wagon Women
Riera – Staying Connected to Your Teenager
Wolff – Fire and Fury : Inside the Trump White House


New Adult Audiobooks

Berenson – The Deceivers
Boeve – Along Shadowed Trails
Boeve – Along Winding Trails
Burke – The Wife
Elliot – A Merciful Secret
Fisher – The Silent Wife
Gardner – Look for Me
Hannah – The Great Alone
Harper – Last Wish
Harper – Veiled Threat
Hendricks – The Wife Between Us
Matthews – Red Sparrow
Moyes – Still Me
Preston – City of Endless Night
Randisi – Butler’s Wager
Rhodes – The Beginning
Rhodes – The Hondo Kid
Roberts – Year One
Taylor – Operator Down
Stanton – 12 Strong : The Declassified True Story of the Horse Soldiers
Woods – Lilac Lane
Wyer – The Missing Girls

New Young Adult Books

Castle – Together at Midnight
Durango – Here, There, Everywhere
Gervais – In 27 Days
Hoyle – The Thing with Feathers
Johnson – Truly Devious
June – It Started with Goodbye
Oakes – Blood of Wonderland, Queen of Hearts, War of the Cards
Patterson – Nevermore
Stiefvater – Sinner
Watson – Seeking Mansfield

New Juvenile Items

Lowry – Son
Reese – Above World, Horizon, Mirage

Hey Arnold! (Seasons 1-5)
Hurray! It’s Valentine’s Day

Armstrong – Loki’s Wolves, Odin’s Ravens
Cole – The Eternity Elixir
Kelly – Counting Sheep, Skunked!, Who Gives a Hoot
Lacey – The Dragonsitter Takes Off, The Dragonsitter to the Rescue, The Dragonsitter Trick or Treat, The Dragonsitter’s Castle, The Dragonsitter’s Island, The Dragonsitter’s PArty
Pearce – Ellie, Engineer
Raschka – The Doorman’s Repose
Swanson – The Real McCoys

Alvord – Conquer Negative Thinking for Teens
Bailey – Birds : Explore Nature with Fun Facts and Activities
Catherman – The Manual to Middle School
Cerullo – City Fish, Country Fish
Dauvois – Head to Toe : My Body and How it Works
Dorling Kindersley – 3D Printing Projects
Dorling Kindersley – Science Year by Year
Grady – Write to Me : Letters from Japanese American Children to the Librarian They Left Behind
Hoffman – A First Bible Story Book
Hugo – LEGO : Absolutely Everything You Need to Know
Knight – Talking Walls : Discover Your World
Lach – Master-Pieces : Flip and Flop 10 Great Works of Art
Miller – The Unofficial Minecrafters Master Builder Workshop
Pierce – My Busy Green Garden
Rubalcaba – The World of the Bible
Saunders – The Adventure Guide
Trist – A First Book of Prayers
Wallace – Between the Lines : How Ernie Barnes Went from the Football Field to the Art Gallery
Winters – Voices from the Underground Railroad

New Children’s Books

Baumann – Eek! A Mouse Seek-and-Peek Book
Deneux – Touch! My Big Touch-and-Feel Word Book
DiTerlizzi – Seeking a Bunny
Hall – God Bless Our Baby
Hill – When Your Llama Needs a Haircut
Hilton – Sharing is Caring : Bip, Bop and Boo Learn about Friendship
Jensen – Easter Blessings
Jones – The Snowman Shuffle
Parker – Night Night, Farm
Parker – Night Night Prayer
Parker – Night Night, Train
Parker – Thank You, God, for Grandma
Peto – Spot the Difference : Animals
Peto – Spot the Difference : Things That Go Vroom
Riggs – Colors of Nature
Strasser – So Light, So Heavy
Terada – Animal Friends : Barnyard Jamboree

Allard – Caillou, My First Piano Book
Andreae – Be Brave, Little Penguin
Baur – Dotty’s First Book
Bouchard – The First Flute (Book & CD)
Callot – The Pink Umbrella
Carle – Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me (Book & CD)
Churchman – A Farm for Maisie
Claire – Shelter
Disney – Frozen
Dominy – Cookiesaurus Rex
Donald – The New LiBEARian
Drummond – Little Ree
Earhardt – Through Your Eyes
Freedman – Don’t Wake the Yeti
Gershator – Time for a Nap
Gorbachev – Bit Little Hippo
Knister – Sweet Dreams, Bruno
Laden – Yellow Kayak
Lomp – Papasaurus
Mixter – The Dog
Mortensen – Chicken Lily
Murray – Dino Duckling
Niner – No More Noisy Nights
Roelfs – Ana and the Sea Star
Rose – Ride On, Will Cody
Sierra – The Great Dictionary Caper
Slater – Escaped
Surratt – The Forever Tree
Thomas – My Friends Make Me Happy
Thomas – My Toothbrush is Missing
Weninger – Aunt Fanny’s Star
Zietlow – Wide Awake Bear
Zuill – Dance is for Everyone

New Adult Items

Brooks – Moon’s Blood
Bryndza – Cold Blood
Burke – Robicheaux
Caine – Killman Creek
Clark – Every Breath You Take
Crais – The Wanted
Dawson – Beyond Fort North
Gibney – The Missing Ones, The Stolen Girls
Greyson – Data Jack, Jack and the Giant Killer, Jacks are Wild
Guinn – Buffalo Trail, Glorious, Silver City
Harper – Gifted Thief, Honor Bound
Ide – IQ, Righteous
Kent – The Memory Watcher
Kimes – A Braver Man, A Braver Man’s Fear, A Braver Man’s Ghost Town
Koontz – The Whispering Room
McCall Smith – The House of Unexpected Sisters
McGarrity – The Last Ranch
Michaels – Need to Know
Patterson – The Family Lawyer, The People vs. Alex Cross
Patterson – The Store
Rollins – The Demon Crown
Rottman – Ride Harder, The Hardest Ride
Stabenow – Less Than a Treason
Winslow – The Winter of Frankie Machine
Woods – Willow Brook Road
Wyer – Secrets of the Dead
Zimmer – Rio TInto

Abbott – House on Jacaranda Hill
Allende – In the Midst of Winter
Banks – Just One Touch
Brandvold – To Hell on a Fast Horse
Burke – Robicheaux
Clark – Every Breath You Take
Clipston – A Place at Our Table
Cobble – Empty Horizon
Compton – Brother’s Keeper, The Law and the Lawless, Straight to the Noose
Corey – Persepolis Rising
Costeloe – The Married Girls
Crais – The Wanted
Eason – Oath of Honor
Egan – Manhattan Beach
Estleman – The Lioness is the Hunter
Fisher – The Secret Child
Garwood – Mercy
Goodkind – Shroud of Eternity
Griffin – Death at Nuremberg
Guinn – Glorious
Hatcher – You’re Gonna Love Me
Higgins – Now That You Mention It
Ibrahim – Mustard Seed
Jackson – Flying Blind
Johnstone – Colter’s Journey
Kellerman – Killing Season
Klassen – The Ladies of Ivy Cottage
Krentz – Promise Not to Tell
Lodge – Deadfall
March – An Uneasy Alliance
Michaels – Need to Know
Murphy – Bear Claws, Eagle Talons
Ng – Little Fires Everywhere
Palmer – Christmas with My Cowboy
Pierce – A Trace of Crime
Reich – The Take
Richards – A Bride for Gil
Roberts – Year One
Rollins – The Demon Crown
Schmidt – The Drifter, The Lawman
Scott – State of Anger
Smith – War Cry
Sundell – Arctic Shadow, Arctic Storm
Sweazy – Escape from Hangtown
Warren – Troubled Waters
Woods – Unbound

Berg – Lindbergh
Chernow – Grant
Fraser – Prairie Fires : The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder
Zeller – The Priest Barracks : Dachau 1938-1945

New Adult Items

Amis – Mayhem at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Anderson – The Christmas Room
Baldacci – End Game
Beckstrand – A Bee in Her Bonnet
Beckstrand – Like a Bee to Honey
Beckstrand – Sweet as Honey
Blake – Fireblood
Carlan – Limitless Love
Carlson – The Christmas Blessing
Childs – Devonshire Scream
Childs – Pekoe Most Poison
Cobble – Benjamin Ashwood
Cussler – Typhoon Fury
Dugoni – Close to Home
Ford – Love and other Consolation Prizes
Foster – Close Contact
Goodkind – Death’s Mistress
Gunn – Sunset Lullaby
Harper – Sweet Tea and Sympathy
Heathcote – Undertow
Hunter – Blue Ridge Sunrise
Jones – The Big Empty
Kenyon – Deadmen Walking
Koontz – The Whispering Room
Lenhardt – Sawbones
Mason – Sugarplum Way
McCall Smith – The House of Unexpected Sisters
Nesbitt – Good Water
Newitz – Autonomous
Noon – A Man of Shadows
Reay – The Austen Escape
Riddle – Genome
Rivera – The Tiger’s Daughter
Steel – Past Perfect
Sundell – Arctic Will
Tippette – Cherokee
Woods – Lilac Lane

Green -This Dangerous Book
Higgins – The Homebrewer’s Recipe Guide
Lintott – Antique to Heirloom Jelly Roll Quilts
Mosher – Radical Brewing
Youngs – The Perfect Handmade Bag

Baldacci – End Game
Brand – Jingo
Brooks – The Messenger
Bryndza – Last Breath
Caine – Stillhouse Lake
Child – The Midnight Line
Connelly – Two Kinds of Truth
Cussler – Typhoon Fury
Dawson – Troublesome Range
Donlea – The Girl Who Was Taken
Evanovich – Hardcore Twenty-Four
Fredrick – Cash City
Gaylin – Stay with Me
Girard – Excise
Greyson – Girl Jacked
Greyson – Jack Knifed
Grisham – The Rooster Bar
Hilderbrand – Summer People
Holmes – River Range
Horton – Man of the Desert
Ishiguro – Never Let Me Go
Johnstone – Colter’s Journey
Kellerman – Killing Season
L’Amour – The Lonesome Gods
Patterson – The Moores are Missing
Patterson – Private : Count to Ten
Roberts – come Sundown
Sandford – Deep Freeze
Stabenow – Bad Blood
Steel – Fairytale
Stone – Across the Rio Bravo
Stone – Trail Hand
Vaughan – Cade’s Redemption
Winslow – California Fire and & Life
Winslow – The Force
Wyer – Little Girl Lost

Easy Readers

Carle – Draw Me a Star
Compestine – The Chinese Emperor’s New Clothes
Cronin – Click, Clack, Moo I Love You
Gianferrari – Hello Goodbye Dog
Kokias – Snow Sisters
MacDonald – Alphabatics
Magsamen – Not So Small at All
Mayer – Just an Adventure at Sea
McKee – Elmer and Aunt Zelda
Nye – Somewhere a Bell is Ringing
Pace – Groundhog Day
Penfold – The Littlest Viking
Powers – Jiro’s Pearl
Reynolds – Nerdy Birdy Tweets
Thomas – What is Chasing Duck
Waring – No Hugs for Porcupine
Wisnewski – Trio : The Tale of a Three-Legged Cat

Young Adult / Graphic Novels

Bendis – Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2
Brosgol – Anya’s Ghost
Chmakova – Brave
Hale – Rapunzel’s Revenge
Harmon – Rick and Morty
Hicks – Friends with Boys
Kirkman – The Walking Dead Compendium One
Libenson – Invisible Emmie
North – I Kissed a Squirrel and I Like It
North – Squirrel You Know It’s True
North – Squirrel You Really Got Me Now
Salvatore – Forgotten Realms : The Legend of Drizzt, Volume 2
Thrash – Honor Girl

Haig – The Forever Ship
Hurwitz – The Rains
Keller – The Dark Intercept
Keyser – The Way Back from Broken
Meyer – Heartless
Porter – When I Cast Your Shadow