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Asher – What Light
Crowley – Words in Deep Blue
Saenz – Last Night I Sang to the Monster
Zentner – Goodbye, Days

Beasley – Tumble and Blue
Bracken – The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding
Lawson – Under the Bottle Bridge
McGhee – Pablo & Birdy
Platt – Storm Chaser
Sateren – Fearless Freddie
Sateren – Mudball Molly
Stroud – The Empty Grave
Vaught – Super Max and the Mystery of Thornwood’s Revenge

Asher – What Light
Barton – Dazzle Ships
Tate – Strong as Sandow


Brett – The Mermaid
Brown – The Steam Roller
Curato – Little Elliot, Fall Friends
Davis – Black Belt Bunny
Foster – Give me Back My Book
Godwin – Bear Make Den
Houran – Warts and All
Kang – Papillon Goes to the Vet
Kaufman – Confiscated
Keller – Monster Trucks
Klise – Stay
Lindstrom – My Dog Mouse
McDonnell – The Little Red Cat
McGhee – Come With Me
Miltenberg – When Will Fall Arrive
Peterson – Piggies in the Pumpkin Patch
Pfister – You Can’t Win them All, Rainbow Fish
Phi – A Different Pond
Raczka – Fall Mixed Up
Reynolds – Creepy Pair of Underwear
Robberecht – The Wolf Who Fell out of a Book
Sayre – Full of Fall
Song – Tea with Oliver
Staniszewski – Dogosaurus Rex
Stead – The Only Fish in the Sea
Tullet – Say Zoop
Young – A New Friend for Sparkle


Bass – The Devil’s Bones
Bass – Flesh and Bone
Castle – Wild Storm
Chancellor – Sycamore
Corry – My Husband’s Wife
Cussler – The Pharaoh’s Secret
Denfeld – The Child Finder
Elliot – A Merciful Truth
Elliot – Vanished
Fairstein – Deadfall
Flynn – Enemy of the State
Frank – All Summer Long
Frank – The Land of Mango Sunsets
Frank – Same Beach, Next Year
Freeman – In the Dark
Goodkind – The Third Kingdom
Grafton – Y is for Yesterday
Gudenkauf – Missing Pieces
Gudenkauf – One Breath Away
Hestand – Better Off Without Her
Hestand – Good Day for a Hanging
Higgins – All I Ever Wanted
Hunter – Time to Hunt
Hutchinson – Strong Convictions
Hutchinson – Strong Suspicions
Johnson – The Western Star
Johnstone – Killing Ground
Johnstone – Slaughter
Johnstone – Sudden Fury
Johnstone – Winter Kill
Kellerman – Crime Scene
L’Amour – The Rustlers of West Fork
Monroe – The Beach House
Patterson – The Medical Examiner
Scottoline – Exposed
Silva – House of Spies
White – The Guests of South Battery


Alten – Undisclosed
Andre – The Best is Yet to Come
Andre – Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You
Antoine – One Night in November
Ashman – The Warrior Princess
Bailey – What was Rescued
Battles – The Aggrieved
Battles – The Unleashed
Bellet – Dungeon Crawl
Blackstock – If I’m Found
Brennan – Shattered
Brown – Seeing Red
Carlan – Fate
Clark – Snap Judgment
Cline – Ready Player One
Cobble – Benjamin Ashwood
Cobble – Dark Territory
Cobble – Endless Flight
Coble – Haven of Swans
Conner – War of the Black Tower
Costeloe – The Girl with No Name
Cussler – The Romanov Ransom
Daley – Christmas at the Cat Cafe
Daley – Molly and the Cat Cafe
Deutermann – Red Swan
Eames – Kings of the Wyld
Eason – Chasing Secrets
Evans – The Broken Road
Frasier – Truly Dead
Gerritsen – I Know a Secret
Gibney – The Missing Ones
Gibney – The Stolen Girls
Grafton – Y is for Yesterday
Gregory – Spoonbenders
Greyson – Pure of Heart
Gross – The Saboteur
Hannon – Sandpiper Cove
Hatcher – You’ll Think of Me
Healey – The Saturday Evening Girls Club
Henderson – Threads of Suspicion
Hill – Keep You Safe
Hunter – Sweetbriar Cottage
Hutchinson – Corktown
Iskandrian – Motherest
Krueger – Sulfur Springs
Lamb – No Place I’d Rather Be
Macomber – Any Dream Will Do
Mallery – You Say it First
Mayer – Blood of a Phoenix
Mayer – Fury of a Phoenix
Mercer – The Man I Thought You Were
Muller – The Color of Fear
Nolfi – Sweet Lake
Nolfi – The Comfort of Secrets
Parker – The Hangman’s Sonnet
Parker – The Room of White Fire
Peterson – Beloved Hope
Peterson – Treasured Grace
Pierce – Before He Feels
Pierce – A Trace of Death
Pierce – A Trace of Murder
Pierce – A Trace of Vice
Rawn – Playing to the Gods
Renshaw – Dawn of Wonder
Richtel – Dead on Arrival
Robinson – Sleeping in the Ground
Scottoline – Exposed
Slaughter – The Good Daughter
Steel – The Right Time
Stephenson – The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.
Varner – Shaded
Varner – Swayed
Wilson – The Clockwork Dynasty
Woods – Barely Legal
Wyer – Little Girl Lost
Wyer – Secrets of the Dead

Barrera – Skilled Dialogue
Howes – Effective Early Childhood Professional Development
Lord – The Miracle of Dunkirk
Taylor – The Trump Prophecies
Wiseman – Could it be Autism

Graphic Novels

David –  He-Man
Gaiman – Coraline
Gillen – Thor : Latverian Prometheus
Liu – The Blood
Sparrow – Orange is the New Purple
Spencer – End of the Line
Spencer – #Take Back the Shield
Vaughan – Paper Girls
Waid – No More Secrets
Wilson – Crushed
Wilson – Last Days
Wilson – Super Famous


Adult Audio


Andrews – Beach Town
Andrews – The Weekenders
Box – Paradise Valley
Carr – Any Day Now
Castle – Storm Front
Coes – Trap the Devil
Connelly – The Late Show
Cussler – Ghost Ship
Frank – Full of Grace
Freeman – Immoral
Freeman – Stripped
Gaylin – And She Was
Goodkind – Confessor
Goodkind – The Omen Machine
Griffin – Curtain of Death
Hunter – Black Light
Jacobson – The Lost Codex
Johansen – Look Behind You
Johansen – No Easy Target
Johnstone – Ambush Valley
Johnstone – Hell Town
L’Amour – The Trail to Seven Pines
Robotham – The Secrets She Keeps
Shaara – The Final Storm

New Adult Books


Abbott – Blame
Alexander – To Wager Her Heart
Arlidge – Love Me Not
Atkins – The Fallen
Brockmann – Some Kind of Hero
Bybee – Not Quite Dating
Bybee – Not Quite Enough
Bybee – Not Quite Forever
Bybee – Not Quite Mine
Bybee – Not Quite Perfect
Carpenter – Bohemian Gospel
Carpenter – The Devil’s Bible
Castillo – Down a Dark Road
Child – No Middle Name
Coble – Beneath Copper Falls
Coble – Seagrass Pier
Connelly – The Late Show
Dell – Mead Mountain
DeMaio – Beach Blues
DeMaio – Beach Breeze
DeMaio – The Denim Blue Sea
Dunn – A Soldier’s Revenge
Dunn – The Spy House
Fairstein – Deadfall
French – Dark Saturday
Graham – Dying Breath
Harper – The Dry
Horowitz – Magpie Murders
Jackson – Almost Dead
Johnson – The Man of Legends
Laditan – Confessions of as Domestic Failure
Lapena – A Stranger in the House
Mallery – Secrets of the Tulip Sisters
March – A Stardance Summer
McCall Smith – A Distant View of Everything
Novak – Until You Loved Me
Patrick – Dangerous to Know
Patrick – Design for Dying
Patterson – The Store
Peterson – In the Shadow of Denali
Reichs – Two Nigh5ts
Riddle – Pandemic
Rosenfelt – Collared
Silva – House of Spies
Trigiani – Kiss Carlo
Varner – Forced
Warren – A Matter of Trust
Wiggs – Map of the Heart
Zunker – The Tracker


Baron – The Beast in the Garden
Blanco – Bullied Kids Speak Out
Hammer – The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu
Holt – Rise of the Rocket Girls
Noah – Born a Crime
Ricca – Mrs. Sherlock Holmes
Sobel – The Glass Universe
Weir – The Lost Tudor Princess

New Easy Readers and Juvenile Fiction

Gallaher – Whobert Whover, Owl Detective
Gallion – Pug & Pig Trick-or-Treat
Grabill – Halloween Good Night
Jackson – This Beautiful Day
MacLachlan – Someone Like Me
Malbrough – Marigold Bakes a Cake
Meister – Airplane Adventure
Muth – Mama Lion Wins the Race
Shea – The Scariest Book Ever
Teague – Jack and the Beanstalk and the French Fries
Verburg – The Tree House that Jack Built
Wood – The Little Mouse, the Red Rip Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear

Gratz – Refugee
Oh – Spirit Hunters
Pearson – Disney at Last
Pearson – Disney Lands
Russell – Dork Diaries : Tales from a Not-so-Popular Party Girl
Sutherland – Darkness of Dragons
Vendell – Sam in Winter