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August Juvenile/Young Adult Items

Higashimura – Princess Jellyfish
Hill – Alpha & Omega
Hill – Clockworks
Hill – Crown of Shadows
Hill – Head Games
Hill – Keys to the Kingdom
Hill – Welcome to Lovecraft
ONE – One-{unch Man #11 & #12
Suzuki – The Seven Deadly Sins #10, #11, #12
Toriyama – Dragonball #13 & #14
Tynion – Encore

Cameron – Maybe a Mermaid
Giff – A Slip of a Girl
Lee – The Downstairs Girl
Mahoney – The 47 People You’ll Meet in Middle School
McMann – Dragon Bones
McMann – Dragon Captives
McMann – Dragon Ghosts
McMullen – Double Cross
Rundell – The Good Thieves


Engle – Dancing Hands
Wittenstein – A Place to Land

King – Into the Hourglass
Power – Wilder GIrls
Trelease – Enchantee

August Children’s Items

Berenstain – The Berenstain Bears, All God’s Creatures
Brown – Big Red Barn
McLean – Leaping Leapfrogs
Parker – Tiny Blessings for Giving Thanks

Bergren – God Gave Us Thankful Hearts
Biedrzycki – SumoKitty
Brozo – The Buddy Bench
Chapman – Vegetables in Underwear
Davis – One Big Heart
Dubuc – And Then the Seed Grew
Hill – Moon’s FIrst Friends
Magoon – Linus the Little Yellow Pencil
McAnulty – Moon : Earth’s Best Friend
McMulan – As Warm as the Sun
Neubecker – Little Smokey
Oates – The New Kitten
Portis – Pinky Got Out
Richards – Once Upon a Goat
Shannon – Mr. Nogginbody Gets a Hammer
Sparrow – The Couch Potato
Wallace – How to Catch a Turkey
Wenzel – A Stone Sat Still
Willems – The Pigeon Has to go to School

August Adult Items

Bell – Somebody’s Daughter
Brown – Dark Age
Carr – The Poppy Field
Clancy – Enemy Contact
Coulter – Labyrinth
Crais – A Dangerous Man
Gaylin – Never Look Back
Goldin – The Escape Room
Greaney – Red Metal
Hart – The Woman in Our House
Hill – War Valley
Johansen – Smokescreen
Mann – Hunt the Leopard
McKinty – The Chain
Miranda – The Last House Guest
Patterson – Unsolved
Robotham – Good Girl, Bad Girl
Wade – Sweet on You
Welborn – Kitchen Marriage
wells – Exit Strategy
White – An Hour Unspent
Whitehead – The Nickel Boys

Morton – Meghan : A Hollywood Princess
Peterson – I Was Hitler’s Baker

Arden – The Bear and the Nightingale
Baldacci – One Good Deed
Castillo – Shamed
Cornwell – The Last Precinct
Crais – Indigo Slam
Cussler – The Oracle
Doan – Summer Hours
Eisler – The Killer Collective
Greaney – Mission Critical
Greene – Once More We Saw Stars
Griffin – The Enemy of My Enemy
Johnstone – Rattlesnake Wells, Wyoming
Lapena – Someone We Know
Mackintosh – After the End
Macomber – Window on the Bay
McManus – Circles in the Snow
McManus – The Tamarack Murders
Morrell – Before I Wake
Parker – Buckskin
Roberts – Under Currents
Silva – The New Girl


Ashman – Take Your Pet to School Day
Barnes – The King of Kindergarten
Collins – What Does an Anteater Eat?
Duncan – Chica
Hart – One Show Two Shoes
McClintock – Vroom
Newman – My Name is Aviva
Newson – I Am a Tiger
Redding – Calling the Water Drum
Reidy – Truman
Robinson – The PAwed Piper
Silvestro – Butterflies on the First Day of School
Stainton – Santa’s Snow Cat

Allen – The Line Tender
Greenland – Scouts
Ritter – Changeling

Eulberg – Past Perfect Life
Greathouse – The Grown-Ups’ Crusade
Greathouse – The Piper’s Price
Silvera – They Both Die at the End


Age of Doom, Part 1
Aquaman Omnibus
The Avengers: War of the Vampires
The Avengers: World Tour
Bird’s-Eye View
Far from HOme
Flash Omnibus
Game Over, Super Rabbit Boy
Giant Days, Volume 7 & 8
Handmaid’s Tale
Hellboy Omnibus, Volume 2
Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda (#6)
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Part 2
Noragami #11, #12, #13
Oblivion Song
On a Roll
One-Punch Man #13
Planetary Omnibus
Robo-Rabbit Boy, Go!
Space Boy (#1, #2, #3, #4)
Stone Cold
Super Rabbit Boy Blasts Off
Super Rabbit Boy Powers Up
Super Rabbit Boy vs. Super Rabbit Boss
Super Rabbit Racers
Super Sie Quest Test
Wonder Woman (#5, #6, #7, #8)


Battles – Night Man
Briggs – Storm Cursed
Caine – Wolfhunter River
Carr – Deep in the Valley
Cornwell – Point of Origin
Crais – Sunset Express
Crouch – Recursion
Evanovich – Under the Table
Evans – The Road Home
Gilbert – City of Girls
Hilderbrand – Summer of ’69
Johnstone – Dig Your Own Grave
Johnstone – Luke Jensen, Bounty Hunter : Death Rides Alone
Koontz – The Night Window
McManus – The Huckleberry Murders
Robotham – The Wreckage
Thor – Backlash

Anderson – Spine of the Dragon
Armstrong – Wherever She Goes
Atkins – The Shameless
Baker – Whisper Network
Baldacci – One Good Deed
Bates – The Soul of Power
Billerbeck – The Theory of Happily Ever After
Brooks – The Stiehl Assassin
Castillo – Shamed
Cooper – That Birthday in Barbados
Cowley – Court of Shadows
Eldarkin – Heart of Dragons
Crouch – Recursion
Dalglish – Soulkeeper
DeMaio – Little Beach Bungalow
Doan – Summer Hours
Doiron – Almost Midnight
Elliot – A Merciful Promise
Ellroy – This Storm
Feehan – Shadow Warrior
Finkbeiner – All Manner of Things
Ford – Hangman’s Gate
Foster – Sisters of Summer’s End
Frasier – The Body Keeper
Fuller – The Farmer’s Bride
Gilbert – City of Girls
Goldstone – Assassin of Shadows
Gray – Thin Air
Green – The Friends We Keep
Hall – They All Fall Down
Hatcher – Cross My Heart
Heller – The River
Hilderbrand – Summer of ’69
Hunter – Game of Snipers
Jackson – Paranoid
Kate – The Orphan’s Song
Keane – Ask Again, Yes
Lapena – Someone We Know
Lee – Jade War
Lewis – One Minute Later
Lippman – Lady in the Lake
Lustbader – The Sum of All Shadows
Macomber – Window on the Bay
Marlantes – Deep River
Masterman – We Were Killers Once
McCauley – Dark Territory
McElwain – Betrayal in Time
Michaels – Far and Away
Nesbo – Knife
Oates – My Life as a Rat
Petrova – Her Daughter’s Mother
Putnam – A House Divided
Rimmer – The Things We Cannot say
Roberts – Under Currents
Robotham – The German Midwife
Rosenfelt – Bark of Night
Shalvis – The Lemon Sisters
Silva – The New Girl
Smith – King of Kings
Steel – Lost and Found
Sullivan – Age of Legend
Thayer – Surfside Sisters
Turano – Caught by Surprise
Wade – Falling for You
Weiner – Mrs. Everything
White – A Reluctant Belle
White – Such a Perfect Wife
Winter – The Rage of Dragons
Wood – White Arrow
Woods – Skin Game

Genoways – This Blessed Earth
Levin – Unfreedom of the Press
Makos – Devotion : An Epic Story of Heroism, Friendship, and Sacrifice
Mendez – The Moscow Rules
Pan – Changing Seasons
Springsteen – Born to Run
Tumen – Ask the Foot Doctor
Wehner – The Death of Politics
Wood – Pioneers with Eminence
Wood – 47 Years Living Off-Grid

June Adult CD’s

Blauner – Sunrise Highway
Brennan – Nothing to Hide
Burke – Pegasus Descending
Burton – Her Last Word
Coben – Run Away
Compton – Hard Ride to Wichita
Deaver – The NEver Game
Graham – The Summoning
Hill – Five Days in November
Jackson – Backlash
Johnstone – Evil Never Sleeps
King – The Outsider
Patterson – The Cornwalls are Gone
Patterson – Unsolved
Robards – The Moscow Deception
Robards – The Ultimatum
Steel – Turning Point
Woods – Skin Game

June Adult Books


Andrews – Sunset Beach
Atkinson – Big Sky
Benjamin – Mistress of the Ritz
Blake – The Guest Book
Breene – The Culling Trials #1, #2, #3
Brown – The Kremlin Strike
Byler – A Second Chance
Clancy – Sting of the Wasp
Constantine – The Last Time I Saw You
Cussler – The Oracle
Deaver – The Never Game
Donohue – You, Me, and the Sea
Duff – The Boardwalk Option
Elliot – Guilty
Evans – The Road Home
Fisher – The Woman I Was Before
Frank – Queen Bee
Graham – The Summoning
Gray – The Patient One
Green – Between Two Shores
Horowitz – The Sentence is Death
Hunter – Summer by the Tides
Johnstone – Dig Your Own Grave
Konkoly – The Rescue
Koryta – If She Wakes
Ladd – The Governess of Penwythe Hall
Lee – Dark Site
Mallery – The Summer of Sunshine & MArgot
Michaels – Hot Shot
Miller – The Yankee Widow
Patterson – The 13-Minute Murder
Poirier – Next Girl to Die
Richardson – The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek
Robotham – The Other Wife
Rosenfelt – Black and Blue
Rouda – The Favorite Daughter
Ryan – High Velocity
Sawyer – A Silken Thread
Steel – Blessing in Disguise
Thor – Backlash
Walters – Living Lies


Atkinson – The British are Coming
Backman – Things My Son Needs to Know About the World
Backus – Tomboy Bride
Berra – My Dad, Yogi
Burgess – Shattered Dreams
Claremont – Marvel Encyclopedia
Schecter – Do You Ever Cry, Dad?
Sosa – George and Barbara Bush
Tebow – This is the Day

June Children / Juvenile Items

Appelt – Max Attacks
Brennan-Nelson – Good Night, Library
Hellman – Welcome to Morningtown
Houts – Sea Glass Summer
Jacobson – This is My Room
McKinlay – Let Me Sleep, Sheep
Morris – Bear Came Along
Pugsley – Mermaid Dreams
Rissi – Watch Out for Wolf
Schonfeld – Birthday on Mars
Turk – You Are Home

Asher – Sidetracked
Haddix – Among the Free
Hashimoto – The Trail
Lorenzi – A Long Pitch Home
Lupica – Batting Order
Mills – Nixie Ness, Cooking Star
Primavera – Marigold Star
Ribay – Patron Saints of Nothing
Swender – Solving for M
Tucker – All the Greys on Greene Street
Watkins – Sink or Swim

Dessen – The Rest of the Story
King – Before the Broken Star
Patterson – The Fall of Crazy Horse
Patterson – The Injustice
Sugiura – This Time Will be Different

May Children’s Items

Arant – Simpson’s Sheep Just Want to Sleep
Arant – Simpson’s Sheep Won’t Go To Sleep
Archer – Daniel’s Good Day
Choi – Camp Tiger
Churchman – Alpaca Lunch
Coelho – Grandpa’s Stories
Coy – Daddy-sitting
Donaldson – The Cook and the King
Falconer – Olivia and the Fairy Princesses
Gaines – We are the Gardeners
Lloyd-Jones – Hats Off to Mr. Pockles
Lowell – Sparky & Spike
Miller – I Am a Wolf
Patchett – Lambslide
Reidy – Pup 681
Rowe – Stay Benson
Smith – You’re Missing It
Spinelli – My Fourth of July
Van Dusen – A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee
Verdick – Small Walt and Mo the Tow

Allen – Twinchantment
Anderson – Finding Orion
Grisham – Theodore Boone : The Accomplice
Hunt – Shouting at the Rain
Kadohata – A Place to Belong
Lacey – The Dragonsitter’s Surprise
MacLachlan – Dream Within a Dream
Strange – Our Castle by the Sea

Barnett – The Important thing About Margaret Wise Brown
Engelbreit – The World is Yours
Hartland – Our Flag Was Still There
Jazynka – Florence Nightingale
Lord – Borrowing Bunnies
McGinty – The Girl Who Named Pluto
Richmond – Baby Elephant Joins the Herd
Rockliff – Anything but Ordinary Addie
Warren – Enemy Child