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Center – What You Wish For
Coben – The Boy from the Woods
Cornwell – Death of Kings
Cornwell – The Pagan Lord
Coulter – Labyrinth
Delaney – Playing Nice
Evanovich – The Big Kahuna
Flynn – Total Power
Follett – The Evening and the Morning
Fox – Crimson Lake
Fox – Redemption Point
French – The Searcher
Ginsburg – My Own Words
Graham – Deadly Touch
Graham – Dreaming Death
Harmel – The Book of Lost Names
Hilderbrand – Troubles in Paradise
Hodge – Wildland
Johnson – Next to Last Stand
Johnstone – Day of Reckoning
Johnstone – Dry Gulch Ambush
Johnstone – The Eagles Legacy
Johnstone – Hang Him Twice
Johnstone – Hang Them Slowly
Johnstone – Kill Crazy
Johnstone – Killer Take All
Johnstone – The Killing
Johnstone – Kingdom Come
Johnstone – Monahan’s Massacre
Johnstone – Rimfire
Johnstone – Rising Fire
Johnstone – Stalking Death
Johnstone- Stranglehold
Johnstone – Ten Guns from Texas
Johnstone – Those Jensen Boys!
Johnstone – The Trail West
Leigh – Cross Her Heart
Macomber – A Walk Along the Beach
McCall Smith – A Distant View of Everything
McCall Smith – The Geometry of Holding Hands
McCall Smith – The Quiet Side of Passion
Michaels – Truth and Justice
O’Reilly – Killing Crazy Horse
Parker – The Bitterest Pill
Parker – Fool’s Paradise
Picoult – Picture Perfect
Robards – The Black Swan of Paris
Rowe – The Way I Heard It
Shetty – Think Like a Monk
Sparks – The Return
Thornton – Mailman Tales
Walker – Don’t Look for Me
Ware – One by One
Westover – Educated : A Memoir
White – Sweet Carolina
White – Sweet Indulgence
White – Sweet Magnolia
Woodward – Rage

Buckley – NERDS : Attack of the Bullies
Buckley – NERDS : The Cheerleaders of Doom
Buckley – NERDS : The Villain Virus
Grisham – Theodore Boone : The Accomplice
Grisham – Theodore Boone : The Scandal
Holland – Everless
Holland – Evermore
Lupica – Game Changers
Lupica – Heavy Hitters
Lupica – Play Makers
Maberry – Don’t Turn Out the Lights

October Graphic Novels / Young Adult Books

Graphic Novels
Augustyn – Batman : Gotham by Gaslight
Craft – Class Act
Edmondson – Last Days
Nagabe – Dire Consequences

Young Adult
DeSelm – The Puppetmaster’s Apprentice
Legrand – Kingsbane
Legrand – Lightbringer
Sanderson – Starsight
Wein – The Enigma Game

October Juvenile Books

Brallier – The Last Kids on Earth and the Midnight Blade
Brallier – The Last Kids on Earth and the Skeleton Road
Colfer – Deny All Charges
Creech – One Time
Faruqi – A Thousand Questions
Fawcett – The Language of Ghosts
Gennari – Muffled
Kinney – Diary of a Wimpy Kid : The Deep End
Lawrence – The Stitchers
Levy – Above All Else
Marciano – Emperor of the Universe
Paterson – Curse of the Mystery Mutt
Townsend – Hollowpox : The Hunt for Morrigan Crow

Blevins – Complex Vowels
Blevins – Consonants
Blevins – Long Vowels
Blevins – Short Vowels
Turner – All the Colors of Christmas

October Children’s Books

Baillie – Boo Loves Books
Barnett – A Polar Bear in the Snow
Brett – Cozy
Butler – One Christmas Wish
Cabrera – Me & Mama
Churchman – The Christmas Barn
Conradi – The Little Bell that Wouldn’t Ring
Dubuc – Your House, My House
Garland – Bear Was There
Gehl – I Got a Chicken for My Birthday
Hale – Peppermint Post
Joosse – Everybody’s Tree
Kramer – The Boy and The Gorilla
Lichtenheld – Louis
Manning – Twas the Night Before Christmas on the Farm
Mills – Ella McKeen, Kickball Queen
Rex – On Account of the Gum
Siscoe – Friendsgiving
Thomas – The Chicken Who Couldn’t
Waechter – Jacob’s Fantastic Flight
Wish – Raccoon’s Perfect Snowman

October Adult Books


Ackerman – Red Sky Over Hawaii
Bolden – A Life without Flowers
Boyd – The Indigo Girl
Browne – Hillbilly Hustle
Burns – Shiner
Carr – Return to Virgin River
Child – The Sentinel
Cleeton – The Last Train to Key West
Coble – Two Reasons to Run
Fader – The Bitter and Sweet of Cherry Season
Feist – Queen of Storms
French – The Searcher
Gaynor – When We Were Brave & Young
Graham – Dreaming Death
Grisham – A Time for Mercy
Hackwith – The Archive of the Forgotten
Hall – And Now She’s Gone
Hart – Ghosts Up Her Game
Hilderbrand – Troubles in Paradise
Hooper – Fast Girls
Jackson – You Betrayed Me
Johnstone – Luke Jensen, Bounty Hunter : Hired Guns
Kinsella – Love Your Life
Kline – The Exiles
Lynch – One Good and Deadly deed
Macomber – Jingle All the Way
Maguire – A Wild Winter Swan
Murray – Obliteration
Novak – A California Christmas
Parker – Then She Vanished
Picoult – The Book of Two Ways
Pobi – Under Pressure
Rosenfelt – Silent Bite
Scott – Nothing Short of Wondrous
Taylor – An Irish Country Welcome
Thayne – Christmas at Holiday House
Woods – Shakeup


Andrews – Down from the Mountain : The Life and Death of a Grizzly Bear
Brands – The Zealot and the Emancipator
Cannell – A Brotherhood Betrayed : The Man Behind the Rise & Fall of Murder, Inc.
Cohen – Disloyal : A Memoir
Glancy – Cary Grant, the Making of a Hollywood Legend
Hafdahl – The Science of Stephen King
Hannity – Live Free or Die : America (and the world) on the Brink
Hollis – Didn’t See That Coming
Kravitz – Let Love Rule
Payne – The Dead are Arising : The Life of Malcolm X
Seinfeld – Is This Anything
Strzok – Compromised : Counterintelligence and the Threat of Donald J. Trump
Whye – The Dakotas : Off the Beaten Path

September Easy Readers

Aubert – School is Coming
Bently – Happy Easter, Tooth Fairy!
Bickell – The Little Ghost Who Lost Her Boo
Blackall – If You Come to Earth
Bowman – I Love You to the Stars
Brockenbrough – This Old Dog
Brown – Wild Symphony
Burgess – The Bear and the Moon
Cummings – Can I Be Your Dog?
Gerber – The Gifts of the Animals
Harris – The Alphabet’s Alphabet
Higgins – Sunny the Bunny Goes to Camp
Hoefler – Nothing in Common
Kalan – Sharko and Hippo
Lichtenheld – Moo-Moo, I Love You!
Loren – Frankenstein Doesn’t Wear Earmuffs
McBratney – Will You Be My Friend?
Medina – Evelyn Del Rey is Moving Away
O’Leary – Maud and Grand-Maud
Patchett – The Escape Goaat
Phelan – Turtle Walk
Ramos – I Am So Clever
Rinker – Construction Site Mission : Demolition
Scott – I Talk Like a River
Slack – Kitties on Dinosaurs
Voake – Some Dinosaurs are Small
Wiesner – RoboBaby
Wilcox – We’re Going on a Pumpkin Hunt
Yee – My Day with Gong Gong

September Juvenile / Young Adult Items

Juvenile Compact Discs
Horowitz – Nightshade
Meyer – Midnight Sun
Nielsen – The Shadow Throne
Nielsen – Wrath of the Storm

Juvenile Fiction
Aerts – The Blue Wings
Andrews – Spindlefish and Stars
Bradley – Midnight at the Barclay Hotel
Faruqi – A Place at the Table
Grossman – The Silver Arrow
Horvath – Pine Island Home
Janowitz – The doughnut Fix
Kephart – Cloud Hopper
McDonald – Hamlet and Cheese
McDonald – Judy Moody Around the World in 8 1/2 Days
McDonald – Judy Moody Saves the World
McDonald – Stink and the Attack of the Slime Mold
McDonald – Stink and the Hairy Scary Spider
McMann – Dragon Slayers
Mull – Dragonwatch : Champion of the Titan Games
Parry – A Wolf Called Wander
Patterson – Middle School : Get Me Out of Here
Patterson – Middle School : How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake Hill
Patterson – Middle School : My Brother is a Big, Fat Liar
Peterson – On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness
Riordan – The Tower of Nero
Rowling – The Unofficial Ultimate Harry Potter Spellbook
Tripp – Absolute Hero
Vernon – The Frozen Menace
Vernon – Knight-napped
Voigt – Little Bird
Wood – Alice’s Farm : A Rabbit’s Tale
Woodson – Before the Ever After

Juvenile Non-Fiction
Biden – Joey : The Story of Joe Biden
De la Mare – Dream Song
Murphy – I’ve Got Feet : Fantastical Feet of the Animal World
National Geographic Kids, Almanac 2021
Weakland – Baseball Records
Weakland – Basketball Records
Weakland – Football Records
Weakland – Soccer Records
Whiting – The Story of the St. Louis Cardinals

Young Adult Fiction
Braswell – Unbirthday
Carter – Not If I Save You First
Finlay – Cut Off
Lowry – The Willoughbys Return
|McGee – Majesty
Young – Fable

September Adult Items


Brennan – Cut and Run
Brown – Thick as Thieves
Burke – A Private Cathedral
Burton – Never Look Back
Cornwell – The Burning Land
Cornwell – Sword Song
Doyle – Untamed
Grisham – Camino Winds
Grisham – Sycamore Row
Kellerman – Half Moon Bay
Patterson – Hush
Robertson – Lonesome Justice
Rosenfelt – Muzzled
Shaara – To Wake a Giant
Stewart – The Goodbye Cafe
Stewart – The Sugarhouse Blues
Stone – False Step
Ware – The Turn of the Key
Woods – Choppy Water
Woods – Hit List
Woods – Hot Schemes


Berry – The Best of Friends
Butcher – Battle Ground
Byron – Murder in the Bayou Boneyard
Carlson – The Christmas Swap
Carroll – Feral Instinct
Carroll – Hair of the Dog
Carroll – Sheepdogs : Keeping the Wolves at Bay
Cossette – A Light on the Hill
Cossette – Like Flames in the Night
Cossette – Shelter of the Most High
Costeloe – Miss Mary’s Daughter
Dugoni – The Last Agent
Feehan – Dark Song
Feist – King of Ashes
Fluke – Christmas Cupcake Murder
Flynn – Total Power
Follett – The Evening and the Morning
Galbraith – Troubled Blood
Gobbell – Dead Man Launch
Gould – Piecing It All Together
Hannah – The Killings at Kingfisher Hill
Harmel – The Book of Lost Names
Hedlund – Almost a Bride
Jacobson – Red Death
Johansen – Chaos
Johnson – Next to Last Stand
Johnstone – Shot to Hell
Kava – Hidden Creed
Kealey – Liberation
Kenemore – Lake of Darkness
Kirkpatrick – Something Worth Doing
Klassen – AN Ivy Hill Christmas
Lindemuth – Blunt Force Kindness
Lynch – Cottonmouth
Mallery – Happily This Christmas
Marillier – A Dance with Fate
Mayor – The Orphan’s Guilt
McCaw – Fire and Vengeance
McCorkle – Hieroglyphics
Michaels – Bitter Pill
Michaels – The Brightest Star
Mizushima – Hanging Falls
Penney – Lifeline
Parker – Fool’s Paradise
Parks – Interference
Patterson – The Coast-to-Coast Murders
Penny – All the Devils ae Here
Reich – The Palace
Robb – Shadows in Death
Sparks – The Return
Steel – Royal
Stone – Winter’s End
Stone – Winter’s Storm
Stone – Winter’s Web
Trussoni – The Ancestor
Vreble – Cherokee America
Ware – One by One
Warren – The Heart of a Hero


Cotton – The Detective in the Dooryard : Reflections of a Maine Cop
Custer – My Life on the Plains, or, Personal Experiences with Indians
Kolker – Hidden Valley Road : Inside the Mind of an American Family
Rubenhold – The Five : The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper
O’Reilly – Killing Crazy Horse : The Merciless Indian Wars in America
Thompson – Standoff : Race, Policing, and a Deadly Assault that captivated a Nation
Trebek – The Answer Is : Reflections on My Life

August Easy Readers

Bausum – Moonbeams
Corrigan – Pugtato Finds a Thing
Del Rizzo – Golden Threads
Gordon – Finding Francois
Hellman – Goodnight, Sleepyville
Heo – Sun and Moon Have a Tea Party
Howden – Cone Cat
Killen – The Little Kitten
Llenas – The Color Monster Goes to School
McBeth – Randy, The Beautiful Horse
Norman – The Ghosts Went Floating
Pratt – Three Squeezes
Renauld – Porcupine’s Pie
Slack – Dragon Meets Boy
Stott – Nana Says I Will be Famous One Day
Thornburgh – Second Banana
Wahl – The Blue House
Young – A Unicorn Named Sparkle and the Pumpkin Monster

August Juvenile/Young Adult Items

Buckley – NERDS (#2) : M is for Mama’s Boy
Grisham – Theodore Boone : The Fugitive
Lasky – Spirit Wolf

Frost – All He Knew
Grabenstein – Super Puzzletastic Mysteries
Halahmy – Rip to the Rescue
Janowitz – The Doughnut King
Lin – Treasures of the Twelve
Marciano – Target : Earth
McDonald – Judy Moody and the Bucket List
McDonald – Judy Moody, Book Quiz Whiz
McDonald – Judy Moody, MD, the Doctor Is In
Negron – Dan Unmasked
Patterson – Middle School : Master of Disaster
Peterson – North! or Be Eaten
Skye – Buns of Steel
Wiley – The Nerviest Girl in the World
Woods – Otto Tattercoat and the Forest of Lost Things
Wynne-Jones – War at the Snow White Motel

Otis – True or False : A CIA Analyst’s Guide to Spotting Fake News

Black – Chasing Starlight
Han – Always and Forever, Lara Jean
Han – P.S. I till Love You
Poston – Bookish and the Beast
Thakrar – Star Daughter
VanderMeer – A Peculiar Peril
Wood – A Sky Painted Gold

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