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August Easy Readers

Bausum – Moonbeams
Corrigan – Pugtato Finds a Thing
Del Rizzo – Golden Threads
Gordon – Finding Francois
Hellman – Goodnight, Sleepyville
Heo – Sun and Moon Have a Tea Party
Howden – Cone Cat
Killen – The Little Kitten
Llenas – The Color Monster Goes to School
McBeth – Randy, The Beautiful Horse
Norman – The Ghosts Went Floating
Pratt – Three Squeezes
Renauld – Porcupine’s Pie
Slack – Dragon Meets Boy
Stott – Nana Says I Will be Famous One Day
Thornburgh – Second Banana
Wahl – The Blue House
Young – A Unicorn Named Sparkle and the Pumpkin Monster

August Juvenile/Young Adult Items

Buckley – NERDS (#2) : M is for Mama’s Boy
Grisham – Theodore Boone : The Fugitive
Lasky – Spirit Wolf

Frost – All He Knew
Grabenstein – Super Puzzletastic Mysteries
Halahmy – Rip to the Rescue
Janowitz – The Doughnut King
Lin – Treasures of the Twelve
Marciano – Target : Earth
McDonald – Judy Moody and the Bucket List
McDonald – Judy Moody, Book Quiz Whiz
McDonald – Judy Moody, MD, the Doctor Is In
Negron – Dan Unmasked
Patterson – Middle School : Master of Disaster
Peterson – North! or Be Eaten
Skye – Buns of Steel
Wiley – The Nerviest Girl in the World
Woods – Otto Tattercoat and the Forest of Lost Things
Wynne-Jones – War at the Snow White Motel

Otis – True or False : A CIA Analyst’s Guide to Spotting Fake News

Black – Chasing Starlight
Han – Always and Forever, Lara Jean
Han – P.S. I till Love You
Poston – Bookish and the Beast
Thakrar – Star Daughter
VanderMeer – A Peculiar Peril
Wood – A Sky Painted Gold

August Graphic Novels

Colfer – Illegal
Cullum – Kodi
Galligan – Boy-Crazy Stacey
Galligan – Dawn and the Impossible Three
Galligan – Kristy’s Big Day
McCranie – Space Boy #5, #6, #7
Mignola – Hellboy : The Complete Short Stories #1 and #2
Nagabe – When All Hope is Lost
North – Call Your Squirrelfriend
North – Life Is Too Short, Squirrel
North – Squirrels Fall Like Dominoes
North – To All the Squirrels I’ve Loved Before
O’Malley – Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness
O’Malley – Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together
O’Malley – Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe
O’Malley – Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
O’Malley – Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour
O’Malley – Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life
Rick & Morty #1 and #2
Telgemeier – Ghosts

August Adult Items

Arden – The Winter of the Witch
Castillo – Outsider
Cornwell – Lords of the North
Deaver – The Goodbye Man
Gibney – Broken Souls
Graham – Seeing Darkness
Graham – The Stalking
Hilderbrand – 28 Summers
Hood – Her Broken Wings
Johnstone – The Range Detectives
Jordan – Betrayal
Malerman – Malorie
Silva – The Order
Thor – Near Dark
Tyler – Redhead by the Side of the Road
Walker – The Night Before

Andrews – Beneath the Attic
Austin – If I Were You
Barelli – Missing Molly
Barz – Hidden Bones
Beller – Love’s Mountain Quest
Benjamin – The Immortalists
Brandvold – Staring Down the Devil
Brown – Thick as Thieves
Burke – A Private Cathedral
Buzzelli – And Then They Were Doomed
Carcaterra – Payback
Coble – One Little Lie
Denfield – The Butterfly Girl
Dietrich – Stars of Alabama
Dionne – The Wicked Sister
Dunn – The Fifth Man
Eason – Acceptable Rick
Feehan – Shadow Flight
Frasier – Find Me
Gobbell – Dead Man Launch
Gobbell – Edge of Valor
Gobbell – The Neptune Strategy
Goddard – Don’t Keep Silent
Hamilton – Sucker Punch
Harper – The Queen’s Secret
Harris – A Longer Fall
Hill – The Missing Ones
Hunter – Vying for the Viscount
Hurwitz – Into the Fire
James – Cat Me If You Can
Johnson – A Dazzle of Diamonds
Kasper – Sky Thieves
Katchur – Cold Woods
Lackey – Spy, Spy Again
Mack – The Shadow Commission
Macomber – Longing for Yesterday
Malerman – Malorie
Mallery – The Friendship List
McCafferty – The Bangtail Ghost
McCaw – Off the Grid
McElwain – Shadows in Time
Monk – The Huguenot Connection
Moreno-Garcia – Mexican Gothic
Muir – Harrow the Ninth
Mehl – Waves of Doubt
Patterson – 1st Case
Patterson – Cajun Justice
Patterson – The Midwife Murders
Peterson – The Way of Love
Pettrey – The Crushing Depths
Sager – Home Before Dark
Salvatore – Relentless
Shaara – To Wake the Giant
Slaughter – The Silent Wife
Toro – The Hollow Ones
Wendelboe – Death etched in Stone
Wendelboe – Hunting the VA Slayer
White – A Reckless Love
Wiseman – The Orphan Collector
Woods – Choppy Water
Zunker – An Unequal Defense

Crenshaw – Fortitude : Resilience in the Era of Outrage
Dronfield – The Boy Who Followed His Father into Auschwitz : A True Story of Family & Survival
Erickson – Near the Exit : Travels with the Not-So-Grim Reaper
Lynn – Me and Patsy Kickin’ Up Dust : My Friendship with Patsy Cline
Meltzer – The Lincoln Conspiracy : The Secret Plot to Kill America’s 16th President & why it failed
Schron – Taking a Knee, Taking a stand
Telfer – Lady Killers : Deadly Women Throughout History
Wilson – The Imperfect Disciple : Grace for People Who Can’t Get Their Act Together

Juvenile/Young Adult


Alvarez- Stormbound
Aster – Curse of the Night Witch
Mitchell – Camp Murderface
Gray – The Amelia Six
Henderson – The Magic in Changing Your Stars
Hest – The Summer We Found the Baby
Kadaarusman – Music for Tigers
Land – Wrong Way Summer
Lin – The Twelve
Lundberg – The Bird in Me Flies
McKay – The Time of Green Magic
Redman – Quintessence
Soontornvat – A Wish in the Dark
Souders – Coop Knows the Scoop
Stark-McGinnis – The Space Between Lost and Found
Tan – Summer at Meadow Wood
Tooke – The Unadoptables


Corrigan – I Love You Like No Otter
Lowry – On the Horizon
Turner – How Many Mice Make an Elephant?
Yoe – Squeaky Clean Super Funny Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids


Berry – Lovely War
Crossan – Being Toffee
Hautman – Road Tripped
McCafferty – The Mall
Solomon – Today Tonight Tomorrow

Juvenile DVD’S

Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Road Chip
Batman, The Animated Series–Volume 1 & 2
Batman Beyond, Season 1, 2, 3
Justice League, Triple Feature
Justice League, Unlimited–Season 1
Shimmer and Shine ; Welcome to Zahramay Falls
SpongeBob SquarePants Atlantis Squarepantis
SpongeBob SquarePants Triple Pack
SpongeBob’s Frozen Face-Off
Teen Titans, Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
The Land Before Time, Amazing Adventures!
The Land Before Time, Journey of the Brave
The Land Before Time # II-V
The Land Before Time # VI-IX
The Land Before Time # X-XIII
The Ponderosa

Easy Readers

Allepuz – Little Green Donkey
Ardagh – Bunnies on the Bus
Burleigh – Tiny Bird
Cushman – Soaked!
Eaddy – Eenie Meenie Halloweenie
Finison – Dozens of Doughnuts
Horn – Do Not Go in There
Kim – Danabi Leads the School Parade
Lawler – Kindergarten Hat
Paul – Cookie Boo
Salas – Clover Kitty Goes to Kittygarten
Schroeder – Alien Tomato


Battles – The Damaged
Burton – I See You
Cornwell – The Last Kingdom
Cornwell – The Pale Horseman
Patterson – The Summer House
Steel – The Numbers Game
Thayer – Girls of Summer
Thompson – The Rosewater Redemption
Ware – Death of Mrs. Westaway
Weeks – The Burning White

Getting Played
Ted 2
War for the Planet of the Apes

New Adult Books

Alexander – The New Jim Crow
Bolton – The Room Where it Happened
Doyle – Untamed
Hollis – Girl, Wash Your Face
Karl – Front Row at the Trump Show
Pirro – Radicals, Resistance, and Revenge
Trump – Too Much and Never Enough
Wang – The World Eats Here


Andrews – Shadows of Foxworth
Atkins – The Revelators
Barrett – Handbook for Homicide
Bell – Dragonfire
Belle – Stranger in the Lake
Brennan – Cut and Run
Brown – The Family Journal
Brown – Miss Janie’s Girls
Brown – Eagle Station
Burton – Never Look Back
Butcher – Peace Talks
Castillo – The Outsider
Center – What You Wish For
Cleeton – When We Left Cuba
Clipston – The Farm Stand
Cogburn – Gunpowder Express
Coulter – Deadlock
Delaney – Playing Nice
Devereaux – A Forgotten Murder
Doiron – One Last Lie
Downing – He Started It
Dunn – The Spy Whisperer
Dye – Renewed by Dawn, 1871-1872
Ellis – The Patient man
Feehan – Desolation Road
Feeney – His & Hers
Gabhart – An Appalachian Summer
Giffin – The Lies that Bind
Graham – Deadly Touch
Hatcher – How Sweet it Is
Henderson – The Year of the Witching
Higgins – Always the Last to Know
Johnstone – Rope Burn
Jones – The Only Good Indians
Kellerman – Half Moon Bay
Kowal – The Relentless Moon
Kwan – Sex and Vanity
Lapena – The End of Her
Lombardo – The Most Fun We Ever Had
Freeman – The Bourne Evolution
Lustbader – The Nemesis Manifesto
Macomber – A Walk Along the Beach
McCall Smith – The Geometry of Holding Hands
North – The Shadows
Paris – The Dilemma
Parker – Prairie Fever
Ranald – Sorry Not Sorry
Rees – Miss Graham’s Cold War Cookbook
Robards – The Black Swan of Paris
Rosenfelt – Muzzled
Roth – Chosen Ones
Silva – The Order
Swanson – Eight Perfect Murders
Thor – Near Dark
Tremblay – Survivor Song
Wells – High Lonesome Sound
Wells – Network Effect
Wiggs – The Lost and Found Bookshop
Woodson – Red at the Bone

Juvenile Fiction/Young Adult

Juvenile Fiction
Faber – Polly on the Twelfth Floor
Kingsbury – Finding Home
Kvasnosky – Zelda and Ivy, The Runaways
Lupica – The Turnover
McCall Smith – The Five Lost Aunts of Harriet Bean
McCall Smith – Harriet Bean and the League of cheats
Patterson – The Plunder Down Under
Railey – The Messy Life of Blue
Selznick – Baby Monkey, Private Eye
Stoddard – Brave Like That

Young Adult
Collins – The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes
Henry – The Lonely Dead
Hesse – They Went Left
McWilliams – Agnes at the End of the World
Rossi – Rebel Spy
Stohl – Jo & Laurie