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Friends of the Sidney Public Library (FOSPL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of and appreciation for the library in our community. At our bi-monthly meetings, we plan events and fundraisers to help bring the community into the library while supporting the library. Meetings are every other month on the 3rd Monday of that month. For a list of our meeting dates, see calendar below. Anyone is welcome to join the Friends!


Libraries have always been part of the American dream – places for education, self-help and lifelong learning. With free resources like books, magazines, CD’s, Internet access and databases, libraries help people find new jobs, fight illiteracy, do better in school, tackle  projects and learn new languages.  

Librarians teach people how to find and use information so they can succeed in today’s information age. By supporting their communities’ growth and change, libraries also help them remain educated and vibrant.  

Our libraries also help keep us connected, providing a space for people of all ages, classes and races, to come together, while keeping us connected to events and people around the world. It’s where people can keep up with world events, and research where to volunteer locally. 

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FOSPL Officers

President: Liz Borgmann
Vice President: Nancy Sanders
Secretary: Bridget Goding
Treasurer: Glenda Condon
PR/Media: Bridget Goding

FOSPL Board Members

Pam Arrington
Janice Borgmann
Marcie Mueller

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