Young Adult / Graphic Novels

Bendis – Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2
Brosgol – Anya’s Ghost
Chmakova – Brave
Hale – Rapunzel’s Revenge
Harmon – Rick and Morty
Hicks – Friends with Boys
Kirkman – The Walking Dead Compendium One
Libenson – Invisible Emmie
North – I Kissed a Squirrel and I Like It
North – Squirrel You Know It’s True
North – Squirrel You Really Got Me Now
Salvatore – Forgotten Realms : The Legend of Drizzt, Volume 2
Thrash – Honor Girl

Haig – The Forever Ship
Hurwitz – The Rains
Keller – The Dark Intercept
Keyser – The Way Back from Broken
Meyer – Heartless
Porter – When I Cast Your Shadow