August 2017 Board/Foundation Minutes

Library Board
August 14, 2017

Board Members Present: Libby Soucie, Jane Holechek, and Jennifer Ramsey

Also Present: Andrew Sherman, Library Director.
Absent: Sandy White and Lisa Davis.
Meeting called to order at: 4:00 pm.
Friends Report given by:

  • The Friends had a chair in the raffle for the Night of Hope.
  • The annual puzzle tournament will be held October 15 at the Lodgepole Valley
    Youth Camp.

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made by Libby to approve the minutes of the July 10, 2017 meeting.  The motion was seconded by Jane.

Financial Reports and Bills: A motion was made by Jane to approve the bills for the July 2017 meeting.  The motion was seconded by Libby.

 Old Business:

  • The Library’s Budget will remain the same. The new heating/cooling unit in the children’s section will not be in this year’s budget.
  • The Eclipse party plans to be a great time with a DJ being paid for by the FOSPL.

Children from South, North and West will join us at the Library for the viewing party.

  • The Library was awarded the NLC Library improvement grant that will be used for the Newspaper digitization here at the Library.

New Business:

  • Sherm is going to speak to the Principal at Central Elementary and see if they would be willing to allow the Bookmobile to have a stop there.
  • All evaluation forms for Sherm need to be given to Sandy White.
  • Sherm will be going to the 3 elementary schools to give his Eclipse Safety Program this week.
  • A motion was made by Jane to allow the Library to be open from 1-6pm on Saturday August 19 so the staff can enjoy the Sesquicentennial parade. The motion was seconded by Libby.


  • A motion was made by Libby to add to the Library Services policy the following: “Residents are those who live in, own property in or attend a school district located in or adjacent to Cheyenne County, Nebraska.” This change will allow the Bookmobile to continue to serve Creek Valley Elementary. The motion was seconded by Jane.
  • Sherm will be attending the NLA Conference in October. He will be doing a presentation about the Digitization of our newspaper collection.

 NEXT REGULAR MEETING: September, 2017

Sidney Public Library
August 14, 2017

Board Members Present: Libby Soucie, Jane Holechek, and Jennifer Ramsey.

Also Present: Andrew Sherman, Library Director.

Absent: Sandy White and Lisa Davis.

Approval of Minutes:  A motion was made by Libby to approve the minutes of the July 10, 2017 meeting.  The motion was seconded by Jane.

Financial Reports and Bills: A motion was made by Jane to approve the bills for the July 2017 meeting.  The motion was seconded by Libby.


  • The website for the digitized newspapers is getting closer to going live. The Foundation will cover 25% of the cost.


  • Sherm is looking into putting the makerspace in the back room of the Library. There will be more discussion in regards to the Foundation paying for some of the remodeling cost.

NEXT REGULAR MEETING: September 11, 2017


Asher – What Light
Crowley – Words in Deep Blue
Saenz – Last Night I Sang to the Monster
Zentner – Goodbye, Days

Beasley – Tumble and Blue
Bracken – The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding
Lawson – Under the Bottle Bridge
McGhee – Pablo & Birdy
Platt – Storm Chaser
Sateren – Fearless Freddie
Sateren – Mudball Molly
Stroud – The Empty Grave
Vaught – Super Max and the Mystery of Thornwood’s Revenge

Asher – What Light
Barton – Dazzle Ships
Tate – Strong as Sandow


Brett – The Mermaid
Brown – The Steam Roller
Curato – Little Elliot, Fall Friends
Davis – Black Belt Bunny
Foster – Give me Back My Book
Godwin – Bear Make Den
Houran – Warts and All
Kang – Papillon Goes to the Vet
Kaufman – Confiscated
Keller – Monster Trucks
Klise – Stay
Lindstrom – My Dog Mouse
McDonnell – The Little Red Cat
McGhee – Come With Me
Miltenberg – When Will Fall Arrive
Peterson – Piggies in the Pumpkin Patch
Pfister – You Can’t Win them All, Rainbow Fish
Phi – A Different Pond
Raczka – Fall Mixed Up
Reynolds – Creepy Pair of Underwear
Robberecht – The Wolf Who Fell out of a Book
Sayre – Full of Fall
Song – Tea with Oliver
Staniszewski – Dogosaurus Rex
Stead – The Only Fish in the Sea
Tullet – Say Zoop
Young – A New Friend for Sparkle


Bass – The Devil’s Bones
Bass – Flesh and Bone
Castle – Wild Storm
Chancellor – Sycamore
Corry – My Husband’s Wife
Cussler – The Pharaoh’s Secret
Denfeld – The Child Finder
Elliot – A Merciful Truth
Elliot – Vanished
Fairstein – Deadfall
Flynn – Enemy of the State
Frank – All Summer Long
Frank – The Land of Mango Sunsets
Frank – Same Beach, Next Year
Freeman – In the Dark
Goodkind – The Third Kingdom
Grafton – Y is for Yesterday
Gudenkauf – Missing Pieces
Gudenkauf – One Breath Away
Hestand – Better Off Without Her
Hestand – Good Day for a Hanging
Higgins – All I Ever Wanted
Hunter – Time to Hunt
Hutchinson – Strong Convictions
Hutchinson – Strong Suspicions
Johnson – The Western Star
Johnstone – Killing Ground
Johnstone – Slaughter
Johnstone – Sudden Fury
Johnstone – Winter Kill
Kellerman – Crime Scene
L’Amour – The Rustlers of West Fork
Monroe – The Beach House
Patterson – The Medical Examiner
Scottoline – Exposed
Silva – House of Spies
White – The Guests of South Battery


Alten – Undisclosed
Andre – The Best is Yet to Come
Andre – Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You
Antoine – One Night in November
Ashman – The Warrior Princess
Bailey – What was Rescued
Battles – The Aggrieved
Battles – The Unleashed
Bellet – Dungeon Crawl
Blackstock – If I’m Found
Brennan – Shattered
Brown – Seeing Red
Carlan – Fate
Clark – Snap Judgment
Cline – Ready Player One
Cobble – Benjamin Ashwood
Cobble – Dark Territory
Cobble – Endless Flight
Coble – Haven of Swans
Conner – War of the Black Tower
Costeloe – The Girl with No Name
Cussler – The Romanov Ransom
Daley – Christmas at the Cat Cafe
Daley – Molly and the Cat Cafe
Deutermann – Red Swan
Eames – Kings of the Wyld
Eason – Chasing Secrets
Evans – The Broken Road
Frasier – Truly Dead
Gerritsen – I Know a Secret
Gibney – The Missing Ones
Gibney – The Stolen Girls
Grafton – Y is for Yesterday
Gregory – Spoonbenders
Greyson – Pure of Heart
Gross – The Saboteur
Hannon – Sandpiper Cove
Hatcher – You’ll Think of Me
Healey – The Saturday Evening Girls Club
Henderson – Threads of Suspicion
Hill – Keep You Safe
Hunter – Sweetbriar Cottage
Hutchinson – Corktown
Iskandrian – Motherest
Krueger – Sulfur Springs
Lamb – No Place I’d Rather Be
Macomber – Any Dream Will Do
Mallery – You Say it First
Mayer – Blood of a Phoenix
Mayer – Fury of a Phoenix
Mercer – The Man I Thought You Were
Muller – The Color of Fear
Nolfi – Sweet Lake
Nolfi – The Comfort of Secrets
Parker – The Hangman’s Sonnet
Parker – The Room of White Fire
Peterson – Beloved Hope
Peterson – Treasured Grace
Pierce – Before He Feels
Pierce – A Trace of Death
Pierce – A Trace of Murder
Pierce – A Trace of Vice
Rawn – Playing to the Gods
Renshaw – Dawn of Wonder
Richtel – Dead on Arrival
Robinson – Sleeping in the Ground
Scottoline – Exposed
Slaughter – The Good Daughter
Steel – The Right Time
Stephenson – The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.
Varner – Shaded
Varner – Swayed
Wilson – The Clockwork Dynasty
Woods – Barely Legal
Wyer – Little Girl Lost
Wyer – Secrets of the Dead

Barrera – Skilled Dialogue
Howes – Effective Early Childhood Professional Development
Lord – The Miracle of Dunkirk
Taylor – The Trump Prophecies
Wiseman – Could it be Autism

Graphic Novels

David –  He-Man
Gaiman – Coraline
Gillen – Thor : Latverian Prometheus
Liu – The Blood
Sparrow – Orange is the New Purple
Spencer – End of the Line
Spencer – #Take Back the Shield
Vaughan – Paper Girls
Waid – No More Secrets
Wilson – Crushed
Wilson – Last Days
Wilson – Super Famous


NE Dept of Labor job application and unemployment benefits assistance

The NE Dept of Labor will have representatives on site at the library from 9am-2pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays from September through November to assist job seekers with resume writing and searching, applying and interviewing for jobs. They will also be able to assist with filing for unemployment benefits. You can also contact the NDOL staff at 308-632-1420 or email them at scotttsbluffwfd@nebraska.go.

Fall Bookmobile Schedule


Monday                                                                             Monday

Sept 11, 25     Oct 9, 23                                             Sept 18     Oct 2, 16, 30

Nov 6, 20       Dec 4, 18                                                Nov 13, 27   Dec 11

Grace Gardens 8:30 – 8:45                                           St. Paul’s 8:30 – 8:45

Sloan Estates 8:45 – 9:15                                              Learning Corner 9:00 – 9:30

SRMC Ext Care 9:30 – 10:00                                         Homebound 9:45 – 10:15

Sidney Care & Rehab 10:15 – 10:45                          Learning Corner 1:00 – 1:15

Western Heritage 11:00 – 11:30

Grace Gardens 1:00 – 1:15

Tuesday                                                                            Tuesday

Sept 12, 26   Oct 10, 24                                             Sept 5, 19   Oct 3, 17, 31

Nov 7, 21     Dec 5, 19                                                 Nov 14, 28   Dec 12

St. Paul’s 8:30 – 9:00                                                   Creek Valley Elem 8:30 – 10:30

Head Start 9:15 – 9:45                                                Community Preschool 1:00 – 1:30

Learning Corner 10:00 – 10:30

Kid’s Korner 10:30 – 11:00

St. Paul’s 1:00 – 1:15

Wednesday                                                                  Wednesday

Sept 13, 27   Oct 11, 25                                             Sept 6, 20   Oct 4, 18

Nov 8, 22   Dec 6, 20                                                    Nov 1, 15, 29   Dec 13

Dalton Post Office 10:15 – 10:45                            Dix School 8:30 – 10:00

Gurley Post Office 11:00 – 11:30                            Potter-Dix ELF 10:15 – 11:00


Thursday                                                                       Thursday

                                                                                            Sept 7, 21   Oct 5, 19

                                                                                            Nov 2, 16, 30   Dec 14

Here Wee Grow 10:30 – 11:00

Adult Audio


Andrews – Beach Town
Andrews – The Weekenders
Box – Paradise Valley
Carr – Any Day Now
Castle – Storm Front
Coes – Trap the Devil
Connelly – The Late Show
Cussler – Ghost Ship
Frank – Full of Grace
Freeman – Immoral
Freeman – Stripped
Gaylin – And She Was
Goodkind – Confessor
Goodkind – The Omen Machine
Griffin – Curtain of Death
Hunter – Black Light
Jacobson – The Lost Codex
Johansen – Look Behind You
Johansen – No Easy Target
Johnstone – Ambush Valley
Johnstone – Hell Town
L’Amour – The Trail to Seven Pines
Robotham – The Secrets She Keeps
Shaara – The Final Storm