Acevedo – Clap When You Land
Applegate – The One and Only Bob
Baker – The Water Bears
Buckley – Finn and the Intergalactic Lunchbox
Callaghan – Saltwater Secrets
Castillo – Our Friend Hedgehog
Choldenko – Orphan Eleven
Cornett – Finally, Something Mysterious
George – The Colt of the Clouds
Going – The Next Great Jane
Kelly – We Dream of Space
Keplinger -Lila and Hadley
Levine – A Ceiling Made of Eggshells
Mackey – The Edge of Everywhen
Morris – Squint
Respicio – Any Day With You
Standish – How to Disappear Completely
Wolk – Echo Mountain
Wolkenstein – Turtle Boy


Escandell – Sleuth & Solve
Laidlaw – The Dog Patrol
Lock – Animal Kind
O’Neill – Jacob Riis’s Camera
Redding – Rescuing the Declaration of Independence
Steinhardt – Sabby the Sea Otter


Garvin – The Lightness of Hands
Henry – Run, Hide, Fight Back
Kang – Toxic
Mills – Famous in a Small Town
Taylor – The Paper Girl of Paris


Adult Fiction

Baldacci – Walk the Wire
Beach – The Sail
Beach – The Wreck
Bellet – Balancing the Scales
Berg – The Confession Club
Boyle – City of Margins
Brandvold – Dealt the Devil’s Hand
Brandvold – The Devils’ Lair
Brandvold – Stagecoach to Purgatory
Buckhanon – Speaking of Summer
Callahan – Becoming Mrs. Lewis
Carcaterra – Tin Badges
Carlson – The Happy Camper
Chiaverini – Enchantress of Numbers
Choo – The Night Tiger
Cogburn – Buzzard Bait
Connealy – Woman of Sunlight
Cooper – The Weekend in Paris
Corrrea – The daughter’s Tale
Darznik – Song of a Captive Bird
DeFino – The Bar Harbor Retirement Home…
Dray – America’s First Daughter
Estes – Today We Go Home
Everhart – The Moonshiner’s Daughter
Fay – The City of Flickering Light
Friedman – Running Out of Road
Gaynor – Meet Me in Monaco
Graham – The Seekers
Graham – The Stalking
Grant – Fallen Mountains
Grisham – Camino Winds
Gross – Button Man
Hogan – Queenie Malone’s Paradise Hotel
Holmes – Evvie Drake Starts Over
Hooper – Hidden Salem
Jackson – Who Is My Shelter
Jensen – In Our Midst
Johnstone – Kill Crazy
Johnstone – The Hour of Death
Kenney – Talk to Me
Letts – Finding Dorothy
Lowell – The Wrong Hostage
Martin – Nemesis
McCall Smith – The Talented Mr. Varg
McCall Smith – The Second-Worst Restaurant in France
Paretsky – Dead Land
Perry – One Fatal Flaw
Preston – Dead Blow
Preston – The Twin
Regan – Cold Heart Creek
Regan – Find Her Alive
Regan – Her Silent Cry
Sandford – Masked Prey
Scalzi – The Last Emperox
Shipman – The Heirloom Garden
Snelling – Half Finished
Steel – The Dark Side
Steel – The Wedding Dress
Storey – Oil and Marble
Swyler – Light from other Stars
Thomas – The Little Teashop on Main
Tremblay – Disappearance at Devil’s Rock
Wetmore – Valentine
Willeford – Burnt Orange Heresy
Wilson – The Dog I Loved
Wingate – The Book of Lost Friends
Wood – The Engineer’s Wife
Yung – The Lost Girls
Zhang – How Much of These Hills is Gold

Adult Non-Fiction

Baier – Three Days at the Brink : FDR’s Daring Gamble
Basden – Pallet Craft
Carrant – Cookie Love
Christie – Before and After
Cohen – The Last Pirate of New York
Coulthard – Superstition, Light Side
Croot – Biographic Sherlock
Gates – Proving Einstein Right
Geweke – Fairytale Baking
Hafdahl – The Science of Monsters
Hinckley – Murder and Mayhem on the Main Street of America
Holland – Normandy ’44
Kirk – Tea-Vitalize : Cold Brew Teas and Herbal Infusions
Klinkel – A Matter of Time
Mastromonaco – So Here’s the Thing
Mooncie – Crocheted Birds
Morgan – Hysterical
Patterson – The House of Kennedy
Schmidt – Little Free Libraries & Tiny Sheds
Steccato – Barns Across America
Wicks – The Everyday Blacksmith

Board/Foundation Minutes April 2020

Library Board
April 14, 2020


Board Members Present: Libby Soucie, Jane Holechek, Jen Ramsey and Sandy White

Also Present: Richard Sandstrom, and Stephanie Mika.
Absent: Kim Hofrock
Meeting called to order at: 4:00 pm.
Friends Report given by: N/A

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made by Jane to approve the minutes of the March 9, 2020 meeting.  The motion was seconded by Jen.

Financial Reports and Bills: A motion was made by Jen to approve the bills for the March 2020 meeting.  The motion was seconded by Jane.

  Old Business:

  • NLA Spring meeting has been cancelled due to Covid19 Pandemic.

  New Business:

  • The Library has been closed to the public since March 17 due to the Covid19 Pandemic.
  • Starting April 6 staff was split into 2 groups and will rotate schedules.  2 weeks on and 2 off.  Staff members have been busy with inventory, books and cleaning.  The Library is also getting books for patrons and they can pick them up at the back door.  This service has been incredibly popular. 
  • Sandy requested that Richard contact the Extension Service regarding the MakerSpace.


 Library Foundation
April 14, 2020

Board Members Present: Sandy White, Jane Holechek, Jen Ramsey and Libby Soucie

Also Present: Richard Sandstrom and Stephanie Mika
Absent: Kim Hofrock,                         


Approval of Minutes:  A motion was made by Jane to approve the minutes of the March 9, 2020 meeting.  The motion was seconded by Libby.

Financial Reports and Bills:  A motion was made by Jen to approve the bills of the March 2020 meeting.  The motion was seconded by Jane.



  • Richard is looking at different grants to help replace outdated computers.


Young Adult Fiction

Burns – I Do Not Trust You
Cameron – The Light in Hidden Places
Crompton – Pretty in Punxsutawney
Gervais – The Silence Between Us
Guillaume – What I Like About Me
June – No Place Like Here
Lu – The Kingdom of Back
Madison – Losing Brave
Miranda – Fragments of the Lost
Thomas – the Magnolia Sword

Juvenile Fiction

Anderson – The Girl Who Speaks Bear
Avi – Gold Rush Girl
Buckley – NERDS : M is for Mama’s Boy
Bustard – Blue Skies
Carter – Winterborne Home for Vengeance and Valor
Chokshi – Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes
Coville – Cursed
Coville – Hatched
Day – I Can make this Promise
Durst – Spark
Elliott – Bo’s Magical New Friend
George – Wings of Olympus
Gephart – The Paris Project
Haddix – The Deceivers
Hardy – Brightstorm
Harrell – Wink
Horowitz – Nightshade
Kephart – The Great Upending
MacLachlan – Wondrous Rex
Maldonado – What Lane?
Matthews – If We Were Giants
McDonald – Judy Moody and the Right Royal Tea Party
McDunn – The Queen Bee and Me
Nesbet – Daring Darleen, Queen of the Screen
Noel – Coo
O’Hearn – Titans
O’Hearn – War of the Realms
Park – Prairie Lotus
Pass – The Year after You
Paterson – Mission Impawsible
Ponti m- City Spies
Preus – The Littlest Voyageur
White – Fins
Yardi – Owl’s Outstanding Donuts

Juvenile Non-Fiction

Abler – The Sprit of Springer
Atwood – Women Heroes of World War II
Beecroft – Star Wars Character Encyclopedia
Braun – Horse Fun
Davidson – The Big Book of Bling
Davies – Superpower Dogs
Day – Fairyland
Dennie – Did You Know? Earth
French – What a Waste
Garstecki – Science in a Jar
Gerstein – I Am Hermes
Gove-Berg – Greta the Great Horned Owl
Harvey – Through the Animal Kingdom
Heinecke – Kitchen Science Lab for Kids
Hutchinson – Animal Habitats
Levy – More Freaky Animal Stories
Lim – Once Upon a Medieval Craft
Machajewski – More Freaky Science Discoveries
Parker – Insects and Spiders
Rappoport – Math Games for Kids
Skene – Amazing Vehicles
Stanford – First How Things Work Encyclopedia
Surla – History : The Past as You’ve Never Seen it Before
Vail – More Freaky Weather Stories
Vermond – Why Don’t Cars Run on Apple Juice
Weatherford – Box : Henry Brown Mails Himself to Freedom
Winston – Ask a Scientist

Easy Readers

Adams – The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon
Andriamirado – The Quiet Crocodile Goes to the Beach
Barnett – Paolo, Emperor of Rome
Barton – Fire Truck vs. Dragon
Burlinson – Imagine That!
Colby – Crocodiles Need Kisses Too
Cole – Nesting
Cordell – King Alice
Cotler – Sorry (Really Sorry)
Dubuc – Little Cheetah’s Shadow
Fitzgerald – How to be a Pirate
Fletcher – There’s a Dragon in Your Book
Fogliano – If I Was the Sunshine
Gravett – Cyril and Pat
Handford – Where’s Waldo? Double Trouble at the Museum
Haughton – Don’t Worry, Little Crab
Henkes – Summer Song
Hermann – The Little Wolves
Hill – Around the Table That Grandad Built
Holm – The Evil Princess vs. the Brave Knight
James – Mr. Scruff
Jarvis – Follow Me, Flo
Kann – Pinkalicious : Dragon to the Rescue
Krause – Dragon Night
Kredensor – Superbuns : Kindness is her Superpower
Lanan – The Fisherman & the Whale
Levis – This Way, Charlie
Lichtenfeld – When My Brother Gets Home
Lombardo – Everybody says Meow
Lumbers – Clem and Crab
Misslin – Princess Adventures
Mumford – Hop Little Bunnies
Munsch – The Boy in the Drawer
Munsch – Show and Tell
Oswald – Hike
Portis – A New Green Day
Power – Yoga at the Zoo
Primavera – I’m a Baked Potato
Rance – Tiger’s Roar
Reese – Cave Dada
Robinson – Tooth Fairy in Training
Rosoff – It’s a Moose
Ruzzier – The Quiet Boat Ride and other Stories
Shankman – Monkey See, Zebra Do
Shannon – Roy Digs Dirt
Soltis – The Stars Just Up the Street
Spinelli – One Earth
Stahl – Dragons Eat Noodles on Tuesdays
Tarsky – Taking a Walk : Fall in the Country
Tarsky – Taking a Walk : Winter in the City
Tatsukawa – The Bear in My Family
Teckentrup – The Seedling that Didn’t Want to Grow
Tejido – There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Book
Theule – A Way with Wild Things
Voss – Brave Enough for Two
Voss – Imagine That
White – Green on Green
Zolotow – In My Garden
Zosienka – The Moon Keeper

Adult CD’s

Berg – The Confession Club
Berry – The Warsaw Protocol
Box – Long Range
Cameron – Open Carry
Cussler – Final Option
DeMille – The Deserter
Freeman – The Deep, Deep Snow
Hood – Break the Silence
Johnstone – The Darkest Winter
Johnstone – River of Blood
Johnstone – Die by the Gun
Jordan – Redemption
Kelton – Texas Standoff
Koontz – Devoted
Lee – The Silent Sisters
Mallery – Sisters by Choice
Margolin – A Reasonable Doubt
Roberts – Of Blood and Bone
Robertson – Forty-Four Caliber Justice
Robertson -Logan’s Word
Stewart – The Last Chance Matinee
Stone – Badman’s Pass
Stone – Only the Stubborn Survive
Swanson – Eight Perfect Murders
Thayer – Surfside Sisters
Vann – Halibut on the Moon
Warenski – Grizzly Killer : Smoke on the Water
Wiggs – Between You and Me
Wiggs – The Oysterville Sewing Circle
Woods – Hot Money
Woods – Hot Property
Woods – Hot Secret
Wyer – The Dare

Graphic Novels

Burks – Bird & Squirrel All Tangled Up
Gillen – Okay
Hatke – Mighty Jack
Hatke – Mighty Jack and the Goblin King
Hatke – Mighty Jack and Zita the Spacegirl
Kirkman – The Darkness Grows
Kirkman – Oblivion Song, Chapter Three
Kirkman – Oblivion Song, Chapter Four
Kondo – Return from the Shadows
Kondo – World Without Darkness
Lemire – Black Hammer ’45
Lemire – The Haunted Galaxy
Liu – The Chosen
Peirce – Max & the Midknights
Robinson – The Search for Steve Trevor
Williams – Dark Destiny

New Adult Fiction Books

Alger – Girls Like Us
Apelfeld – To the Edge of Sorrow
Armstrong – Alone in the Wild
Arnold – The Last Smile in Sunder City
Barrett – A Killer Edition
Barry – We Ride Upon Sticks
Bates – The Man from Taured
Beach – The Cabin
Beams – The Illness Lesson
Beller – Hope’s Highest Mountain
Berg – The Operator
Bergren – Selah
Berry – The Warsaw Protocol
Bivald – Welcome to the Pine Away Motel and Cabins
Black – The Queen of Nothing
Bohjalian – The Red Lotus
Bourland – Fake Like Me
Box – Long Range
Brandvold – Blood at Sundown
Brandvold – The Cost of Dying
Briggs – Smoke Bitten
Brown – Scarlet Fever
Brown – Whiskers in the Dark
Brunstetter – The Crow’s Call
Carson – The Chill
Childs – Lavender Blue Murder
Coben – The Boy from the Woods
Cogburn – Call Me Lonesome
Coleman – For Once in My Life
Connealy – Aiming for Love
Cussler – Journey of the Pharaohs
Davidson – The Boatman’s Daughter
Dray – My Dear Hamilton
Dugoni – A Cold Trail
Duke – It All Comes Back to You
Dykes – Whose Waves are These
Eliasberg – Hannah’s War
Erdrich – The Night Watchman
Fluke – Coconut Layer Cake Murder
Fordham – Yours Truly, Thomas
Freeman – Thief River Falls
Gardiner – The Dark Corners of the Night
Goodman – The Sea of Lost Girls
Greaney – One Minute Out
Griffiths – The Stranger Diaries
Guzlowski – Suitcase Charlie
Hamilton – Servant of the Crown
Hannibal – Chasing the White Lion
Hedlund – A Reluctant Bride
Hinkens – The Lies She Told
Hogan – The Keeper of Lost Things
Howard – After Sundown
James – Careless Whiskers
James – The Pawful Truth
Jimenez – The Friend Zone
Jimenez – The Vanished Birds
Johnstone – Blood for Blood
Johnstone – Bullets Don’t Argue
Johnstone – Luke Jensen, Bounty Hunter : Burning Daylight
Johnstone – Pitchfork Pass
Jones – The Better Liar
Kane – No Stone Unturned
Katsu – The Deep
King – Room 553
Klune – The House in the Cerulean Sea
Koontz – Devoted
Kubica – The Other Mrs.
Lapierre – The Woman of a Thousand Names
Larkwood – the Unspoken Name
MacNeal – The King’s Justice
Mallery – Sisters by Choice
Mandel – The Glass Hotel
Martin – Mr. Pettigrew
Marwood – The Poison Garden
Mason – The Darwin Affair
McDine – When She Finds You
McDonald – Behind Every Lie
Mosley – Down the River Unto the Sea
Mullen – Please See Us
Natt och Dag – The Wolf and the Watchman
Nemens – The Cactus League
Nesbit – Beheld
Patterson – Blindside
Patterson – Texas Outlaw
Peterson – Secrets of My Heart
Phillips – The King at the Edge of the World
Pinborough – Dead to Her
Preston – The Clincher
Reichs – A Conspiracy of Bones
Rojas Contreras – Fruit of the Drunken Tree
Rollins – The Last Odyssey
Rosenberg – The Jerusalem Assassin
Rosenfelt – The K Team
Russell – The Devil Aspect
St. James – The Sun Down Motel
Scott – A Distance Too Grand
Smucker – Light from Distant Stars
Spillane – Last Stage to Hell Junction
Steel – The Numbers Game
Stone – The Doctor
Thayne – The Sea Glass Cottage
Tudor – The Chalk Man
Tudor – The Hiding Place
Tudor – The Other People
Vasquez – The Shape of the Ruins
Vidich – The Coldest Warrior
Washburn – Sharks in the Time of Saviors
West – Massacre at Crow Creek Crossing
White – The Number of Love
Wilcox – Dance with the Devil
Wilcox – Dead Man’s Hand
Wilcox – Southern Son
Wilde – The Moonglow Sisters
Wolfe- The Course of All Treasons
Woods – Hit List