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Adachi – Noragami (#4, #5, #6)
Allison – Giant Days (Volume #1, #3)
Arakawa – Your Lie in April (#4, #5, #6)
Coates – Avengers of the New World (Part 1 and Part 2)
Kelly – I Kill Giants
Kirkman -A Darkness Surrounds Him
Kirkman – Oblivion Song, Chapter One
Kirkman – This Little Light
Kirkman – A Vast and Unending Ruin
Larson – All summer Long
Liu – Haven
McCoola – Baba Yaga’s Assistant
Nagabe – Siluil, a Run
One-Punch Man (#4, #5, #6)
Sarachi – Steins; Gate #2
Sparrow – Tales of the Duck Knight
Starlin – Captain Marvel: The Complete Collection
Stevenson – A Terrible Plan
Stevenson – Beware the Kitten Holy
Suzuki – The Seven Deadly Sins (#2, #3, #4, #5)
Tamaki – Super Mutant Magic Academy
Toriyama – Dragonball (#7, #8, #9)
Wolfman – The New Teen Titans Omnibus, Volume 3

Aguirre – Vanguard
Ahdieh – Smoke in the Sun
Bardugo – Wonder Woman : Warbringer
Barker – The House of One Thousand Eyes
Blake – Two Dark Reigns
Bond – Triple Threat
Bowman – Forged
Briggs – Future Lost
Briggs – Future Threat
Chee – The Speaker
Dabos – A Winter’s Promise
Dennard – Truthwitch
Dennard – Windwitch
Fischer – When Elephants Fly
Fisher – Sapphique
Fitzpatrick – Finale
Garcia – Dangerous Deception
Kaufman – Gemina
Kaufman – Obsidio
Larson – Bright Burns the Night
Lore – The Fate of Ten
Lore – Unhited as One
Lu – Batman : Nightwalker
Lu – Wildcard
Maas – Catowman : Soulstealer
Mafi – Restore Me
Maniscalco – Escaping from Houdini
Mead – The Emerald Sea
Mead – Midnight Jewel
Patterson – Maximum Ride Forever
Reichs – Code
Reichs – Exposure
Reichs – Terminal
Riggs – A Map of Days
Sandford – Rampage
Shusterman – UnBound
Shusterman – UnDivid3ed
Somper – A Conspiracy of Princes
Watson – Shoot the Moon


Brett – The Snowy Nap
Brown –  A Home in the Barn
Chriscoe – Fire Truck Dreams
Dean – Five Little Pumpkins
Dean – Pete the Cat’s 12 Groovy Days of Christmas
DiPucchio – Poe Won’t Go
Dubuc – Up the Mountain Path
George – Goodnight, Anne
Hadilaksono – Surprise!
Henkes – A Parade of Elephants
Keller – Potato Pants
Long – There’s a Hole in the Log on the Bottom of the Lake
Murguia – Do You Believe in Unicorns
Ray – The Thank You Book
Sanna – Me and My Fear
Schimmel – Dear Children of the Earth
Seeger – Blue
Silvestro – The Christmas Tree Who Loved Trains
Stein – Interrupting Chicken and the Elephant of Surprise
Sullivan – Kitten and the Night Watchman
Weaver – Little Whale
Willems – I Lost My Tooth
Young – A Unicorn Named Sparkle’s First Christmas


Alaspa – The Dead Phone
Alaspa – Rig
Alaspa – S.P.I.D.A.R.
Battles – The Fractured
Bennett – Abilene Junction
Bennett – Betrayed
Brennan – Abandoned
Brennan – Shattered
Clancy – Line of Sight
Clancy – Point of Contact
Dekker – Rise of the Mystics
Elliot – A Merciful Silence
Flynn – Red War
Graham – Echoes of Evil
Graham – Pale as Death
Hart – Making a Killing
Hood – Follow Me Home
Howard – Troublemaker
Jackson – Liar, Liar
James – Absolute Proof
Jeppsen – Deadman’s Fury
Johnson – Depth of Winter
Kellerman – Walking Shadows
Koontz – The Forbidden Door
Krueger – Desolation Mountain
Lapena – A Stranger in the House
Lescroart – Poison
Linskey – No Name Lane
Meltzer – The Escape Artist
Mizushima – Burning Ridge
Paine – Wagon Train West
Parker – Colorblind
Patterson – Juror #3
Patterson – Texas Ranger
Picoult – A Spark of Light
Scottoline – Feared
Slaughter – Pieces of Her

Korman – Dragonfly Effect
Korman – Memory Maze
Korman – Hypnotists
Lasky – Frost Wolf
Lasky – Lone Wolf
Lasky – Shadow Wolf
Lasky – Watch Wolf
Mass – 11 Birthdays
Mass – 13 Gifts
Mass – Finally
Mass – Graceful
Mass – The Last Present

October Adult Books


Atkinson – Transcription
Badani – The Storyteller’s Secret
Battles – The Fractured
Beaton – The Dead Ringer
Bell – Overkill
Berry – A Double Life
Blauner – Sunrise Highway
Burgess – Fogland Point
Carlisle – In the Darkest Hour
Coble – Freedom’s Light
Cussler – Shadow Tyrants
Dawson – The Daughter
Dobson – Hidden Among the Stars
Farrell – What Have You Done
Fluke – Christmas Cake Murder
Mills – Red War
Frey – Katerina
Galbraith – Lethal White
Goble – The Devil’s Wind
Graham – Echoes of Evil
Gray – Take a Chance
Hale – The Fragment of Water
Heaberlin – Paper Ghosts
Hill – Little Comfort
Hillier – Jar of Hearts
Jance – Field of Bones
Kelton – Wild West
King – The Replacement Wife
Koontz – The Forbidden Door
Koslow – Another Side of Paradise
Kowal – The Fated Sky
M – Of Blood & Ashes
Macmillan – I Know you Know
Mallery – Why Not Tonight
Markley – Ohio
Mayor – Bury the Lead
Moretti – In Her Bones
Morris – The Tattooist of Auschwitz
Novak – Face Off
Patterson – Juror #3
Perry – Dark Tide Rising
Peterson – In Times Gone By
Pronzini – Give-a-Damn Jones
Ramsower – Twilight Siege
Richards – Sharpshooter
Rivera – The Phoenix Empress
Sawyer – Ours for a Season
Smith – Courtney’s War
Stone – Jane Doe
Wilkinson – Last Night


Bascomb – The Escape Artists : A Band of Daredevil Pilots & the Grandest Escape of the  Great War
Kelly – I Hate Everyone, Except You
King – The Good Neighbor : The Life and Work of Fred Rogers

September Audio Books

Adult CD’s
Bennett-Western Dawn
Boggs-Summer of the star
Coes-Bloody Sunday
Connolly-Bad Men
Graham-Fade to black
Graham-Wicked deeds
Grey-The Rustlers of Pecos County
Hood-Bring me flowers
Johansen-Double blind
L’Amour-The Trail of Crazy Man
Munn-Pocket Island
Nagle-Red River
Paine-Winter moon
Patterson-Private : Princess
Regan-Her mother’s grave|
Regan-The Girl with no name
Regan-Vanishing girls
Roberge-The Tagger herd, Nikki
Roberge-The Tagger herd, Sadie
Tyler-Clock Dance
Woods-The Money Shot


September Easy Readers

Easy Readers

Atkinson-Sir Simon, Super Scarer
Chriscoe-Bulldozer Dreams
Crimi-I am the boss of this chair
Damm-The Visitor
DiCamillo-Good Rosie
Funk-Lost in the Library
Gilbert-A couch for llama
Greanius-Maximillian Villainous
Hutchings-Delores Thesaurus
Jeffers-Here we are : notes for living on planet Earth
Jeffers-Jingle bells
Lin-A big mooncake for little star
London-Duck and Hippo give thanks
Long-Dance, dance, dance
Martin-Skelly’s Halloween
Oliveros-The remember balloons
Pertik-Sammy’s spooktacular Halloween
Ranson-Amanda Panda quits kindergarten
Reagan-How to scare a ghost
Rinker-The 12 sleighs of Christmas
Rutten-The rabbit and the shadow
Tarsky-The wheels on the..uh-oh
Trimmer-Snow Pony and the seven miniature ponies
Wade-A place for Pluto
Wolfer-Nanna’s button tin
Woodson-The Day you begin
Woollard-The Dragon and the nibblesome knight

September-Juvenile Items

Juvenile Fiction

Anna-The Ice Castles
Anna-Daisy Dreamer and the world of make-believe
Anna-The not-so-pretty pixies
Anna-Pop goes the bubble trouble
Anna-Posey, the class pest
Anna-Sparkle Fairies and the Imaginaries
Anna-The Wishing-well spell
Burnham-Teddy Mars
Butler-King & Kayla and the case of the lost tooth
Cheverton-Invasion of the overworld
DiCamillio-Eugenia Lincoln and the unexpected package
DiCamillio-Where are you going, Baby Lincoln
Dougherty-Stinkbomb and Ketchup-face and the quest for the magic porcupine
Easley-The Hotel Between
Fry-The Rise of Earth
Gannon-The Doldrums and the Helmsley curse
Green-Football Champ
Hale-The Princess n Black and the hungry bunny horde
Hanlon-Dory Dory Black Sheep
Hannigan-Winter Wonders
Hegarty-Hero Rising
Kelly-A Prickly problem
Kraatz-Dark side of the moon
Lerangis-80 days or die
Marko-Heroes on the side
Maas-Robin Hood :the one who looked good in green
McMullen-Power Play
Mlynowski-Dragon overnight
Nielsen-Wrath of the storm
O’Connor-Nancy Clancy, Soccer mania
Oh-the Island of Monsters
Patterson-Robot revolution
Riley-Worlds apart
Tueit-The Nebula secret
Mass-The Seventh element (Voyagers)
Wiley-Danger at the haunted gate

Juvenile Non Fiction
Fredericks-Tall, tall tree
Furstinger-unstoppable : True stories of amazing bionic animals
White-2019 Game on! : the only gaming annual you need
Palacio-365 Days of Wonder : Mr. Browne’s Book of Precepts
Hopkinson- Ordinary, extraordinary Jane Austen : the story of six novels, three notebooks,                           a writing box and one clever girl
Hopkinson-The WWII invasion that changed history









September-New Adult Books

Brooks-The Black Elfstone
Butland-The Lost for Words Bookshop
Byron-A Cajun Christmas Killing
Coble-The House at Saltwater Point
Constantine-The Last Mrs. Parrish
Copperman-Edited Out
Dailey-Texas Free
De los Santos-I’ll be your blue sky
Graham-Pale as death
Grant-The Daisy Children
Harris-Life according to Perfect
Higgins-Good luck with that
Honeyman-Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine
Hummel-Still lives
Johansen-Look behind you
Johnson-Depth of Winter
King-Whisper me this
Kirk-Code of Justice
Kirk-Code of Pride
Kirk-Code of Vengeance
Krueger-Desolation mountain
Kubica-When the lights go out
Lapena-An unwanted guest
MacNeal-The Prisoner in the Castle
Mayer-Fury of a phoenix
Miranda-The Perfect Stranger
Muller-The Breakers
Noblin-Just Fine with Caroline
Nugent-Lying in Wait
Patterson-The Texas Border
Patterson-King of Queens
Pekkanen-The ever after
Quick-The Girl who knew too much
Regan-Little Big Love
Rimmer-Before I let you go
Robb-Leverage in Death
Ryan-Hong Kong Black
Shipman-The Hope Chest
Slaughter-Pieces of her
Stage-Baby Teeth
Newport-Peace like a river (Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries)
Swain-The King Tides
Tolkien-The Fall of Gondolin
Tracy-The Guilty Dead
Turney-Daughter of war
Ward-Where the Line Bleeds
Warren-Storm Front
Williams-The Summer Wives
Woods-The Money Shot
Noel-Barrel-aged stout and selling out:Goose Island, Anheuser-Busch, and how craft beer
became big business
Graham-Through my Father’s eyes
Woodward-Fear: Trump in the White House
Meacham-The Soul of America : The battle of our better Angels
Pirro-Liars, Leakers , and Liberals : the case against the anti-Trump conspiracy



August – Juvenile Items

Carman – 3 Below
Carman – The Field of Wacky Inventions
Carman – Floors
Carter – All Fall Down
Carter – See How They Run
Carter – Take the Key & Lock Her Up
Culbertson – Catch a Falling Star
Erskine – The Incredible Magic of Being
Haig – The Forever Ship
Philbrick – The Big Dark

Acampora – How to Avoid Extinction
Baratz-Logsted – I Love You, Michael Collins
Buckley – NERDS (#4) : The Villain Virus
Buckley – NERDS (#5) : Attack of the Bullies
Carlson – The World’s Greatest Detective
Chase – So Done
Citro – Dragons and Marshmallows
Citro – Merhorses and Bubbles
Citro – Monsters and Mold
Colfer – The Land of Stories (#6) : Worlds Collide
Currie – The Peculiar Incident on Shady Street
Curtis – The Journey of Little Charlie
Flanagan – The Red Fox Clan
Ginns – Samantha Spinner and the Super-Secret Plans
Goodman – The Metropolitans
Graff – The Great Treehouse War
Green – The Big Game”Groban – TotA+lly Middle School
Humphrey – Megabat
Klein – Don’t Sit On My Lunch
Klein – Help! A Vampire’s Coming
Klein – Homework Hassles
Klein – The King of Show-and-Tell
Klein – Talent Show Scaredy-Pants
Klein – Tooth Trouble
Klein – Yikes! Bikes!
Lia – They Didn’t Teach this in Worm School
Mackaman – A Dog in King Arthur’s Court
Magaziner – Mystery in the Mansion
McDonough – The Bicycle Spy
Mosier – Echo’s Sister
Murdock – The Book of Boy
O’Connor – Wonderland
Patterson – I Funny School of Laughs
Patterson – The Nerdiest, Wimpiest, Dorkiest I Funny Ever
Schwab – City of Ghosts
Selfors – Wedgie & Gizmo
Stevens – The Heart and Mind of Frances Pauley
Sutherland – The Lost Continent
Tubb – The Story Collector
Turley – If This Were a Story
Voake – Daisy Dawson on the Farm
Voigt – Toaff’s Way
Wagner – Legend of the Star Runner

Christelow – Robins : How They Grow Up
Crowe – This Changes Everything
Freedman – The Sinking of the Vasa
Jarrow – Spooked : How a Radio Broadcast and the War of the Worlds
Sparked the 1939 Invasion of America
Kay – Colorful Puzzles for Wise Eyes
Krull – A Kids’ Guide to America’s Bill of Rights
Russo – Surprising Facts About Being a Marine
Russo – Surprising Facts About Being a Navy Sailor
Russo – Surprising Facts About Being an Army Soldier
Russo – Surprising Facts About Being an Air Force Airman
Turner – Crow Smarts
Weakland – Fred Flintstone’s Adventures with Levers
Weakland – Fred Flintstone’s Adventures with Pulleys
Weber – Wild Moments of Stock Car Racing
Weber – Wild Moments of Truck Racing
Zeiger – Rocky Mountain

August – Easy Readers & Book/CD Sets

Herman – The Littlest Pumpkin
Miller – Fiction or Non-Fiction
Miller – Find a Book
Miller – Manners in the Library
Miller – Staying Safe Online

Chall – The Secret Life of Figgy Mustardo
Collingridge – Tiny Little Rocket
Doerrfeld – Good Dog
Evans – The Three Little Superpigs
Gassman – Do Not Bring Your Dragon to Recess
Hellman – Something Smells
Isern – The Magic Ball of Wool
Kelly – What Do You Do If Your House is a Zoo?
Kyung – Bigger Than You
Litwin – If You’re Groovy and You Know It, Hug a Friend
Richardson – The Bunny Band
Richmond – You are My Merry
Roeder – Lucy and the String
Ruiz – A Gift from Abuela
Sauer – Knock, Knock
Teckentrup – Under the Same Sky