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May Children’s Items

Arant – Simpson’s Sheep Just Want to Sleep
Arant – Simpson’s Sheep Won’t Go To Sleep
Archer – Daniel’s Good Day
Choi – Camp Tiger
Churchman – Alpaca Lunch
Coelho – Grandpa’s Stories
Coy – Daddy-sitting
Donaldson – The Cook and the King
Falconer – Olivia and the Fairy Princesses
Gaines – We are the Gardeners
Lloyd-Jones – Hats Off to Mr. Pockles
Lowell – Sparky & Spike
Miller – I Am a Wolf
Patchett – Lambslide
Reidy – Pup 681
Rowe – Stay Benson
Smith – You’re Missing It
Spinelli – My Fourth of July
Van Dusen – A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee
Verdick – Small Walt and Mo the Tow

Allen – Twinchantment
Anderson – Finding Orion
Grisham – Theodore Boone : The Accomplice
Hunt – Shouting at the Rain
Kadohata – A Place to Belong
Lacey – The Dragonsitter’s Surprise
MacLachlan – Dream Within a Dream
Strange – Our Castle by the Sea

Barnett – The Important thing About Margaret Wise Brown
Engelbreit – The World is Yours
Hartland – Our Flag Was Still There
Jazynka – Florence Nightingale
Lord – Borrowing Bunnies
McGinty – The Girl Who Named Pluto
Richmond – Baby Elephant Joins the Herd
Rockliff – Anything but Ordinary Addie
Warren – Enemy Child

May Graphic Novels / Young Adult

Martin – Claudia and Mean Janine
Martin – Kristy’s Great Idea
Martin – Mary Anne Saves the Day
Martin – The Truth about Stacey
Stevens – Creepers Crashed My Party
Stevens – Dragons Never Die
Stevens – Zombies Ate My Homework

Carlson – All the Walls of Belfast
Henry – The Girl I Used to Be
Reynolds – The Boy in the Black Suit

May Adult Items

Baldacci – Redemption
Burke – Crusader’s Cross
Compton – Texas Hills
Crais – Voodoo River
Feeney – I Know Who You Are
Gudenkauf – Before She Was Found
Hendricks – An Anonymous Girl
Hill – Mrs. Kennedy and Me
Hood – Where Angels Fear
Iles – Cemetery Road
Johnstone – Luke Jensen, Bounty Hunter : Legion of Fire
Lustbader – The Bourne Initiative
McManus – The Double-Jack Murders
Patterson – The 18th Abduction
Regan – The Bones She Buried
Richards – The Cherokee Strip
Sandford – Neon Prey
Scottoline – Someone Knows

Baldacci – Redemption
Bergren – Keturah
Bergren – Verity
Bradley – Justice Delivered
Brennan – Nothing to Hide
Breslin – Far Side of the Sea
Briggs – Storm Cursed
Bunn – Outbreak
Burton – Hide and Seek
Carr – The View from Alameda Island
Conklin – The Last Romantics
Delamere – The Artful Match
Evanovich – The Big Kahuna
Evanovich – Under the Table
Fisher – On a Summer Tide
Gabhart – The Refuge
Goddard – Never Let GO
Gudenkauf – Before She Was Found
Hepworth – The Mother-in-Law
Hillerman – The Tale Teller
Hogan – Dawn of the Exile
Jackson – Willing to Die
Kelly – Stone Mothers
Kelly – Lost Roses
Kim – Miracle Creek
Kistler – House on Fire
Lewis – The Tinderbox
Liardet – We Must Be Brave
Luesse – Almost Home
Marren – A Palm Beach Wife
Mason – The HIghest of Hopes
McCall Smith – The Department of Sensitive Crimes
McMahon – The Invited
Moyes – The Peacock Emporium
Perry – Triple Jeopardy
Peterson – When You Are Near
Quick – Tightrope
Reich – Crown Jewel
Reid – Daisy Jones & the Six
See – The Island of Sea Women
Shipman – The Summer Cottage
Smith – The Heart of a King
White – A Rebel Heart
Wiseman – Hearts in Harmony

Beals – I Will Not Fear : My story of a Lifetime of Building Faith Under Fire
Bezos – Jeff Bezos in His Own Words
Foreman – A Tiny Home to Call Your Own
Guisewite – Fifty Things That Aren’t My Fault : Essays from the Grown-Up Years
Hill – Five Days in November
Hill – Mrs. Kennedy and Me
Hodgson – So, You’re Raising Your Grandkids!
Markham – The Far Away Brothers : Two Young Migrants and the Making of an American Life
McCarty – Chasing Good Sense : A Boy’s Life on the Last Frontier
Purnell – A Woman of No Importance : The Untold Story of the American Spy Who Helped
Win World War II
Rhoads – Waste Not : Make a Big Difference by Throwing Away Less
Scott – Women Who Dared to Break All the Rules
Smucker – Once We Were Strangers : What Friendship with a Syrian Refugee Taught Me….
Zuckerberg – Mark Zuckerberg in His Own Words

April Juvenile Items

Benjamin – The Next Great Paulie Fink
Foxlee – Lenny’s Book of Everything
Haddix – The Strangers
Holyoak – Kazu Jones and the Denver Dognappers
Howard – The Whispers
Kinney – Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid
Marciano – Enemies
Marciano – Klawde
McDunn – Caterpillar Summer
McGovern – Fear of Missing Out
Shepherd – The True History of Lyndie B. Hawkins
Spinelli – Birdie
Van Dolzer – The Multiplying Mysteries of Mount Ten

Akiyama – Duct Tape Engineer
Bennett – The Fantastic Body
Bull – Crafty Science
Buller – Robot
Calkhoven – Martin Luther King Jr.
Cameron – Sport : Ship Dog of the Great Lakes
Fowler – Sharks
Harpster – Draw Alphabeasts
Harrison – My Very First Bible
Janulis – Stone Age
Kise – Find Your Fit
Krensky – Anne Frank
Minter – The Space Craft Book
Mould – The Bacteria Book
Pinnington – Little Book of Woodland Bird Songs
Rathburn – Saturn
Romero – Helen Keller
Salas – Lion of the Sky
Salas – Snowman – Cold = Puddle
Sommer – Uranus
Stone – Space Travel
Walsh – Fairy House Crafts
Williams – Destination : Space
Williams – Mighty Mission Machines
Wolf – The Day the Universe Exploded My Head
Zysk – Manners Matter

Franx – Blood of the Lost
Monir – The Final Six
Morrill – Within these Lines
Trueblood – Nothing But Sky

April Children’s Items

Brown – The Runaway Bunny
Ferrie – ABCs of Space
McKee – Elmer’s Day
Millard – I Can Only Imagine for Little Ones
Mitchem – Counting with a Ladybug
Sirett – Baby Robot
Sirett – Trucks
Thompson – Little Quack’s Opposites
Wood – The Napping House


Arrhenius – Main Street Magic
Bradley – Love, Mama
Dunbar – Grumpy Duck
Dyckman – Dandy
Farina – Lawrence in the Fall
Johnston – The Magic of Letters
Ledyard – Pie is for Sharing
Lemon – Emma and Muse
Lloyd – I Love You Little One
Luyken – My Heart
Noakes – Hide and Seek
Olien – When a Tiger Comes to Dinner
Pierce – Mother Earth’s Lullaby
Pindar – Beware the Mighty Bitey
Robert – Bruno, The Standing Cat
Rosen – In the Quiet, Noisy Woods
Rylant – Motor Mouse
Shand – The Little Pink Rosebud
Sirett – 100 First Things That Go
Sirett – Baby Dinosaurs
Snyder – Charlie & Mouse
Stone – Tree Song
Viswanath – One Rainy Day

April Adult Items

Berry – The Malta Exchange
Box – Wolf Pack
Castle – Crashing Heat
Compton – Bucked Out in Dodge
Compton – Deadwood Gulch
Compton – North to the Salt Fork
Compton – Slaughter Canyon
Coulter – The Last Second
Fairstein – Blood Oath
Greyson – Jack Frost
Hill – Five Presidents
Jance – The A List
Leigh – Secrets Never Die
Margolin – The Perfect Alibi
Patterson – The First Lady
Warenski – Grizzly Killer (#5) : Where the Buffalo Dance
Woods – Wid Card

Berry – Winning the Heart of Your Child
Burns – Race to Promontory
Edwards – Royal Sisters
Hill – Five Presidents
Macy – Dopesick
Meyer – Healing the Soul of a Woman
Moore – The Power of Presence
Morton – Wallis in Love
Piper – People I Met at the Gates of Heaven
Sinise – Grateful American

Andre – Your Love is Mine
Barelli – The Accident
Battles – Night Man
Berry – The Malta Exchange
Brown – The Perfect Dress
Burke – The Better Sister
Buzzelli – In Want of a Knife
Bybee – Faking Forever
Cabot – A Tender Hope
Castle – Crashing Heat
Childs – Broken Bone China
Coben – Run Away
DeMaio – Night Beach
Dubus – Gone So Long
Dugoni – The Eighth Sister
Ellsworth – The Point of Light
Fairstein – Blood Oath
Feehan – Toxic Game
Feeney – I Know Who You Are
Fields – A Lily in the Light
Gibson – Beyond the Point
Graham – A Lethal Legacy
Hannon – Driftwood Bay
Harper – American Duchess
Hunter – A Return of Devotion
Iles – Cemetary Road
Jackson – Backlash
James – The Mister
Jance – The A List
Kane – Dead in a Week
Kingfisher – Beyond the Shadow of Night
Kingsbury – Two Weeks
Knight – Power Forged
Leigh – Secrets Never Die
MacAlister – Day of the Dragon
Maldonado – Death Blow
Michaels – Deep Harbor
Pagan – I’m Fine and Neither Are You
Parker – Border Son
Patrick – The Library of Lost and Found
Patterson – The 18th Abduction
Pierce – Once Trapped
Ramsower – Born of Nothing
Regan – The Bones She Buried
Robards – The Fifth Doctrine
Robson – The Gown
Rosenberg – The Persian Gamble
Sandford – Neon Prey
Scottoline – Someone Knows
Thayne – The Cliff House
Thornton – American Princess
Wheeler – Prism Cloud
Winslow – The Border
Wood – The Quintland Sisters


March Juvenile Items

Cumyn – North to Benjamin
Graff – Far Away
Gratz – Grenade
Hansen – Word Dragon
Henkes – Sweeping Up the Heart
Lasky – The Portal
Morrison – Transformed
Reeve – Cakes in Space
Rodkey – We’re Not from Here
Smith – Mr. Penguin and the Lost Treasure
Wilson – White Rose

Bruno – Punctuation Celebration
Garland – Two Men and a Car
Gerry – 100 Ways To Be Thankful
Hansen – Allosaurus
Hansen – Ankylosaurus
Hansen – Diplodocus
Hansen – Iguanodon
Hansen – Spinosaurus
Hansen – Styracosaurus
Janeczko – The Proper Way to Meet a Hedgehog
Kingston – The HIstory of Corvettes
Kingston – The HIstory of Ferraris
Kingston – The History of Mustangs
Rathburn – Earth
Rathburn – Jupiter
Rathburn – Venus
Robertson – Live Fearless
Rogers – A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Shoals – Body Systems
Shoals – Cells, Tissues & Organs
Shoals – Diseases
Shoals – Epidemics & Pandemics
Shoals – Genes & Genetics
Shoals – Immunology
Sommer – Mars
Sommer – Mercury
Sommer – The Moon
Sommer – Neptune
Sommer – Pluto & the Dwarf Planets
Weston – Finding the Speed of Light

March Easy Readers

Chapman – Just Like You
Churchman – The Easter Surprise
Davis – Olive & Pekoe
Deutsch – The Snow Rabbit
Geddes – Rosie and Rasmus
Hartman – Dream Flights on Arctic Nights
Howes – Be a Maker
Killen – The Little Rabbit
Klein – Wings
Leathers – The Black Rabbit
Madden – Ernestine’s Milky Way
Maier – Peeping Beauty
McDonnell – The Gift of Nothing
Papp – Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dog
Pizzoli – The Book Hog
Samuels – The Chickens are Coming
Sauer – A Little Chicken
Silvano – Turkey’s Eggcellent Easter
Sterer – Not Your Nest
Teague – Felipe and Claudette
Timmers – Monkey On the Run
Uegaki – Ojichan’s Gift

March Adult Items

Bevere – the Bait of Satan
Burke – The New Iberia Blues|
Crais – Free Fall
Crais – Lullaby Town
Elliot – A Merciful Fate
Harper – The Lost Man
Hooper – Final Shadows
Johnstone – Powder Burn
Kelton – The Man Who Rode Midnight
Linskey – The Chosen Ones
Ludlum – The Janson Option
McManus – Avalanche
Tanenbaum – Without Fear or Favor

Adam – Golden Child
Armstrong – Watcher in the Woods
Baldacci – The Winner
Berry – The Perfect Child
Bowen – The Tuscan Child
Box – Wolf Pack
Bradford – Master of His Fate
Bybee – Chasing Shadows
Camden – A Desperate Hope
Campbell – Treason
Carlson – Courting Mr. Emerson
Childs – Gracie’s Secret
Cole – An Unconditional Freedom
Connealy – The Unexpected Warrior
Corey – Tiamat’s Wrath
Coulter – The Last Second
Cussler – Celtic Empire
Deveraux – A Justified Murder
Dodd – What Doesn’t Kill Her
Elgar – If You Knew Her
Fisher – Mending Fences
Fluke – Chocolate Cream Pie Murder
Frantz – A Bound Heart
Gardner – Never Tell
Goldberg – Killer Thriller
Greaney – Mission Critical
Harmon – What the Wind Knows
Harper – The Lost MAn
Johansen – Dark Tribute
Kellerman – The Wedding Guest
Kent – What We Did
Kinsella – I Owe You One
Labuskes – Girls of Glass
Lawhon – I Was Anastasia
Macallister – Woman 99
MacLean – A Curve in the Road
Mallery – California Girls
Margolin – The Perfect Alibi
Mayne – Murder Theory
McDonald – The NIght Olivia Fell
Michaelides – The Silent Patient
Moeller – Maze
Noblin – The Hemingway Sisters
Nolfi – The Season of Silver Linings
Novak – Unforgettable You
Patterson – The Chef
Patterson – The Cornwalls are Gone
Pronzini – The Flimflam Affair
Quinn – The Huntress
Rice – Blood Echo
Robb – Connections in Death
Robinson – Careless Love
Rose – Say You’re Sorry
Salvatore – Reckoning of Fallen Gods
Santopolo – More than Words
Schumann – The Forgotten Hours
Steel – Silent Night
Sundin – The Sky Above Us
WArd – Beautiful Bad
Woods – Wild Card
Yarros – The Last Letter

Balko – The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist
Borba – Unselfie
Buttigieg – Shortest Way Home
Charles – Eagles and Evergreens
Field – In Pieces
Helm – A Life in Secrets
Hollis – Girl, Stop Apologizing
Jeremiah – Overcomer
Kerry – Every Day is Extra
Makos – Spearhead
Martin – What If It’s True
McCabe – The Threat
McNamara – I’ll Be Gone in the Dark
Meltzer – The First Conspiracy
Smarsh – Heartland
Stevenson – Spymistress
Swirdoff – Reagandoodle & Little Buddy

February Easy Readers

Anderson–What About Harry
Arnold–Badger’s Perfect Garden
Barclay–Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep
Chapman–Vegetables in Underwear
Corderoy–The One-Stop Story Shop
Dean–Pete the Cat’s World Tour
Deutsch–Perfectly Polite Penguins
Ferry–Ten Rules of the Birthday Wish
Kelly–Shhh! I’m Reading!
Lopshire–Put Me in the Zoo
McKee–Elmer’s Walk
Ruzzier–Good Boy
Savage–Babysitter from Another Planet
Scarry–The Worst Helper Ever
Stevens–The Donkey Egg
Stutzman–Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug
Tsurumi–Crab Cake
Yanish–Pirate Chicken : All Hens on Deck