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June Adult Books


Andrews – Sunset Beach
Atkinson – Big Sky
Benjamin – Mistress of the Ritz
Blake – The Guest Book
Breene – The Culling Trials #1, #2, #3
Brown – The Kremlin Strike
Byler – A Second Chance
Clancy – Sting of the Wasp
Constantine – The Last Time I Saw You
Cussler – The Oracle
Deaver – The Never Game
Donohue – You, Me, and the Sea
Duff – The Boardwalk Option
Elliot – Guilty
Evans – The Road Home
Fisher – The Woman I Was Before
Frank – Queen Bee
Graham – The Summoning
Gray – The Patient One
Green – Between Two Shores
Horowitz – The Sentence is Death
Hunter – Summer by the Tides
Johnstone – Dig Your Own Grave
Konkoly – The Rescue
Koryta – If She Wakes
Ladd – The Governess of Penwythe Hall
Lee – Dark Site
Mallery – The Summer of Sunshine & MArgot
Michaels – Hot Shot
Miller – The Yankee Widow
Patterson – The 13-Minute Murder
Poirier – Next Girl to Die
Richardson – The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek
Robotham – The Other Wife
Rosenfelt – Black and Blue
Rouda – The Favorite Daughter
Ryan – High Velocity
Sawyer – A Silken Thread
Steel – Blessing in Disguise
Thor – Backlash
Walters – Living Lies


Atkinson – The British are Coming
Backman – Things My Son Needs to Know About the World
Backus – Tomboy Bride
Berra – My Dad, Yogi
Burgess – Shattered Dreams
Claremont – Marvel Encyclopedia
Schecter – Do You Ever Cry, Dad?
Sosa – George and Barbara Bush
Tebow – This is the Day

June Children / Juvenile Items

Appelt – Max Attacks
Brennan-Nelson – Good Night, Library
Hellman – Welcome to Morningtown
Houts – Sea Glass Summer
Jacobson – This is My Room
McKinlay – Let Me Sleep, Sheep
Morris – Bear Came Along
Pugsley – Mermaid Dreams
Rissi – Watch Out for Wolf
Schonfeld – Birthday on Mars
Turk – You Are Home

Asher – Sidetracked
Haddix – Among the Free
Hashimoto – The Trail
Lorenzi – A Long Pitch Home
Lupica – Batting Order
Mills – Nixie Ness, Cooking Star
Primavera – Marigold Star
Ribay – Patron Saints of Nothing
Swender – Solving for M
Tucker – All the Greys on Greene Street
Watkins – Sink or Swim

Dessen – The Rest of the Story
King – Before the Broken Star
Patterson – The Fall of Crazy Horse
Patterson – The Injustice
Sugiura – This Time Will be Different

May Children’s Items

Arant – Simpson’s Sheep Just Want to Sleep
Arant – Simpson’s Sheep Won’t Go To Sleep
Archer – Daniel’s Good Day
Choi – Camp Tiger
Churchman – Alpaca Lunch
Coelho – Grandpa’s Stories
Coy – Daddy-sitting
Donaldson – The Cook and the King
Falconer – Olivia and the Fairy Princesses
Gaines – We are the Gardeners
Lloyd-Jones – Hats Off to Mr. Pockles
Lowell – Sparky & Spike
Miller – I Am a Wolf
Patchett – Lambslide
Reidy – Pup 681
Rowe – Stay Benson
Smith – You’re Missing It
Spinelli – My Fourth of July
Van Dusen – A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee
Verdick – Small Walt and Mo the Tow

Allen – Twinchantment
Anderson – Finding Orion
Grisham – Theodore Boone : The Accomplice
Hunt – Shouting at the Rain
Kadohata – A Place to Belong
Lacey – The Dragonsitter’s Surprise
MacLachlan – Dream Within a Dream
Strange – Our Castle by the Sea

Barnett – The Important thing About Margaret Wise Brown
Engelbreit – The World is Yours
Hartland – Our Flag Was Still There
Jazynka – Florence Nightingale
Lord – Borrowing Bunnies
McGinty – The Girl Who Named Pluto
Richmond – Baby Elephant Joins the Herd
Rockliff – Anything but Ordinary Addie
Warren – Enemy Child

May Graphic Novels / Young Adult

Martin – Claudia and Mean Janine
Martin – Kristy’s Great Idea
Martin – Mary Anne Saves the Day
Martin – The Truth about Stacey
Stevens – Creepers Crashed My Party
Stevens – Dragons Never Die
Stevens – Zombies Ate My Homework

Carlson – All the Walls of Belfast
Henry – The Girl I Used to Be
Reynolds – The Boy in the Black Suit

May Adult Items

Baldacci – Redemption
Burke – Crusader’s Cross
Compton – Texas Hills
Crais – Voodoo River
Feeney – I Know Who You Are
Gudenkauf – Before She Was Found
Hendricks – An Anonymous Girl
Hill – Mrs. Kennedy and Me
Hood – Where Angels Fear
Iles – Cemetery Road
Johnstone – Luke Jensen, Bounty Hunter : Legion of Fire
Lustbader – The Bourne Initiative
McManus – The Double-Jack Murders
Patterson – The 18th Abduction
Regan – The Bones She Buried
Richards – The Cherokee Strip
Sandford – Neon Prey
Scottoline – Someone Knows

Baldacci – Redemption
Bergren – Keturah
Bergren – Verity
Bradley – Justice Delivered
Brennan – Nothing to Hide
Breslin – Far Side of the Sea
Briggs – Storm Cursed
Bunn – Outbreak
Burton – Hide and Seek
Carr – The View from Alameda Island
Conklin – The Last Romantics
Delamere – The Artful Match
Evanovich – The Big Kahuna
Evanovich – Under the Table
Fisher – On a Summer Tide
Gabhart – The Refuge
Goddard – Never Let GO
Gudenkauf – Before She Was Found
Hepworth – The Mother-in-Law
Hillerman – The Tale Teller
Hogan – Dawn of the Exile
Jackson – Willing to Die
Kelly – Stone Mothers
Kelly – Lost Roses
Kim – Miracle Creek
Kistler – House on Fire
Lewis – The Tinderbox
Liardet – We Must Be Brave
Luesse – Almost Home
Marren – A Palm Beach Wife
Mason – The HIghest of Hopes
McCall Smith – The Department of Sensitive Crimes
McMahon – The Invited
Moyes – The Peacock Emporium
Perry – Triple Jeopardy
Peterson – When You Are Near
Quick – Tightrope
Reich – Crown Jewel
Reid – Daisy Jones & the Six
See – The Island of Sea Women
Shipman – The Summer Cottage
Smith – The Heart of a King
White – A Rebel Heart
Wiseman – Hearts in Harmony

Beals – I Will Not Fear : My story of a Lifetime of Building Faith Under Fire
Bezos – Jeff Bezos in His Own Words
Foreman – A Tiny Home to Call Your Own
Guisewite – Fifty Things That Aren’t My Fault : Essays from the Grown-Up Years
Hill – Five Days in November
Hill – Mrs. Kennedy and Me
Hodgson – So, You’re Raising Your Grandkids!
Markham – The Far Away Brothers : Two Young Migrants and the Making of an American Life
McCarty – Chasing Good Sense : A Boy’s Life on the Last Frontier
Purnell – A Woman of No Importance : The Untold Story of the American Spy Who Helped
Win World War II
Rhoads – Waste Not : Make a Big Difference by Throwing Away Less
Scott – Women Who Dared to Break All the Rules
Smucker – Once We Were Strangers : What Friendship with a Syrian Refugee Taught Me….
Zuckerberg – Mark Zuckerberg in His Own Words

April Juvenile Items

Benjamin – The Next Great Paulie Fink
Foxlee – Lenny’s Book of Everything
Haddix – The Strangers
Holyoak – Kazu Jones and the Denver Dognappers
Howard – The Whispers
Kinney – Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid
Marciano – Enemies
Marciano – Klawde
McDunn – Caterpillar Summer
McGovern – Fear of Missing Out
Shepherd – The True History of Lyndie B. Hawkins
Spinelli – Birdie
Van Dolzer – The Multiplying Mysteries of Mount Ten

Akiyama – Duct Tape Engineer
Bennett – The Fantastic Body
Bull – Crafty Science
Buller – Robot
Calkhoven – Martin Luther King Jr.
Cameron – Sport : Ship Dog of the Great Lakes
Fowler – Sharks
Harpster – Draw Alphabeasts
Harrison – My Very First Bible
Janulis – Stone Age
Kise – Find Your Fit
Krensky – Anne Frank
Minter – The Space Craft Book
Mould – The Bacteria Book
Pinnington – Little Book of Woodland Bird Songs
Rathburn – Saturn
Romero – Helen Keller
Salas – Lion of the Sky
Salas – Snowman – Cold = Puddle
Sommer – Uranus
Stone – Space Travel
Walsh – Fairy House Crafts
Williams – Destination : Space
Williams – Mighty Mission Machines
Wolf – The Day the Universe Exploded My Head
Zysk – Manners Matter

Franx – Blood of the Lost
Monir – The Final Six
Morrill – Within these Lines
Trueblood – Nothing But Sky

April Children’s Items

Brown – The Runaway Bunny
Ferrie – ABCs of Space
McKee – Elmer’s Day
Millard – I Can Only Imagine for Little Ones
Mitchem – Counting with a Ladybug
Sirett – Baby Robot
Sirett – Trucks
Thompson – Little Quack’s Opposites
Wood – The Napping House


Arrhenius – Main Street Magic
Bradley – Love, Mama
Dunbar – Grumpy Duck
Dyckman – Dandy
Farina – Lawrence in the Fall
Johnston – The Magic of Letters
Ledyard – Pie is for Sharing
Lemon – Emma and Muse
Lloyd – I Love You Little One
Luyken – My Heart
Noakes – Hide and Seek
Olien – When a Tiger Comes to Dinner
Pierce – Mother Earth’s Lullaby
Pindar – Beware the Mighty Bitey
Robert – Bruno, The Standing Cat
Rosen – In the Quiet, Noisy Woods
Rylant – Motor Mouse
Shand – The Little Pink Rosebud
Sirett – 100 First Things That Go
Sirett – Baby Dinosaurs
Snyder – Charlie & Mouse
Stone – Tree Song
Viswanath – One Rainy Day

April Adult Items

Berry – The Malta Exchange
Box – Wolf Pack
Castle – Crashing Heat
Compton – Bucked Out in Dodge
Compton – Deadwood Gulch
Compton – North to the Salt Fork
Compton – Slaughter Canyon
Coulter – The Last Second
Fairstein – Blood Oath
Greyson – Jack Frost
Hill – Five Presidents
Jance – The A List
Leigh – Secrets Never Die
Margolin – The Perfect Alibi
Patterson – The First Lady
Warenski – Grizzly Killer (#5) : Where the Buffalo Dance
Woods – Wid Card

Berry – Winning the Heart of Your Child
Burns – Race to Promontory
Edwards – Royal Sisters
Hill – Five Presidents
Macy – Dopesick
Meyer – Healing the Soul of a Woman
Moore – The Power of Presence
Morton – Wallis in Love
Piper – People I Met at the Gates of Heaven
Sinise – Grateful American

Andre – Your Love is Mine
Barelli – The Accident
Battles – Night Man
Berry – The Malta Exchange
Brown – The Perfect Dress
Burke – The Better Sister
Buzzelli – In Want of a Knife
Bybee – Faking Forever
Cabot – A Tender Hope
Castle – Crashing Heat
Childs – Broken Bone China
Coben – Run Away
DeMaio – Night Beach
Dubus – Gone So Long
Dugoni – The Eighth Sister
Ellsworth – The Point of Light
Fairstein – Blood Oath
Feehan – Toxic Game
Feeney – I Know Who You Are
Fields – A Lily in the Light
Gibson – Beyond the Point
Graham – A Lethal Legacy
Hannon – Driftwood Bay
Harper – American Duchess
Hunter – A Return of Devotion
Iles – Cemetary Road
Jackson – Backlash
James – The Mister
Jance – The A List
Kane – Dead in a Week
Kingfisher – Beyond the Shadow of Night
Kingsbury – Two Weeks
Knight – Power Forged
Leigh – Secrets Never Die
MacAlister – Day of the Dragon
Maldonado – Death Blow
Michaels – Deep Harbor
Pagan – I’m Fine and Neither Are You
Parker – Border Son
Patrick – The Library of Lost and Found
Patterson – The 18th Abduction
Pierce – Once Trapped
Ramsower – Born of Nothing
Regan – The Bones She Buried
Robards – The Fifth Doctrine
Robson – The Gown
Rosenberg – The Persian Gamble
Sandford – Neon Prey
Scottoline – Someone Knows
Thayne – The Cliff House
Thornton – American Princess
Wheeler – Prism Cloud
Winslow – The Border
Wood – The Quintland Sisters


March Juvenile Items

Cumyn – North to Benjamin
Graff – Far Away
Gratz – Grenade
Hansen – Word Dragon
Henkes – Sweeping Up the Heart
Lasky – The Portal
Morrison – Transformed
Reeve – Cakes in Space
Rodkey – We’re Not from Here
Smith – Mr. Penguin and the Lost Treasure
Wilson – White Rose

Bruno – Punctuation Celebration
Garland – Two Men and a Car
Gerry – 100 Ways To Be Thankful
Hansen – Allosaurus
Hansen – Ankylosaurus
Hansen – Diplodocus
Hansen – Iguanodon
Hansen – Spinosaurus
Hansen – Styracosaurus
Janeczko – The Proper Way to Meet a Hedgehog
Kingston – The HIstory of Corvettes
Kingston – The HIstory of Ferraris
Kingston – The History of Mustangs
Rathburn – Earth
Rathburn – Jupiter
Rathburn – Venus
Robertson – Live Fearless
Rogers – A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Shoals – Body Systems
Shoals – Cells, Tissues & Organs
Shoals – Diseases
Shoals – Epidemics & Pandemics
Shoals – Genes & Genetics
Shoals – Immunology
Sommer – Mars
Sommer – Mercury
Sommer – The Moon
Sommer – Neptune
Sommer – Pluto & the Dwarf Planets
Weston – Finding the Speed of Light

March Easy Readers

Chapman – Just Like You
Churchman – The Easter Surprise
Davis – Olive & Pekoe
Deutsch – The Snow Rabbit
Geddes – Rosie and Rasmus
Hartman – Dream Flights on Arctic Nights
Howes – Be a Maker
Killen – The Little Rabbit
Klein – Wings
Leathers – The Black Rabbit
Madden – Ernestine’s Milky Way
Maier – Peeping Beauty
McDonnell – The Gift of Nothing
Papp – Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dog
Pizzoli – The Book Hog
Samuels – The Chickens are Coming
Sauer – A Little Chicken
Silvano – Turkey’s Eggcellent Easter
Sterer – Not Your Nest
Teague – Felipe and Claudette
Timmers – Monkey On the Run
Uegaki – Ojichan’s Gift