Anderson – Vengewar
Arnold – Dead Man in a Ditch
Battles – The Vanished
Beauman – Aftermath of Secrets
Beller – Faith’s Mountain Home
Benedict – The Mystery of Mrs. Christie
Camden – A Gilded Lady
Clark – Final Judgment
Clipston – The Coffee Corner
Cornwell – Spin
Davis – The Lions of Fifth Avenue
Delamere – Line by Line
Deutermann – The Hooligans
Deveraux – Chance of a Lifetime
Dunn – The Kill House
Eason – Active Defense
Flagg – The Wonder Boy of Whistle Stop
Ford – Spear of Malice
Frantz – Tidewater Bride
French – House of Correction
Gardner – Before She Disappeared
Girard – Whiteout
Goldberg – Bone Canyon
Green – Veiled in Smoke
Gunn – Sarah’s List
Harper – Under the Alaskan Ice
Harrow – The Once and Future Witches
Hawkins – The Wife Upstairs
Hedlund – A Cowboy for Keeps
Hill – Watch Her
Hurwitz – Prodigal Son
Jagears – Romancing the Bride
Johnson – Death Without Company
Johnstone – North of Laramie
Kagen – Every Now and Then
Kingfisher – The Hollow Places
Kloos – Orders of Battle
Lackey – Jolene
Lester – The Paris Secret
Mason – A Haven for Her Heart
McGuire – The Abstainer
Meier – Irish Parade Murder
Melinek – Aftershock
Palahniuk – The Invention of Sound
Parker (Atkins) – Someone to Watch Over Me
Parnell – All Out War
Peterson – Forever Hidden
Preston – The Scorpion’s Tail
Preston – Forging Fire
Reilly – The Hollowmen
Shalvis – The Forever Girl
Steel – Neighbors
Taylor – American Traitor
Tracy – Deep into the Dark
Walter – The Cold Millions
White – Dreams of Savannah
White – A Portrait of Loyalty
Williams – The Liar’s Dictionary
Wortham – Hawke’s Fury
Wright – The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus


Hafdahl – The Science of Women in Horror
Hanley – Ghost Flames : Life and Death in a Hidden War, Korea 1950-1953
Jeffreys -Jones – The Nazi Spy Ring in America
Katz – The Daughters of Yalta
Less – Memphis Mayhem : A Story of the Music that Shook Up the World
Lester – Why Does Santa Wear Red?
McConaughey – Greenlights
Momaday – Earth Keeper : Reflections on the American Land
Morgan – Hysterical : Why We Need to Talk About Women, Hormones, etc…
Norman – Wild Thing : The Short, Spellbinding Life of Jimi Hendrix
Obama – A Promised Land
Patterson – Murder of Innocence
Patterson – Murder Thy Neighbor
Patterson – Till Murder Do Us Part
Pattison – Fossil Men
Peeples- The Man of the Crowd : Edgar Allan Poe and the City
Quattro – Invisible men : The Trailblazing Black Artists of Comic Books
Schwenk – In a Boat in the Middle of a Lake
Smarsh – She Come By it Natural : Dolly Parton…
Utley – The Last Sovereigns : Sitting Bull and the Resistance of the Free Lakotas