Anderson – Stake
Archer – Hidden in Plain Sight
Backman – Anxious People
Baldacci – Daylight
Barton – The Suspect
Beaton – Hot to Trot
Blake – Rubicon
Bradford – In the Lion’s Den
Briggs – Silence Fallen
Briggs – Smoke Bitten
Briggs – Storm Cursed
Brown – The Daydream Cabin
Brunstetter – The Mockingbird’s Song
Cameron – Shadow of the Dragon
Clark – Piece of My Heart
Cogburn – Red Ruckus
Cogman – The Dark Archive
Connolly – The Dirty South
Cossette – Until the Mountains Fall
Costeloe – Children of the Siege
Crigger – Six Dancing Damsels
Cussler – Marauder
Dunmore – A Rogue of One’s Own
Evanovich – Fortune and Glory
Feehan – Dark Carousel
Feehan – Dark Legacy
Freeman – Funeral for a Friend
Gray – Dark Highway
Greer – Desperate Place
Gregory – Dark Tides
Guzlowski – Little Altar Boy
Hannon – Finding Home
Hannon – Only You
Hedlund – A Bride of Convenience
Horowitz – Moonflower Murders
Jennings – Courting Misfortune
Johnstone – The Backstabbers
Johnstone – Killer Take All
Johnstone – Stranglehold
Joyce – Miss Benson’s Beetle
Kauffman – Under a Firefly Moon
Kava – Fireproof
Klassen – A Castaway in Cornwall
Konkoly – The Mountain
Ladd – The Light at Wyndcliff
Ladd – The Thief of Lanwyn Manor
Lewis – The Stone Wall
Logan – The Vacation
Mallery – Meant to Be Yours
Mars – Primary Target
McCall Smith – How to Raise an Elephant
McCall Smith – A Promise of Ankles
McGarrity – Head Winds
Nappa – A Dream within a Dream
Olsen – Silent Ridge
Olsen – Water’s Edge
Palmer – Wyoming Rugged
Palmer – Wyoming Winter
Parnell – One True Patriot
Paterson – Deadly Cross
Paterson – NYPD Red 6
Perry – Eddie’s Boy
Rice – Blood Victory
Roberts – The Awakening
Robinson – Many Rivers to Cross
Rose – Say No More
Sanderson – Rhythm of War
Sawyer – The Librarian of Boone’s Hollow
Steel – All That Glitters
Swain – Bad News Travels
Tyler – Redhead By the Side of the Road
White – On Wings of Devotion
Winter – The Fires of Vengeance
Wiseman – A Picture of Love
Woods – Hush-Hush
Work – Unmentionable Murders
Wortham – Hawke’s Target


Andes – Zorro’s Shadow : How a Mexican Legend Became America’s First…
Cozzens – Tecumseh and the Prophet
Lee – Detectives in the Shadows : A Hard-Boiled History
Macdonald – Vesper Flights : New and Collected Essays
Moerke – Murder, Motherhood, and Miraculous Grace
Patterson – The Last Days of John Lennon
Pitch – Our Crime Was Being Jewish
Prager – Sugar Shock : The Hidden Sugar in Your Food
Ricca – Olive the Lionheart : First Love, Imperial Spies, and One Woman’s Journey
to the Heart of Africa
Quinn – She Votes : How U.S. Women Won Suffrage, and What Happened Next
Rosen – Conversations with RBG : Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Life, Love, Liberty…
Snider – I Will Judge You By Your Bookshelf