Aubert – School is Coming
Bently – Happy Easter, Tooth Fairy!
Bickell – The Little Ghost Who Lost Her Boo
Blackall – If You Come to Earth
Bowman – I Love You to the Stars
Brockenbrough – This Old Dog
Brown – Wild Symphony
Burgess – The Bear and the Moon
Cummings – Can I Be Your Dog?
Gerber – The Gifts of the Animals
Harris – The Alphabet’s Alphabet
Higgins – Sunny the Bunny Goes to Camp
Hoefler – Nothing in Common
Kalan – Sharko and Hippo
Lichtenheld – Moo-Moo, I Love You!
Loren – Frankenstein Doesn’t Wear Earmuffs
McBratney – Will You Be My Friend?
Medina – Evelyn Del Rey is Moving Away
O’Leary – Maud and Grand-Maud
Patchett – The Escape Goaat
Phelan – Turtle Walk
Ramos – I Am So Clever
Rinker – Construction Site Mission : Demolition
Scott – I Talk Like a River
Slack – Kitties on Dinosaurs
Voake – Some Dinosaurs are Small
Wiesner – RoboBaby
Wilcox – We’re Going on a Pumpkin Hunt
Yee – My Day with Gong Gong