Brennan – Cut and Run
Brown – Thick as Thieves
Burke – A Private Cathedral
Burton – Never Look Back
Cornwell – The Burning Land
Cornwell – Sword Song
Doyle – Untamed
Grisham – Camino Winds
Grisham – Sycamore Row
Kellerman – Half Moon Bay
Patterson – Hush
Robertson – Lonesome Justice
Rosenfelt – Muzzled
Shaara – To Wake a Giant
Stewart – The Goodbye Cafe
Stewart – The Sugarhouse Blues
Stone – False Step
Ware – The Turn of the Key
Woods – Choppy Water
Woods – Hit List
Woods – Hot Schemes


Berry – The Best of Friends
Butcher – Battle Ground
Byron – Murder in the Bayou Boneyard
Carlson – The Christmas Swap
Carroll – Feral Instinct
Carroll – Hair of the Dog
Carroll – Sheepdogs : Keeping the Wolves at Bay
Cossette – A Light on the Hill
Cossette – Like Flames in the Night
Cossette – Shelter of the Most High
Costeloe – Miss Mary’s Daughter
Dugoni – The Last Agent
Feehan – Dark Song
Feist – King of Ashes
Fluke – Christmas Cupcake Murder
Flynn – Total Power
Follett – The Evening and the Morning
Galbraith – Troubled Blood
Gobbell – Dead Man Launch
Gould – Piecing It All Together
Hannah – The Killings at Kingfisher Hill
Harmel – The Book of Lost Names
Hedlund – Almost a Bride
Jacobson – Red Death
Johansen – Chaos
Johnson – Next to Last Stand
Johnstone – Shot to Hell
Kava – Hidden Creed
Kealey – Liberation
Kenemore – Lake of Darkness
Kirkpatrick – Something Worth Doing
Klassen – AN Ivy Hill Christmas
Lindemuth – Blunt Force Kindness
Lynch – Cottonmouth
Mallery – Happily This Christmas
Marillier – A Dance with Fate
Mayor – The Orphan’s Guilt
McCaw – Fire and Vengeance
McCorkle – Hieroglyphics
Michaels – Bitter Pill
Michaels – The Brightest Star
Mizushima – Hanging Falls
Penney – Lifeline
Parker – Fool’s Paradise
Parks – Interference
Patterson – The Coast-to-Coast Murders
Penny – All the Devils ae Here
Reich – The Palace
Robb – Shadows in Death
Sparks – The Return
Steel – Royal
Stone – Winter’s End
Stone – Winter’s Storm
Stone – Winter’s Web
Trussoni – The Ancestor
Vreble – Cherokee America
Ware – One by One
Warren – The Heart of a Hero


Cotton – The Detective in the Dooryard : Reflections of a Maine Cop
Custer – My Life on the Plains, or, Personal Experiences with Indians
Kolker – Hidden Valley Road : Inside the Mind of an American Family
Rubenhold – The Five : The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper
O’Reilly – Killing Crazy Horse : The Merciless Indian Wars in America
Thompson – Standoff : Race, Policing, and a Deadly Assault that captivated a Nation
Trebek – The Answer Is : Reflections on My Life