New Adult Books

Alexander – The New Jim Crow
Bolton – The Room Where it Happened
Doyle – Untamed
Hollis – Girl, Wash Your Face
Karl – Front Row at the Trump Show
Pirro – Radicals, Resistance, and Revenge
Trump – Too Much and Never Enough
Wang – The World Eats Here


Andrews – Shadows of Foxworth
Atkins – The Revelators
Barrett – Handbook for Homicide
Bell – Dragonfire
Belle – Stranger in the Lake
Brennan – Cut and Run
Brown – The Family Journal
Brown – Miss Janie’s Girls
Brown – Eagle Station
Burton – Never Look Back
Butcher – Peace Talks
Castillo – The Outsider
Center – What You Wish For
Cleeton – When We Left Cuba
Clipston – The Farm Stand
Cogburn – Gunpowder Express
Coulter – Deadlock
Delaney – Playing Nice
Devereaux – A Forgotten Murder
Doiron – One Last Lie
Downing – He Started It
Dunn – The Spy Whisperer
Dye – Renewed by Dawn, 1871-1872
Ellis – The Patient man
Feehan – Desolation Road
Feeney – His & Hers
Gabhart – An Appalachian Summer
Giffin – The Lies that Bind
Graham – Deadly Touch
Hatcher – How Sweet it Is
Henderson – The Year of the Witching
Higgins – Always the Last to Know
Johnstone – Rope Burn
Jones – The Only Good Indians
Kellerman – Half Moon Bay
Kowal – The Relentless Moon
Kwan – Sex and Vanity
Lapena – The End of Her
Lombardo – The Most Fun We Ever Had
Freeman – The Bourne Evolution
Lustbader – The Nemesis Manifesto
Macomber – A Walk Along the Beach
McCall Smith – The Geometry of Holding Hands
North – The Shadows
Paris – The Dilemma
Parker – Prairie Fever
Ranald – Sorry Not Sorry
Rees – Miss Graham’s Cold War Cookbook
Robards – The Black Swan of Paris
Rosenfelt – Muzzled
Roth – Chosen Ones
Silva – The Order
Swanson – Eight Perfect Murders
Thor – Near Dark
Tremblay – Survivor Song
Wells – High Lonesome Sound
Wells – Network Effect
Wiggs – The Lost and Found Bookshop
Woodson – Red at the Bone