New Adult Books

Abrams – John Adams Under Fire : The Founding Father’s Fight for Justice…
Abrams – Theodore Roosevelt for the Defense
Albom – Finding Chika : A Little Girl, an Earthquake, and the Making of a Family
Chambers – Hill Women : Finding Family and a Way Forward in the Appalachian Mountains
Clavin – Tombstone : The Earp Brothers, Doc Holliday, and the Vendetta Ride from Hell
Foster – The Somerset Girls
Ingraham – If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now
McCoy – Wyoming, Off the Beaten Path
Rees – The Ox : The Authorized Biography of the Who’s John Entwistle
Sandstrom – Quaker Queries for All Seasons
Visona – A History of Art in Africa
Winchester – Broken Arrow : How the U.S. Navy Lost a Nuclear Bomb

Alexander – Dare to Embrace
Amis – Have Your Ticket Punched by Frank James
Anderson – Huckleberry Lake
Andre – Captivating in Love
Andrews – Hello, Summer
Andrews – Out of the Attic
Atakora – Conjure Women
Barelli – The Housekeeper
Barelli – The Loyal Wife
Barelli – Missing Molly
Battles – The Damaged
Battles – The Unknown
Blake – Covenant
Brown – The Banty House
Brown – Pretty Things
Brown – Furmidable Foes
Burdick – The Girls with No Names
Cabot – Out of the Embers
Carr – Savage Son
Carr – The Terminal List
Carr – True Believer
Chiaverini – Mrs. Lincoln’s Sisters
Clancy – Firing Point
Connelly – Fair Warning
Constantine – The Wife Stalker
Cowley – Mark of Fate
Cowley – Order of Valxiron
Cussler – Wrath of Poseidon
Dalglish – Ravencaller
Davidson – In the Valley of the Sun
Deaver – The Goodbye Man
Delinsky – A Week at the Shore
DeMaio – Every Summer
DeMaio – Salt Air Secrets
Dolan – The Sweeney Sisters
Downing – My Lovely Wife
Dudley – The Hungry Blade
Erskine – The Ghost Tree
Fisher – On a Coastal Breeze
Fox – Gone by Midnight
Friedland – Trouble the Water
Geffen – Surviving the Forest
Godwin – Old Lovegood Girls
Goldberg – Fake Truth
Goldberg – Nothing Can Hurt You
Graham – Seeing Darkness
Grames – The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna
Gray – The Trustworthy One
Green – The Prized Girl
Gudenkauf – This is How I Lied
Hamilton – Jorundyr’s Path
Hannon – Starfish Pier
Hauck – The Fifth Avenue Story Society
Hauck – The memory House
Hauck -The Wedding Dress Christmas
Hedlund – The Runaway Bride
Henke – With Love, Libby
Hepinstall – The Book of Polly
Hess – The German House
Hilderbrand – 28 Summers
Holsinger – The Gifted School
Hooper – Learning to See
Irving – Reaper : Threat Zero
Jance – Credible Threat
Jiles – Simon the Fiddler
Johansen – The Persuasion
Jordan – Warrior of the Altaii
Kamal – Unmarriageable
Kelly – The Light over London
Kibler – Home for Erring and Outcast Girls
King – If It Bleeds
Kingsbury – Someone Like You
Kline – A Piece of the World
Konrath – Shot of Tequila
Leurck – Cicada Summer
Linden – The Enlightenment of Bees
Lost – The Fireproof Girl
Lukas – The Last Watchman of Old Cairo
MacArthur – Heart Spring Mountain
Manning – The Daughter in Law
Margolin – A Reasonable Doubt
Mason – The Brightest of Dreams
Mayhew – Tomorrow’s Bread
Mayor – The Dark Root
McBride – Deacon King Kong
McCoy – Marilla of Green Gables
Michaels – Fearless
Michaels – Truth and Justice
Miller – The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living
Miranda – The Girl from Widow Hills
Monroe – On Ocean Boulevard
Monroe – The Summer Guests
Montimore – Oona Out of Order
Parker (Lupica ) – Grudge Match
Parks – Closer Than You Know
Parks – The Last Act
Patrick – The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper
Patrick – Rise & Shine, Benedict Stone
Patterson – The 20th Victim
Patterson – Hush
Patterson – The Summer House
Paver – Wakenhyrt
Phillips – Dance Away with Me
Pronzini – The Stolen Gold Affair
Quick – Close Up
Rae – Restored
Rimmer – The Things We Cannot Say
Roberts – Hideaway
Shalvis – Almost Just Friends
Shalvis – The Summer Deal
Steel – Daddy’s Girls
Sullivan – Age of Empyre
Thayer – Girls of Summer
Thomas – Mornings on Main
Thomas – Firewatching
Thompson – The Oceans Between Us
Turano – Storing Up Trouble
Turow – The Last Trial
Tuti – Flowers Over the Inferno
Ward – What Holds Us Together
Weiner – Big Summer
Wiseman – A Beautiful Arrangement
Wiseman – Listening to Love
Woods – Bombshell
Wright – Coyotes of Carthage