Brodner – Vinny Gets a Job
Chatterton – This is Gus
Dalvand – Mrs. Bibi’s Elephant
DeStefano – The Seed Who Was Afraid to be Planted
Dopirak – Hurry Up
Eliopoulos – The Yawns Are Coming
Greenley – Lola Shapes the Sky
Hayes – The Elephants’ Hide-and-Seek Handbook
Heras – Grandparents
Jacobs – The Secret Rhino Society
Latham – The Cat Man of Aleppo
Le – Lift
Luebbe – Ronan the Librarian
Mann – The Camping Trip
Maslo – Through the Wardrobe
McClintock – Three Little Kittens (and one little mouse)
Millay – Afternoon on a Hill
Prasadam-Halls – I’m Sticking with You
Preston-Gannon – Dandylion Summer
Raschka – Peter and the Wolf
Ruttan – The Stray
Slater – A Book for Escargot
Underwood – Outside In
Vaught – Together We Grow
Weightman – All Along the River
Willard – Gum
Zia – Lali’s Feather