Adult Fiction

Baldacci – Walk the Wire
Beach – The Sail
Beach – The Wreck
Bellet – Balancing the Scales
Berg – The Confession Club
Boyle – City of Margins
Brandvold – Dealt the Devil’s Hand
Brandvold – The Devils’ Lair
Brandvold – Stagecoach to Purgatory
Buckhanon – Speaking of Summer
Callahan – Becoming Mrs. Lewis
Carcaterra – Tin Badges
Carlson – The Happy Camper
Chiaverini – Enchantress of Numbers
Choo – The Night Tiger
Cogburn – Buzzard Bait
Connealy – Woman of Sunlight
Cooper – The Weekend in Paris
Corrrea – The daughter’s Tale
Darznik – Song of a Captive Bird
DeFino – The Bar Harbor Retirement Home…
Dray – America’s First Daughter
Estes – Today We Go Home
Everhart – The Moonshiner’s Daughter
Fay – The City of Flickering Light
Friedman – Running Out of Road
Gaynor – Meet Me in Monaco
Graham – The Seekers
Graham – The Stalking
Grant – Fallen Mountains
Grisham – Camino Winds
Gross – Button Man
Hogan – Queenie Malone’s Paradise Hotel
Holmes – Evvie Drake Starts Over
Hooper – Hidden Salem
Jackson – Who Is My Shelter
Jensen – In Our Midst
Johnstone – Kill Crazy
Johnstone – The Hour of Death
Kenney – Talk to Me
Letts – Finding Dorothy
Lowell – The Wrong Hostage
Martin – Nemesis
McCall Smith – The Talented Mr. Varg
McCall Smith – The Second-Worst Restaurant in France
Paretsky – Dead Land
Perry – One Fatal Flaw
Preston – Dead Blow
Preston – The Twin
Regan – Cold Heart Creek
Regan – Find Her Alive
Regan – Her Silent Cry
Sandford – Masked Prey
Scalzi – The Last Emperox
Shipman – The Heirloom Garden
Snelling – Half Finished
Steel – The Dark Side
Steel – The Wedding Dress
Storey – Oil and Marble
Swyler – Light from other Stars
Thomas – The Little Teashop on Main
Tremblay – Disappearance at Devil’s Rock
Wetmore – Valentine
Willeford – Burnt Orange Heresy
Wilson – The Dog I Loved
Wingate – The Book of Lost Friends
Wood – The Engineer’s Wife
Yung – The Lost Girls
Zhang – How Much of These Hills is Gold

Adult Non-Fiction

Baier – Three Days at the Brink : FDR’s Daring Gamble
Basden – Pallet Craft
Carrant – Cookie Love
Christie – Before and After
Cohen – The Last Pirate of New York
Coulthard – Superstition, Light Side
Croot – Biographic Sherlock
Gates – Proving Einstein Right
Geweke – Fairytale Baking
Hafdahl – The Science of Monsters
Hinckley – Murder and Mayhem on the Main Street of America
Holland – Normandy ’44
Kirk – Tea-Vitalize : Cold Brew Teas and Herbal Infusions
Klinkel – A Matter of Time
Mastromonaco – So Here’s the Thing
Mooncie – Crocheted Birds
Morgan – Hysterical
Patterson – The House of Kennedy
Schmidt – Little Free Libraries & Tiny Sheds
Steccato – Barns Across America
Wicks – The Everyday Blacksmith