New Adult Fiction Books

Alger – Girls Like Us
Apelfeld – To the Edge of Sorrow
Armstrong – Alone in the Wild
Arnold – The Last Smile in Sunder City
Barrett – A Killer Edition
Barry – We Ride Upon Sticks
Bates – The Man from Taured
Beach – The Cabin
Beams – The Illness Lesson
Beller – Hope’s Highest Mountain
Berg – The Operator
Bergren – Selah
Berry – The Warsaw Protocol
Bivald – Welcome to the Pine Away Motel and Cabins
Black – The Queen of Nothing
Bohjalian – The Red Lotus
Bourland – Fake Like Me
Box – Long Range
Brandvold – Blood at Sundown
Brandvold – The Cost of Dying
Briggs – Smoke Bitten
Brown – Scarlet Fever
Brown – Whiskers in the Dark
Brunstetter – The Crow’s Call
Carson – The Chill
Childs – Lavender Blue Murder
Coben – The Boy from the Woods
Cogburn – Call Me Lonesome
Coleman – For Once in My Life
Connealy – Aiming for Love
Cussler – Journey of the Pharaohs
Davidson – The Boatman’s Daughter
Dray – My Dear Hamilton
Dugoni – A Cold Trail
Duke – It All Comes Back to You
Dykes – Whose Waves are These
Eliasberg – Hannah’s War
Erdrich – The Night Watchman
Fluke – Coconut Layer Cake Murder
Fordham – Yours Truly, Thomas
Freeman – Thief River Falls
Gardiner – The Dark Corners of the Night
Goodman – The Sea of Lost Girls
Greaney – One Minute Out
Griffiths – The Stranger Diaries
Guzlowski – Suitcase Charlie
Hamilton – Servant of the Crown
Hannibal – Chasing the White Lion
Hedlund – A Reluctant Bride
Hinkens – The Lies She Told
Hogan – The Keeper of Lost Things
Howard – After Sundown
James – Careless Whiskers
James – The Pawful Truth
Jimenez – The Friend Zone
Jimenez – The Vanished Birds
Johnstone – Blood for Blood
Johnstone – Bullets Don’t Argue
Johnstone – Luke Jensen, Bounty Hunter : Burning Daylight
Johnstone – Pitchfork Pass
Jones – The Better Liar
Kane – No Stone Unturned
Katsu – The Deep
King – Room 553
Klune – The House in the Cerulean Sea
Koontz – Devoted
Kubica – The Other Mrs.
Lapierre – The Woman of a Thousand Names
Larkwood – the Unspoken Name
MacNeal – The King’s Justice
Mallery – Sisters by Choice
Mandel – The Glass Hotel
Martin – Mr. Pettigrew
Marwood – The Poison Garden
Mason – The Darwin Affair
McDine – When She Finds You
McDonald – Behind Every Lie
Mosley – Down the River Unto the Sea
Mullen – Please See Us
Natt och Dag – The Wolf and the Watchman
Nemens – The Cactus League
Nesbit – Beheld
Patterson – Blindside
Patterson – Texas Outlaw
Peterson – Secrets of My Heart
Phillips – The King at the Edge of the World
Pinborough – Dead to Her
Preston – The Clincher
Reichs – A Conspiracy of Bones
Rojas Contreras – Fruit of the Drunken Tree
Rollins – The Last Odyssey
Rosenberg – The Jerusalem Assassin
Rosenfelt – The K Team
Russell – The Devil Aspect
St. James – The Sun Down Motel
Scott – A Distance Too Grand
Smucker – Light from Distant Stars
Spillane – Last Stage to Hell Junction
Steel – The Numbers Game
Stone – The Doctor
Thayne – The Sea Glass Cottage
Tudor – The Chalk Man
Tudor – The Hiding Place
Tudor – The Other People
Vasquez – The Shape of the Ruins
Vidich – The Coldest Warrior
Washburn – Sharks in the Time of Saviors
West – Massacre at Crow Creek Crossing
White – The Number of Love
Wilcox – Dance with the Devil
Wilcox – Dead Man’s Hand
Wilcox – Southern Son
Wilde – The Moonglow Sisters
Wolfe- The Course of All Treasons
Woods – Hit List