Juvenile Non-Fiction

Abler – The Sprit of Springer
Atwood – Women Heroes of World War II
Beecroft – Star Wars Character Encyclopedia
Braun – Horse Fun
Davidson – The Big Book of Bling
Davies – Superpower Dogs
Day – Fairyland
Dennie – Did You Know? Earth
French – What a Waste
Garstecki – Science in a Jar
Gerstein – I Am Hermes
Gove-Berg – Greta the Great Horned Owl
Harvey – Through the Animal Kingdom
Heinecke – Kitchen Science Lab for Kids
Hutchinson – Animal Habitats
Levy – More Freaky Animal Stories
Lim – Once Upon a Medieval Craft
Machajewski – More Freaky Science Discoveries
Parker – Insects and Spiders
Rappoport – Math Games for Kids
Skene – Amazing Vehicles
Stanford – First How Things Work Encyclopedia
Surla – History : The Past as You’ve Never Seen it Before
Vail – More Freaky Weather Stories
Vermond – Why Don’t Cars Run on Apple Juice
Weatherford – Box : Henry Brown Mails Himself to Freedom
Winston – Ask a Scientist