Adams – The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon
Andriamirado – The Quiet Crocodile Goes to the Beach
Barnett – Paolo, Emperor of Rome
Barton – Fire Truck vs. Dragon
Burlinson – Imagine That!
Colby – Crocodiles Need Kisses Too
Cole – Nesting
Cordell – King Alice
Cotler – Sorry (Really Sorry)
Dubuc – Little Cheetah’s Shadow
Fitzgerald – How to be a Pirate
Fletcher – There’s a Dragon in Your Book
Fogliano – If I Was the Sunshine
Gravett – Cyril and Pat
Handford – Where’s Waldo? Double Trouble at the Museum
Haughton – Don’t Worry, Little Crab
Henkes – Summer Song
Hermann – The Little Wolves
Hill – Around the Table That Grandad Built
Holm – The Evil Princess vs. the Brave Knight
James – Mr. Scruff
Jarvis – Follow Me, Flo
Kann – Pinkalicious : Dragon to the Rescue
Krause – Dragon Night
Kredensor – Superbuns : Kindness is her Superpower
Lanan – The Fisherman & the Whale
Levis – This Way, Charlie
Lichtenfeld – When My Brother Gets Home
Lombardo – Everybody says Meow
Lumbers – Clem and Crab
Misslin – Princess Adventures
Mumford – Hop Little Bunnies
Munsch – The Boy in the Drawer
Munsch – Show and Tell
Oswald – Hike
Portis – A New Green Day
Power – Yoga at the Zoo
Primavera – I’m a Baked Potato
Rance – Tiger’s Roar
Reese – Cave Dada
Robinson – Tooth Fairy in Training
Rosoff – It’s a Moose
Ruzzier – The Quiet Boat Ride and other Stories
Shankman – Monkey See, Zebra Do
Shannon – Roy Digs Dirt
Soltis – The Stars Just Up the Street
Spinelli – One Earth
Stahl – Dragons Eat Noodles on Tuesdays
Tarsky – Taking a Walk : Fall in the Country
Tarsky – Taking a Walk : Winter in the City
Tatsukawa – The Bear in My Family
Teckentrup – The Seedling that Didn’t Want to Grow
Tejido – There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Book
Theule – A Way with Wild Things
Voss – Brave Enough for Two
Voss – Imagine That
White – Green on Green
Zolotow – In My Garden
Zosienka – The Moon Keeper