February Adult Books

Belle – Three Days Missing
Benedict – Lady Clementine
Carr – The Country Guesthouse
Chamberlain – Big Lies in a Small Town
Colfer – Highfire
Feehan – Vendetta Road
Fisher – Two Steps Forward
Gardner – When You See Me
Hannah – Perfect Little Children
Harrison – Winter of Despair
Johansen – Hindsight
Joschko – Whitetooth Falls
Kellerman – The Museum of Desire
McKee – Gypsy Rock
Moore – Long Bright River
Napolitano – Dear Edward
Patrick – Script for Scandal
Reid – Such a Fun Age
Salvatore – Song of the Risen God
Sullivan – Age of Death
Sundin – The Land Beneath Us
White – Salt River
Wright – Echoes Among the Stones

Goryachev – Fearless Innovation
Lane – Phantom Lady : Hollywood Producer Joan Harrison
Muse – Kidnapped by a Client : The Incredible True Story of an Attorney’s Fight for Justice
O’Reilly – The United States of Trump