December Adult Books

Aciman – Find Me
Banner – The Poison Garden
Barclay – Elevator Pitch
Beaton – Beating About the Bush
Bobotis – The Last List of Miss Judith Kratt
Chizmar – Gwendy’s Magic Feather
Clipston – The Bake Shop
Coes – The Russian
Cook – Genesis
Cornwell – Sword of Kings
Coyle – Brewed Awakening
Crigger – Five Days, Five Dead
Davis – The Chelsea Girls
Deutermann – The Nugget
Dye – Courage Rising, April-August 1871
Ellison – Good Girls Lie
Eskens – Nothing More Dangerous
Evanovich – Twisted Twenty-Six
Evans – Noel Street
Fisher – Stitches in Time
Francis – Guilty not Guilty
Girard – Expire
Goble – A Bottle of Rum
Gray – Hold on Tight
Grimes – The Old Success
Gritton – Wyoming
Hamilton – Knight of the Silver Circle
Harrison – Season of Darkness
Hawkins – The Book Charmer
Healey – The Beantown Girls
Hensley – Forgiveness Dies
Howorth – Summerlings
Hunter – A Pursuit of Home
Kalteis – Call Down the Thunder
Kar – Memories of a Murder
Kas – The Spider Heist
Kellerman – A Measure of Darkness
Klassen – The Bridge to Belle Island
Lackey – The Case of the Spellbound Island
Lefteri – The Beekeeper of Aleppo
Leigh – My Fake Rake
Littlejohn – Shatter the Night
Mayor – Bomber’s Moon
McCall Smith – The Peppermint Tea Chronicles
McClellan – Blood of Empire
McKenzie – I’ll Never Tell
McLaughlin – The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek
Meacham – Dragonfly
North – The Whisper Man
Olsen – Snow Creek
Parrish – Grimm, Grit, and Gasoline : Dieselpunk & Decopunk Fairy Tales
Patterson – Criss Cross
Poirier – Beneath the Ashes
Roberts – The Rise of Magicks
Rotstein – Reckless Disregard
Ryan – The Spies of Shilling Lane
Scott – The Poppy Wife
Steel – Spy Stradal – The Lager Queen of Minnesota
Taylor – An Irish Country Family
Warren – The Way of the Brave
Webber – Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe
White – Flamebringer
Winters – Would Like to Meet
Woods – Stealth
Zunker – An Equal Justice

Atterbury – Antiques Roadshow : 40 Years of Great Finds
Beck – Trains, Jesus, and Murder : The Gospel According to Johnny Cash
Brennan – Disgraceland : Musicians Getting Away with Murder and Behaving Very Badly Callahan – American Predator
Cates – Oklahoma’s Atticus : An Innocent Man and the Lawyer who Fought for Him
Chaffin – Revolutionary Brothers
David – The Force : The Legendary Special Ops Unit and WWII’s Mission Impossible
Dodson – Remember the Ladies : Celebrating Those Who Fought for Freedom…
Fingeroth – A Marvelous Life : The Amazing Story of Stan Lee
George-Warren – Janis : Her Life and Music
Gwynne – Hymns of the Republic : The Story of the Final Year of the American Civil War Harjo – An American Sunrise : Poems
Hundt – A Crisis Wasted : Barack Obama’s Defining Decisions
Katyal – Impeach : The Case Against Donald Trump
Kilmeade – Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers
Kovel – Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide, 2020
Kreiner – Christmas Ornaments to Crochet
Lee – Amigurumi Treasures : 15 Crochet Projects to Cherish
Mortali – Rewilding : Meditations, Practices, and Skills for Awakening in Nature
Penzler – The Big Book of Reel Murders
Rocco – Mobituaries : Great Lives Worth Reliving
Rushnell – Godwink Christmas Stories
Schlimm – Extraordinary Dogs : Stories from Search and Rescue Dogs, Comfort Dogs… Sever – Midwest Made
Smith : Prince Charles : The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life
Stillman – Wilderness : The Gateway to the Soul
Tisch – Journeys : An American Story
Underwood – Color Me Floral : Stunning Monochromatic Arrangements for Every Season Varnam – Crocheted Succulents : Cacti & Other Succulent Plants to Make