Burke – The Better Sister
Carr – Just Over the Mountain
Connelly – The Night Fire
Frank – Queen Bee
Gilstrap – Scorpion Strike
Greenlaw – Shiver Hitch
Grisham – The Guardians
Hilderbrand – What Happens in Paradise
Hunter – Game of Snipers
Jackson – Never Have I Ever
Johansen – Dark Tribute
Johnstone – Too Soon to Die
Kelton – Ranger’s Trail
Kelton – Texas Vendetta
King – The Institute
Leigh – Save Your Breath
Moriarty – Nine Perfect Strangers
Moyes – The Giver of Stars
Regan – Her Silent Cry
Richards – Gold in the Sun
Swanson – Before She Knew Him
White – The Christmas Spirits on Tradd Street
Woods – Stealth