Colfer – The Fowl Twins
Dao – Song of the Crimson Flower
Grabenstein – Shine
John – The Other, Better Me
Kinney – Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Wrecking Ball
Lerangis – Throwback
Markell – The Ghost in Apartment 2R
Patterson – Ali Cross
Patterson – All-American Adventure
Paterson – Happy Howlidays!
Patterson – Katt vs. Dogg
Patterson – Peril at the Top of the World
Patterson – Quest for the City of Gold
Patterson – Secret of the Forbidden City
Pyron – Stay
Salisbury – Banjo

Anderson – Snow Leopard
Favreau – Spies : The Secret Showdown Between American and Russia
Perish – Fennec Foxes
Perish – Roadrunners
Sabelko – Gray Foxes
Sabelko – Wild Turkeys