September Juvenile and Young Adult Items

Berne – The Disappearing Otters
Berne – A Dolphin Named Star
Blakemore – The Story Web
Carlson – The Door at the End of the World
Colfer – The Dog Who Lost His Bark
Crimi – Weird Little Robots
Cummings – Trace
DiCarmillo – Beverly, Right Here
Doan – The Pennypackers Go On Vacation
Haddix – Remarkables
Halahmy – Saving Hanno
Hunter – Into the Wild
James – The Bookwanderers
Jonell – Time Sight
Kelly – Lalani of the Distant Sea
McMann – Dragon Curse
Mull – Dragonwatch : Master of the Phantom Isle
Philbrick – Wildfire
Riordan – The Tyrant’s Tomb
Ross – Searching for Lottie
Scieszka – The Plant Planet
Shumaker – The Griffins of Castle Cary
Mr. Penguin and the Fortress of Secrets
Standish – August Isle
Sumner – Roll With It
Tan – A Kind of Paradise
Van Eekhout – Cog
Walters – Broken Strings
Winkler – Alien Superstar

Juvenile Non-Fiction
Arnold – Butterflies in Room 6 : See How They Grow
Barrett – What Miss Mitchell Saw
Brett – The Tale of the Tiger Slippers
Davies – Hummingbird
Edsel – The Greatest Treasure Hunt in History : The Story of the Monuments Men
Guiberson – Missing : Mysterious Cases of People Gone Missing Through the Centuries
Hawthorne – The Night Flower
Hirsch – Garfield’s Almost-As-Great-As-Doughnuts guide to Math
Hudd – How Long Does a Redwood Tree Live
Hudd – How Long Does it Take to Make a Diamond
Hudd – How Long Does it Take to Make a Fossil
Kacer – The Brave Princess and me
Paul – Little Libraries, Big Heroes
Quattlebaum – Brother, Sister, Me and You
Rogers – 16 Words : William Carlos Williams and :The Red Wheelbarrow”
Seuss – Dr. Seuss’s Horse Museum
Waters – Child of St. Kilda

Adeyemi – Children of Blood ad Bone
Calonita – Conceal, Don’t Feel
Elston – 10 Blind Dates
King – The Fire Queen
King – The Rogue Queen
King – The Warrior Queen
Lai – Butterfly Yellow
Maniscalco – capturing the Devil
Matharu – The Battlemage
Matharu – The Inquisition
Matharu – The Novice
Matharu – The Outcast
McGee – American Royals
Sepetys – The Fountains of Silence
Spieller – She’s the Worst
Wynne-Jones – The Starlight Claim