Alsdurf – Thanksgiving in the Woods
Atkinson – Unicorns 101
Clarke- Firefly Home
Currey – The Christmas Unicorn
Dean – Pete the Cat’s Groovy Bake Sale
DeLange – When I Look Up
Denise – Bunny in the Middle
Diesen – The Pout-Pout Fish Cleans Up the Ocean
Dillard – Cowhide-and-Seek
Fagan – King Mouse
Fergus – You’re in Good Paws
Ferry – The Scarecrow
Fulton – A Royal Ride : Catherine the Great’s Great Invention
Gassman – Do Not Take Your Dragon on a Field Trip
Ghosh – No Place Like Home
Godwin – Sadie and the Silver Shoes
Guo – Stormy : A Story about Finding a Forever Home
Hart – I’ll Love You Forever
Hudson – The Golden Acorn
London – Froggy Picks a Pumpkin
Lyon – Trains Run
MacLachlan – The Hundred-Year Barn
Marshall – Good Night, Wind
Onishi – Who’s Hiding?
Pearson – How to Walk Your Dump Truck
Pfister – Who stole the Hazelnuts?
Qualey – Mission Farmers’ Market
Qualey – Mission Lost Cat
Rozelaar – The Great Pumpkin Contest
Sadler – Nothing Happens in this Book
Shi – The Weaver
Stark – Trucker and Train
Teague – Fly
Toht – Pick a Pumpkin
Underwood – The Panda Problem
Wallace – How to Catch a Snowman
Weaver – Little Tigers
Wood – Holy Squawkamole! : Little Red Hen Makes Guacamole