September Adult Items

Blauner – Proving Ground
Box – Bitterroots
Burton – Cut and Run
Crais – Demolition Angel
Cussler – Sea of Greed
Delaney – The Perfect Wife
Doan – The Summer List
Gabaldon – A Breath of Snow and Ashes
Green – The Friends We Keep
Johnstone – Buckhorn
Johnstone – Frontier of Violence
Kelton – Badger Boy
Kelton – The Buckskin Line
Michaels – Hot Shot
Patterson – The Inn
Pavone – The Paris Diversion
Robards – The Fifth Doctrine
Robotham – The Other Wife
Rosenfelt – Bark of Night
Steel – The Dark Side
Woods – Contraband

Anderson – Kill Zone
Archer – Nothing Ventured
Arden – The Winter of the Witch
Aryan – Magebane
Barr – What Rose Forgot
Box – The Bitterroots
Brown – Outfox
Byron – Fatal Cajun Festival
Cantore – Cold Aim
Cleeves – The Long Call
Cowley – Heart of Dragons
Crownover – If These Walls Could Talk
Dailey -Texas Forever
Dekker – The Girl Behind the Red Rope
Dietrich – Stars of Alabama
Feehan – Dark Illusion
Mills – Lethal Agent
Gray – The Loyal One
Gregory – Tidelands
Hart – The Warehouse
Johnson – Land of Wolves
Johnson – A Glitter of Gold
Kenyon – At Death’s Door
King – The Institute
Kirk – Nightblade’s End
Kristoff – Darkdawn
Krueger – This Tender Land
Lane – The Girls of Pearl Harbor
Leigh – Save Your Breath
Lewis – The Timepiece
Lindemuth – The Outlaw Stinky Joe
Lutz – The Swallows
Mayer – Wyvern’s Lair
Meier – Haunted House Murder
Michaels – Spirit of the Season
Molin – The Queen Con
Montgomery – The Widows
Novak – Blind Spot
Palma – The Heart and other Viscera
Parker – The Last Good Guy
Patterson – The Inn
Patterson – Sophia, Princess Among Beasts
Patterson – The Warning
Paul – The Lost Daughter
Penny – A Better Man
Pettrey – The Killing Tide
Phillips – The Need
Preston – Old Bones
Rivera – The Warrior Moon
Robb – Vendetta in Death
Roy – Gone Too Long
Russell – The Women of the Copper Country
Sager – Lock Every Door
Scott – State of Freedom
Shel – Sin Eater
Slaughter – The Last Widow
Steel – The Dark Side
Swain – No Good Deed
Tracy – Ice Cold Heart
Tremblay – Growing Things and Other Stories
Turano – Diamond in the Rough
Unger – The Stranger Inside
Vatner – Carnegie Hall
Ward – Something Worth Saving
Ware – The Turn of the Key
Wendig – Wanderers
Wernke – Beyond the Titanic
Wiggs – The Oysterville Sewing Circle
Wild – Revenge
Woods – Contraband

Hahn-Beer – The Nazi Officer’s Wife : How One Jewish Woman Survived the Holocaust
Lewis – Smoky the Brave : How a Feisty Terrier Mascot Became a Comrade-in-Arms during
World War II
McCullough – The Pioneers : The Heroic Story of the Settlers Who Brought the American
Ideal West
Smith – Moondust : In Search of the Men Who Fell to Earth