August Children’s Items

Berenstain – The Berenstain Bears, All God’s Creatures
Brown – Big Red Barn
McLean – Leaping Leapfrogs
Parker – Tiny Blessings for Giving Thanks

Bergren – God Gave Us Thankful Hearts
Biedrzycki – SumoKitty
Brozo – The Buddy Bench
Chapman – Vegetables in Underwear
Davis – One Big Heart
Dubuc – And Then the Seed Grew
Hill – Moon’s FIrst Friends
Magoon – Linus the Little Yellow Pencil
McAnulty – Moon : Earth’s Best Friend
McMulan – As Warm as the Sun
Neubecker – Little Smokey
Oates – The New Kitten
Portis – Pinky Got Out
Richards – Once Upon a Goat
Shannon – Mr. Nogginbody Gets a Hammer
Sparrow – The Couch Potato
Wallace – How to Catch a Turkey
Wenzel – A Stone Sat Still
Willems – The Pigeon Has to go to School