June Children / Juvenile Items

Appelt – Max Attacks
Brennan-Nelson – Good Night, Library
Hellman – Welcome to Morningtown
Houts – Sea Glass Summer
Jacobson – This is My Room
McKinlay – Let Me Sleep, Sheep
Morris – Bear Came Along
Pugsley – Mermaid Dreams
Rissi – Watch Out for Wolf
Schonfeld – Birthday on Mars
Turk – You Are Home

Asher – Sidetracked
Haddix – Among the Free
Hashimoto – The Trail
Lorenzi – A Long Pitch Home
Lupica – Batting Order
Mills – Nixie Ness, Cooking Star
Primavera – Marigold Star
Ribay – Patron Saints of Nothing
Swender – Solving for M
Tucker – All the Greys on Greene Street
Watkins – Sink or Swim

Dessen – The Rest of the Story
King – Before the Broken Star
Patterson – The Fall of Crazy Horse
Patterson – The Injustice
Sugiura – This Time Will be Different