March Easy Readers

Chapman – Just Like You
Churchman – The Easter Surprise
Davis – Olive & Pekoe
Deutsch – The Snow Rabbit
Geddes – Rosie and Rasmus
Hartman – Dream Flights on Arctic Nights
Howes – Be a Maker
Killen – The Little Rabbit
Klein – Wings
Leathers – The Black Rabbit
Madden – Ernestine’s Milky Way
Maier – Peeping Beauty
McDonnell – The Gift of Nothing
Papp – Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dog
Pizzoli – The Book Hog
Samuels – The Chickens are Coming
Sauer – A Little Chicken
Silvano – Turkey’s Eggcellent Easter
Sterer – Not Your Nest
Teague – Felipe and Claudette
Timmers – Monkey On the Run
Uegaki – Ojichan’s Gift