January Children’s Books

Brozo – Miss Pinkletink’s Purse
Clarke – Old MacDonald’s Things That Go
Cristaldi – I’ll Love You til the Cows Come Home
Feek – The Cow Said Neigh
Hay – Star in the Jar
Herrington – Totally Fierce Animals
Johnston – Spencer and Vincent, the Jellyfish Brothers
MacLachlan – Chicken Talk
McKissack – What is Given from the Heart
Morris – Fear the Bunny
Murphy – I’ve Got Eyes
Newman – Gittel’s Journey
Ransome – The Bell Rang
Sarcone-Roach – There are No Bears in this Bakery
Slade – Astronaut Annie
Stein – Hush, Little Bunny
Surnaite – The Lost Book

Anna – The Great Bunny Escape
Carter – Forever, or a Long, Long Time
Choldenko – One-Third Nerd
Gemeinhart – The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise
Guterson – The Secrets of Winter House
Kelly – Song for a Whale
Kingsbury – Best Family Ever
Jorman – The Unteachables
Lee – Dragon Pearl|
Meyer – Echo North
O’Reilly – The Notations of Cooper Cameron

Ferry – Squirrel’s Family Tree
Gillingham – Seeing Stars
Harrington – 101 Kids Activities that are the Ooey, Gooey-est Ever
Mara – Breakthroughs in Deep Space Science
Mara – Breakthroughs in Space Travel
Meadows – Brave Ballerina
Nelson – Let ‘er Buck
Newman – Eavesdropping on Elephants
Peterson – Breakthroughs in Stars Research
Peterson – Lobos : A Wolf Family Returns to the Wild
Read – 50 Things to See with a Telescope
Sandler – Apollo 8
Sherman – Prince Harry & Meghan