Albom – The Five People You Meet in Heaven
Albom – The Next Person You Meet in Heaven
Barclay – Parting Shot
Burke – Jolie Blon’s Bounce
Burke – Purple Cane Road
Crais – Stalking the Angel
Gerritsen – Thief of Hearts
Kelton – Honor at Daybreak
Krentz – Promise Not to Tell
Lamott – Almost Everything
Leigh – Bones Don’t Lie
Michaels – Safe and Sound
Overholser – Ten Feet Tall
Preston – Verses for the Dead
Richards – A Bride for Gil
Richards – The Mustanger and the Lady
Tanenbaum – Infamy
Thompson – Rosewater
Vaughan – The Town Marshal
Woods – Willow Brook Road
Woods – A Delicate Touch
Wyer – The Birthday
Wyer – Last Lullaby

Anderson – Strawberry Hill
Arden – The Winter of the Witch
Arlidge – Down to the Woods
Bailey – Into the Night
Beaton – The Dead Ringer
Benedict – The Stranger Inside
Boland – The Perfect Family
Cobble – Burning Tower
Goodkind – Siege of Stone
Griffin – The Enemy of My Enemy
Hayes – The Liar’s Wife
Herman – A Treacherous Mix
Jennings – The Lieutenant’s Bargain
Jewell – Watching You
Kendig – Thirst of Steel
Klassen – The Bride of Ivy Green
Knight – Shadow Hunted
Konrath – Everybody Dies
Lamanna – Sprouted
Maberry – Broken Lands
Mallery – Sisters Like Us
Mann – Hunt the Viper
March – The First Kiss of Spring
Mars – House Divided
Marsons – Fatal Promise
Mason – Sandpiper Shore
Matthews – The Kremlin’s Candidate
Mayer – Oracle’s Haunt
McGarrity – Residue
McNear – The Secrets We Carried
Meier – Valentine Candy Murder
Patterson – Liar Liar
Penny – Kingdom of the Blind
Preston – Verses for the Dead
Ramsower – Shades of Betrayal
Rankin – In a House of Lies
Regan – Her Final Countdown
Richards – Rage for Vengeance
Roberts – Of Blood and Bone
Wheeler – Iron Garland
Woods – A Delicate Touch
Wright – The Curse of Misty Wayfair