November Adult Items


Connelly – Dark Sacred Night
Cussler – Shadow Tyrants
Dekker – The 49th Mystic
French – The Witch Elm
Grisham – The Reckoning
Hood – The Crying Season
Jeppsen – Deadman’s Revenge
Lapena – An Unwanted Guest
Linskey – Behind Dead Eyes
Maxwell – The Widow’s Watcher
Owens – Where the Crawdads Sing
Regan – Cold Blooded
Regan – Finding Claire Fletcher
Regan – Kill for You
Rosenfelt – Bury the Lead
Rosenfelt – Sudden Death
Sandford – Holy Ghost
Warenski – The Making of a Mountain Man
Warenski – Under the Blood Moon
Woods – Desperate Measures


Albert – The Darling Dahlias and the Poinsettia Puzzle
Anderson – Spring Forward
Andre – Wild in Love
Austin – Legacy of Mercy
Barrett – Poisoned Pages
Bellet – River of No Return
Brennan – Too Far Gone
Brown – Crazy Like a Fox
Burton – Cut and Run
Byron – Mardi Gras Murder
Cabot – A Borrowed Dream
Camden – A Daring Venture
Cantore – Lethal Target
Carpenter – Book of the Just
Chamberlain – The Dream Daughter
Connelly – Dark Sacred Night
Conner – Assassin of the Black Land
Conner – Wrath of the Black Land
Connolly – The Woman in the Woods
Cornwell – War of the Wolf
Coyle – Shot in the Dark
Dekker – Rise of the Mystics
Delamare – The Heart’s Appeal
DePoy – Icepick
Elliot – The Wife Before Me
Foster – Cooper’s Charm
French – The Witch Elm
Fuller – Bitter Orange
Griffin – Desperate Girls
Grisham – The Reckoning
Hannon – Hidden Peril
Harkness – Time’s Convert
Harris – An Easy Death
Hilderbrand – Winter in Paradise
Horst – Roosevelt’s Boys
Johansen – Vendetta
Johnstone – Evil Never Sleeps
Johnstone – Will Tanner, U.S. Deputy Marshal
Kelton – Bitter Trail and Barbed Wire
Kemble – Strange Ink
King – Elevation
Kingsbury – When We Were Young
Kingsolver – Unsheltered
Lackey – The Bartered Brides
Larison – Whiskey When We’re Dry
Leigh – What I’ve Done
Macomber – Alaskan Holiday
Mallery – Not Quite Over You
March – The Christmas Wishing Tree
Mason – The Corner of Holly and Ivy
Mayo – Outlawed
McGuire – From Here to You
McMorris – Sold on a Monday
Meier – Silver Anniversary Murder
Morton – The Clockmaker’s Daughter
Nelson – The Last Sword Maker
Owens – Where the Crawdads Sing
Paretsky – Shell Game
Parker – Swift Vengeance
Patterson – Ambush
Patterson – Revenge
Picoult – A Spark of Light
Putman – Delayed Justice
Rice – Blood Communion
Rosenfelt – Deck the Hounds
Rosnay – The Rain Watcher
Rossner – The Sisters of the Winter Wood
Ryan – Blowback
Salvatore – Timeless
Sandford – Holy Ghost
Scalzi – The Consuming Fire
Sparks – Every Breath
Sullivan – Occupy Me
Taylor – An Irish Country Cottage
Thayne – Season of Wonder
Unger – Under My Skin
Ward – Consumed
Weber – Uncompromising Honor
Wendelboe – Hunting the Saturday Night Strangler
Wild – Reborn
Woods – Tropical Blues
Woods – Desperate Measures
Wright – The White Christmas Inn


Baier – Three Days in January
Buecker – Fort Robinson and the American Century, 1900-1948
Buecker – Fort Robinson and the American West, 1874-1899
Gay – Bad Feminist
Kleiss – Never Call Me a Hero
Lewis – The Fifth Risk
O’Reilly – Killing the SS
Orlean – The Library Book
Westover – Educated