Brett – The Snowy Nap
Brown –  A Home in the Barn
Chriscoe – Fire Truck Dreams
Dean – Five Little Pumpkins
Dean – Pete the Cat’s 12 Groovy Days of Christmas
DiPucchio – Poe Won’t Go
Dubuc – Up the Mountain Path
George – Goodnight, Anne
Hadilaksono – Surprise!
Henkes – A Parade of Elephants
Keller – Potato Pants
Long – There’s a Hole in the Log on the Bottom of the Lake
Murguia – Do You Believe in Unicorns
Ray – The Thank You Book
Sanna – Me and My Fear
Schimmel – Dear Children of the Earth
Seeger – Blue
Silvestro – The Christmas Tree Who Loved Trains
Stein – Interrupting Chicken and the Elephant of Surprise
Sullivan – Kitten and the Night Watchman
Weaver – Little Whale
Willems – I Lost My Tooth
Young – A Unicorn Named Sparkle’s First Christmas