September Easy Readers

Easy Readers

Atkinson-Sir Simon, Super Scarer
Chriscoe-Bulldozer Dreams
Crimi-I am the boss of this chair
Damm-The Visitor
DiCamillo-Good Rosie
Funk-Lost in the Library
Gilbert-A couch for llama
Greanius-Maximillian Villainous
Hutchings-Delores Thesaurus
Jeffers-Here we are : notes for living on planet Earth
Jeffers-Jingle bells
Lin-A big mooncake for little star
London-Duck and Hippo give thanks
Long-Dance, dance, dance
Martin-Skelly’s Halloween
Oliveros-The remember balloons
Pertik-Sammy’s spooktacular Halloween
Ranson-Amanda Panda quits kindergarten
Reagan-How to scare a ghost
Rinker-The 12 sleighs of Christmas
Rutten-The rabbit and the shadow
Tarsky-The wheels on the..uh-oh
Trimmer-Snow Pony and the seven miniature ponies
Wade-A place for Pluto
Wolfer-Nanna’s button tin
Woodson-The Day you begin
Woollard-The Dragon and the nibblesome knight