Anstee – Hedge Hog!
Beaumont – Pretty Kitty
Booth – Day at the Beach
Bozzi – The Forest
Chase – Bubbles
Cooper – If a Horse Had Words
Covell – Run Wild
Cutbill – The Cow that Laid an Egg
Davis – Ta-Da
Donaldson – Room on the Broom
Firth – I’ll Teach My Dog 100 Words
Geisert – Thunderstorm
Gianferrari – Hawk Rising
Hoffman – Fruit Bowl
Johnson – Russell Wrestles the Relatives
Lang – Grumpy Monkey
Lilly – Geraldine
Long – The Croaky Pokey
MacLachlan – Little Robot Alone
Maynor – The Sandcastle that Lola Built
Mortimer – Bunny’s Easter Egg
Noble – Finn’s Feather
OHora – Niblet & Ralph
Omlor – Walk Your Dog
Polacco – The Mermaid’s Purse
Ross – Duck Gets a Job
Scanlon – Dear Substitute
Sheneman – Don’t Eat That
Stead – Vernon is on His Way
Tey – In-Between Things
Underwood – Monster and Mouse Go Camping
Wilson – A Dog Named Doug
Ziarnik – A Lullaby of Summer things

Avi – The Button War
Beatty – Heartseeker
Bosch – The Name of this Book is Secret
Dixon – Annie B., Made for TV
Holczer – Everything Else in the Universe
Kalmar – A Stitch in Time
Kephart – Wild Blues
MacKnight – The Frame-Up
Mahoney – Annie’s Life in Lists
Messner – Breakout
Schroeder – See You on a Starry Night

Bruchac – Chester Nez and the Unbreakable Code
Hirschmann – 100 Screen-Free Ways to Beat Boredom
Juliano – How to Build a Leprechaun Trap
Kimmelman – Write On, Irving Berlin
Marsh –┬áThomas Paine and the Dangerous Word