New Adult Books

Abrahamson – How to Fall in Love with a Man Who Lives in a Bush
Ackerman – Island of Sweet Pies and Soldiers
Alexander – Dare to Breathe
Arden – The Bear and the Nightingale
Arden – The Girl in the Tower
Ball – Census
Beaton – Death of an Honest Man
Berenson – The Deceivers
Berry – The Bishop’s Pawn
Blackstock – If I Live
Block – Oliver Loving
Box – The Disappeared
Briggs – Burn Bright
Brown – Act of Revenge
Bybee – Not Quite Crazy
Childs – Plum Tea Crazy
Church – All the Beautiful Girls
Cussler – The Rising Sea
Deveraux – As You Wish
Eisler – The Night Trade
Feeney – Sometimes I Lie
Fellowes – The Mitford Murders
Fielding – The Bad Daughter
Fluke – Raspberry Danish Murder
Foster – Fast Burn
George – The Punishment She Deserves
Goldberg – True Fiction
Graham – A Dangerous Game
Gratton – Queens of Innis Lear
Greaney – Agent in Place
Guinne – Prophecy of the Sun
Harper – Force of Nature
Hurwitz – Hellbent
Jance – Duel to the Death
Jones – An American Marriage
Kinsella – Surprise Me
Lescrosart – Poison
Locke – The Golden Vial
Mackintosh – Let Me Lie
Maldonado – Phoenix Burning
Martin – Beyond Danger
Mayer – Witch’s Reign
McCall Smith – A Time of Love and Tartan
Meissner – As Bright as Heaven
Michaels – Sweet Vengeance
Moning – High Voltage
Moyes – Still Me
Neggers – The River House
Patterson – Red Alert
Perry – The Bomb Maker
Peterson – In Hidden Places
Rice – Bone Music
Rivers – The Masterpiece
Rosenberg – The Kremlin Conspiracy
Rosenfelt – Fade to Black
Silva – House of Spies
Slimani – The Perfect Nanny
Spencer – Darkrise
Stapley – Things to do When It’s Raining
Steel – Accidental Heroes
White – Caribbean Rim
Yates – Grist Mill Road

Boot – The Road Not Taken : Edward Lansdale and the American Tragedy in Vietnam
Byrne – Crisis of Character
Douglas – Kirk and Anne : Letters of Love, Laughter, and a Lifetime in Hollywood
Downey – Box of Butterflies
Garrels – Putin Country
Hershey – Israel Rising
Lewandowski – Let Trump Be Trump
McGuire – Trumpocalypse
Keeling – Can’t Nothing Bring Me Down
Kilmeade – Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans
Mercola – Fat for Fuel
Mercola – Fat for Fuel Ketogenic Cookbook
Robbins – The 5 Second Rule