New Adult Books

Alexander – What Hope Remembers
Andre – Love Me Like This
Black – The Cruel Prince
Brandvold – Days of Thunder
Brendan – Trusting Grace
Brown – Iron Gold
Burke – The Wife
Cabot – A Stolen Heart
Carlson – Under a Summer Sky
Cleveland – Need to Know
Coble – The View from Rainshadow Bay
Cogman – The Lost Plot
Delamare – The Captain’s Daughter
Denzil – Saving April
Elliot – A Merciful Secret
Finn – The Woman in the Window
Foreman – Journey
French – Sunday Silence
Hannah – The Great Alone
Hendricks – The Wife Between Us
Johnson – Fatal Trust
Kellerman – Night Moves
Kirkpatrick – All She Left Behind
Kloos – Points of Impact
Mack – The Midnight Front
McElwain – A Twist in Time
Patterson – Fifty Fifty
Peterson – Out of the Ashes
Preston – City of Endless Night
Richards – Deadly is the Night
Robb – Dark in Death
Salvatore – Child of a Mad God
Scotch – Between You and Me
Scott – State of Deception
Steel – Fall from Grace
Taylor – Operator Down
Wendleboe – The Marshal and the Moonshiner

Bradshaw – The Animals Among Us
Carlson – Be Fierce! : Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back
Case – The Third Wave
Corporon – Something Beautiful Happened : A Story of Survival and Courage
in the Face of Evil
Day – Cowboy Up! : Life Lessons from a Lazy B
Galloway – The Four : The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, & Google
Gessen – The Future is History
Gregory – Taking My Life Back
Jameson – Border Bandits, Border Raids
Kahane – Collaborating with the Enemy : How to Work with People You Don’t
Agree with or Like or Trust
Kim – Blue Ocean Shoft
Lindnord – Arthur : The Dog Who Crossed the Jungle to find a Home
Mundy – Code Girls : The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers
of World War II
O’ Brien – Heart of the Trail : Stories of Covered Wagon Women
Riera – Staying Connected to Your Teenager
Wolff – Fire and Fury : Inside the Trump White House