New Children’s Books

Baumann – Eek! A Mouse Seek-and-Peek Book
Deneux – Touch! My Big Touch-and-Feel Word Book
DiTerlizzi – Seeking a Bunny
Hall – God Bless Our Baby
Hill – When Your Llama Needs a Haircut
Hilton – Sharing is Caring : Bip, Bop and Boo Learn about Friendship
Jensen – Easter Blessings
Jones – The Snowman Shuffle
Parker – Night Night, Farm
Parker – Night Night Prayer
Parker – Night Night, Train
Parker – Thank You, God, for Grandma
Peto – Spot the Difference : Animals
Peto – Spot the Difference : Things That Go Vroom
Riggs – Colors of Nature
Strasser – So Light, So Heavy
Terada – Animal Friends : Barnyard Jamboree

Allard – Caillou, My First Piano Book
Andreae – Be Brave, Little Penguin
Baur – Dotty’s First Book
Bouchard – The First Flute (Book & CD)
Callot – The Pink Umbrella
Carle – Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me (Book & CD)
Churchman – A Farm for Maisie
Claire – Shelter
Disney – Frozen
Dominy – Cookiesaurus Rex
Donald – The New LiBEARian
Drummond – Little Ree
Earhardt – Through Your Eyes
Freedman – Don’t Wake the Yeti
Gershator – Time for a Nap
Gorbachev – Bit Little Hippo
Knister – Sweet Dreams, Bruno
Laden – Yellow Kayak
Lomp – Papasaurus
Mixter – The Dog
Mortensen – Chicken Lily
Murray – Dino Duckling
Niner – No More Noisy Nights
Roelfs – Ana and the Sea Star
Rose – Ride On, Will Cody
Sierra – The Great Dictionary Caper
Slater – Escaped
Surratt – The Forever Tree
Thomas – My Friends Make Me Happy
Thomas – My Toothbrush is Missing
Weninger – Aunt Fanny’s Star
Zietlow – Wide Awake Bear
Zuill – Dance is for Everyone