New Adult Items

Brooks – Moon’s Blood
Bryndza – Cold Blood
Burke – Robicheaux
Caine – Killman Creek
Clark – Every Breath You Take
Crais – The Wanted
Dawson – Beyond Fort North
Gibney – The Missing Ones, The Stolen Girls
Greyson – Data Jack, Jack and the Giant Killer, Jacks are Wild
Guinn – Buffalo Trail, Glorious, Silver City
Harper – Gifted Thief, Honor Bound
Ide – IQ, Righteous
Kent – The Memory Watcher
Kimes – A Braver Man, A Braver Man’s Fear, A Braver Man’s Ghost Town
Koontz – The Whispering Room
McCall Smith – The House of Unexpected Sisters
McGarrity – The Last Ranch
Michaels – Need to Know
Patterson – The Family Lawyer, The People vs. Alex Cross
Patterson – The Store
Rollins – The Demon Crown
Rottman – Ride Harder, The Hardest Ride
Stabenow – Less Than a Treason
Winslow – The Winter of Frankie Machine
Woods – Willow Brook Road
Wyer – Secrets of the Dead
Zimmer – Rio TInto

Abbott – House on Jacaranda Hill
Allende – In the Midst of Winter
Banks – Just One Touch
Brandvold – To Hell on a Fast Horse
Burke – Robicheaux
Clark – Every Breath You Take
Clipston – A Place at Our Table
Cobble – Empty Horizon
Compton – Brother’s Keeper, The Law and the Lawless, Straight to the Noose
Corey – Persepolis Rising
Costeloe – The Married Girls
Crais – The Wanted
Eason – Oath of Honor
Egan – Manhattan Beach
Estleman – The Lioness is the Hunter
Fisher – The Secret Child
Garwood – Mercy
Goodkind – Shroud of Eternity
Griffin – Death at Nuremberg
Guinn – Glorious
Hatcher – You’re Gonna Love Me
Higgins – Now That You Mention It
Ibrahim – Mustard Seed
Jackson – Flying Blind
Johnstone – Colter’s Journey
Kellerman – Killing Season
Klassen – The Ladies of Ivy Cottage
Krentz – Promise Not to Tell
Lodge – Deadfall
March – An Uneasy Alliance
Michaels – Need to Know
Murphy – Bear Claws, Eagle Talons
Ng – Little Fires Everywhere
Palmer – Christmas with My Cowboy
Pierce – A Trace of Crime
Reich – The Take
Richards – A Bride for Gil
Roberts – Year One
Rollins – The Demon Crown
Schmidt – The Drifter, The Lawman
Scott – State of Anger
Smith – War Cry
Sundell – Arctic Shadow, Arctic Storm
Sweazy – Escape from Hangtown
Warren – Troubled Waters
Woods – Unbound

Berg – Lindbergh
Chernow – Grant
Fraser – Prairie Fires : The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder
Zeller – The Priest Barracks : Dachau 1938-1945