New Adult Items

Cussler – Nighthawk
Dugoni – Close to Home
Frank – All the Single Ladies
Gaylin – What Remains of Me
Gerritsen – I Know a Secret
Goodkind – Severed Souls
Hilderbrand – Here’s to Us
Jance – Payment in Kind
Jance – Proof of Life
L’Amour – Trouble Shooter
Macomber – If Not For You
Trigiani – Kiss Carlo

Abramson – Just Life
Appel – The Mask of Sanity
Bailey – The Dark Lake
Campbell – It’s Always the Husband
Coben – Don’t Let Go
Coulter – Enigma
Frasier – Play Dead
Frasier – Pretty Dead
Frasier – Stay Dead
Hearne – Tricked
Higgins – On Second Thought
Karon – To Be Where You Are
Kellerman – Crime Scene
King – Sleeping Beauties
Kristoff – Godsgrave
Lovett – The Lost Book of the Grail
MacNeal – The Paris Spy
Mallery – Second Chance Girl
Mayor – Trace
McElwain – A Murder in Time
Paris – The Breakdown
Merciel – Nightblade (Pathfinder Tales)
Patterson – Haunted
Robb – Secrets in Death
Rosen – White Collar Girl
Ryan – The Silencer
Scalzi – The Ghost Brigades
Stuart – A Boy Made of Blocks
Ware – The Lying Game
Winters – Blue Skies
Winters – Dangerous Inheritance

Daly – When Parenting isn’t Perfect
Korea Reborn : A Grateful Nation
Niequist – Present over Perfect
O’Reilly – Killing England