Alten – Undisclosed
Andre – The Best is Yet to Come
Andre – Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You
Antoine – One Night in November
Ashman – The Warrior Princess
Bailey – What was Rescued
Battles – The Aggrieved
Battles – The Unleashed
Bellet – Dungeon Crawl
Blackstock – If I’m Found
Brennan – Shattered
Brown – Seeing Red
Carlan – Fate
Clark – Snap Judgment
Cline – Ready Player One
Cobble – Benjamin Ashwood
Cobble – Dark Territory
Cobble – Endless Flight
Coble – Haven of Swans
Conner – War of the Black Tower
Costeloe – The Girl with No Name
Cussler – The Romanov Ransom
Daley – Christmas at the Cat Cafe
Daley – Molly and the Cat Cafe
Deutermann – Red Swan
Eames – Kings of the Wyld
Eason – Chasing Secrets
Evans – The Broken Road
Frasier – Truly Dead
Gerritsen – I Know a Secret
Gibney – The Missing Ones
Gibney – The Stolen Girls
Grafton – Y is for Yesterday
Gregory – Spoonbenders
Greyson – Pure of Heart
Gross – The Saboteur
Hannon – Sandpiper Cove
Hatcher – You’ll Think of Me
Healey – The Saturday Evening Girls Club
Henderson – Threads of Suspicion
Hill – Keep You Safe
Hunter – Sweetbriar Cottage
Hutchinson – Corktown
Iskandrian – Motherest
Krueger – Sulfur Springs
Lamb – No Place I’d Rather Be
Macomber – Any Dream Will Do
Mallery – You Say it First
Mayer – Blood of a Phoenix
Mayer – Fury of a Phoenix
Mercer – The Man I Thought You Were
Muller – The Color of Fear
Nolfi – Sweet Lake
Nolfi – The Comfort of Secrets
Parker – The Hangman’s Sonnet
Parker – The Room of White Fire
Peterson – Beloved Hope
Peterson – Treasured Grace
Pierce – Before He Feels
Pierce – A Trace of Death
Pierce – A Trace of Murder
Pierce – A Trace of Vice
Rawn – Playing to the Gods
Renshaw – Dawn of Wonder
Richtel – Dead on Arrival
Robinson – Sleeping in the Ground
Scottoline – Exposed
Slaughter – The Good Daughter
Steel – The Right Time
Stephenson – The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.
Varner – Shaded
Varner – Swayed
Wilson – The Clockwork Dynasty
Woods – Barely Legal
Wyer – Little Girl Lost
Wyer – Secrets of the Dead

Barrera – Skilled Dialogue
Howes – Effective Early Childhood Professional Development
Lord – The Miracle of Dunkirk
Taylor – The Trump Prophecies
Wiseman – Could it be Autism